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Akira Kitsune
Akira Kitsune
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Clan Specialty : Feral Kitsune
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 5300

Leather {D Mission}  Empty Leather {D Mission}

Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:00 am

The mission Akira was taking on today was decided amongst her to be done solo. It had been a whole since she attempted to do something on her own for once, and didn't want her growing accustomed to becoming dependent on the assist of other individuals, even if they was also her teammates. She wanted to have the ability to succeed, even alone if any circumstances occur. The red haired woman took on another augmentation mission. She had a wonderful thought playing in the back of her mind, as she took possession of the parchment paper that withheld information about the mission at hand. One requirement for the success of thos goal, was to have possession of an available tanning rack. Now while she had no clue where one would be, the woman did come across a way to make her own. This resulted into her going out to gather the proper materials for the crafting of her own tanning rack. She was able to find four rather sturdy branches of a hefty length. Then she laid two of the branches parallel onto the ground, before adding the other two sides to form a rectangle. Now it was time to attack the pieces together from where they crossed each other. Akira made the decision to use some fiber string to wrap tightly around the branch crossings. She made sure to loop the string repeatedly around all four sides of her make shift rack. Now if she was to use the rack, all she had to do is stretch the hide over the sturdy branches and lean it up somewhat perpendicular against the trunk of a tree. Or any other solid standing surface would do, causing Akira to decide on positioning her cheap tanning rack against the said of her house. Having it at a place to where she will have access of it, if she was to decide on doing this mission again for more material.

Now that she had the available access to a tanning rack, it was time for her to acquire the hide from the butcher. Meaning that the woman had to carry back a large bundle of nasty fur that was in need of some flesh trimming. The butcher left her clueless to what the hides belonged to, and Akira was able to keep her mouth shut on asking out of curiosity. Instead she focused her mind on completing the mission's goal. String up one single hide across the rectangular branches, with the inside of the hide facing outwards. Then with one of her kunai. Akira would proceed to carefully scrap off any fleshy meat that still remained onto the hide. This was quite a smelly process and left the woman sticking her tongue out in over exaggerated disgust. In reality stuff like this would be simple for the she - vixen, but Akira enjoyed being a little extra. She spent a great deal of time scraping off any flesh and fat still clinging onto each hide, surprisingly holding her patience as she did so. After completing this scraping task, it turned out that Akira was missing something. So she had to make her way back to the butcher to get her hands on some sort of solution to de-furing the hide.

Making her way back with the bucket of mystery solution, after not taking the time to ask the man what the liquid, Akira made sure to put on some old gloves she found before handling the solution any further. Then she continued with her work. She was to soak the hides in the rather large bucket of unknown liquid and allow the fur to be completely submerged. Now this part took quite a long time of impatiently waiting. Then when the time she was adviced to wait was up, the woman used her glove covered hands to take the hides out and stretch them back out onto the tanning rack, this time facing the other way. This is where she was to now srape off the fur. Watching as it easily fell free from the hide and onto the ground below her. After every hide was scraped clear of any remaining fur, Akira rose from her position and discarded the mystery solution from the bucket. Then collected a quality amount of bark that had fallen from surrounding trees near by to place into the bucket. Before filling the bucket that now contained the bark up with water. The next step was to soak the hides within this bark solution. Unf for Akira this sort of technique required a few days to succeed. So she had to leave the hides alone over multiple nights and try to ignore the fact on how long this process was. The days slowly ticked by with a little grumble speaking lowly from her lips.

But finally! The process was almost done. After the required time of soaking was finally over, Akira once more discarded the solution as she allowed the hides to rest, before cleaning off any of the tannic acid from the bark wash. It was now the time to stretch the hides on her male shift tanner once again and allow each hide one by one to semi dry within the sun, then scraping both sides vigorously with a handy blunt blade. This process was supposedly called sleaking, which smoothly stretched the hide to make it permanently soft and supple for use. This sort of process required the hands of an energetic person, and luckily Akira was one of those. Speaking was required to be a continuous process until the hides was completely and utterly dry. Which in most cases would definitely be exhausting to keep up with. Now after the hides was completely dry and she was able to stop the process of speaking the leathers, Akira was finally able to call the mission complete. Rolling the now processed leathers into a similar bundle like when she first received it as furs, and made her way back to turn them in. |END|
{WC: 1,005}

{WC Claims}
+5 Speed
Phoenix fire (1,000/1,000)

{Mission Claims}
+ 1,000 ryo + 100 ryo
+ 3 AP | + 1 leather

Kizmaru Senju
Stat Page : [url=statpage]Stat Page[/url]
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Leather {D Mission}  Empty Re: Leather {D Mission}

Thu Feb 27, 2020 6:34 am
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