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Snow plays cops and robbers Empty Snow plays cops and robbers

Mon Feb 03, 2020 3:57 pm
Mission Details

Snow finally arrived home after completing an extremely busy day helping the people of Konoha. He walked into his home where his father had dinner waiting for him. He to his father for being late, which his father assured him that it was no problem and asked Snow how his day went. Snow told him all about the events that had happened to him that day as they ate their dinner for the night. Snow was happy with how his day had ended up, for it allowed him to help the people of the lovely village Konohagakure no Sato. When he was finished with his dinner, he helped his father clean the kitchen and readied himself for bed.

When he entered his room, he unloaded all of his ninja tools, ensuring that each and every one of his tools was in good condition. He checked every blade for its sharpness, and for its integrity. Once he felt that all of the blades were in working order, he put them all back into his weapon pouches and set them on the dresser. He then sat into the bay window that was on the northern side of his bedroom. He would meditate in the window, visualizing his chakra as a cool and vibrant blue flowing through his body from side to side and end to end. He would calm his mind, reaching a point of zen that would allow him to release his bad thoughts and anger into the ether that surrounded him. When he reached this point, he would be able to go to his bed and fall asleep more easily. 

As his vision blurred, he began to think about his team. He would think about the night they had, the night that Snow blacked out. He remembered both of his teammates yelling at him, trying to get him to calm down. Memories were beginning to trickle into his mind about that night, and he couldn't feel any worse than he did. He knew that he caused his team a great deal of pain and there was nothing he could do to reverse what he did that night. His team didn't seem to treat him any differently after that night, which he wasn't entirely sure if that was a good thing, or a bad thing. He would try to shake his head to get the thoughts out of his mind and reenter the zen state that he had been able to accomplish a few moments before. 

As he slept, he dreamed of himself running through the village, chasing something, or someone. He saw the person he was chasing but could not quite tell why he was chasing him or where they were headed, but the memory was so vivid, Snow could not believe how vivid the dream was. The dream ended with the man being caught by Snow, which Snow then began to still his body. His muscles began to release and his breathing slowed to a normal rate. He then slowly fell fully asleep. 

When Snow woke up, his body re energized. He threw his blanket off of the top of him and he threw his body off of his bed. He made his bed as quickly as he could and he ran into the bathroom so he could complete his personal hygiene routine that he performed every morning. He would start off with undressing himself and hopping into the shower, when the water warmed up of course. He showered very quickly, feeling ready to go and tackle the village and and see what he was going to be able to accomplish with another full day ahead of him. He finished his shower, and he stared at his knife for a few moments, then he would glance at the crude artwork he had created on his sides. 

Snow fought the urge for a few moments, before finally running out of the bathroom, getting away from his knife and the urge to hurt himself. He gathered his clothes and he began to dress himself. As he dressed himself, he continued to think about the night he blacked out, or lost it as Saizou put it. He hurried through his getting dressed and gathered his weapons. He ensured that all of his things in place before leaving the house. He walked out of the building after saying good bye to his father. 

Immediately after walking out of his home. He was rammed by a man with jet black hair looking as though he was running away from someone. The man who ran into Snow immediately scrambled back to his feet, being followed by loud voices shouting "Thief!" Snow's dream from the night before flashed through his mind for a moment. "This is the guy!" He thought to himself for a moment. Snow tried to quickly grab the fleeing man, but he was unable. The two began a great chase through the village, dodging and weaving the different people that were crossing the roads around the same time. 

The thief ran directly up a wall that they were running along. Which Snow followed directly behind. The two began fighting when they reached the top of the building. The thief threw dirt directly into Snow's face, which Snow was barely able to block. When they both reached the top of the building, Snow went in with a left cross directly for the thief's face. The thief was able to duck underneath it, but only barely. Snow was sure the first shot would miss, which was why he was bringing his left knee directly to follow. The knee did hit its mark, and sent the thief falling directly downwards. The knee had nailed him directly in the jaw, breaking the bone that lined his entire face. Snow quickly flipped over the thief's body, and landed his knees directly into the thief's sternum, knocking the wind out of him. 

Snow looked over the building's edge, and he saw that there were higher ups coming to catch the thief. when they reached the top of the building, Snow took his hands off of the thief and let them take care of the situation from there. Snow was thanked and rewarded for his job handling the thief. Snow smiled and thanked the higher ups for the reward and he headed off towards the training grounds.


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Snow plays cops and robbers Empty Re: Snow plays cops and robbers

Mon Feb 03, 2020 3:59 pm
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