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Snjor Yuki
Snjor Yuki
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Snow finds the lost pup Empty Snow finds the lost pup

Mon Feb 03, 2020 7:17 pm
Mission Details

As Snow was finishing his business with the man in the construction site by dragging the wagon to the far end of the construction zone, he was given a small reward by the site manager. He thanked the manager and he began to head home. He had an extremely busy day and the sun had fallen, allowing the darkness of night cover the terrain, limiting the visibility considerably. 

He had left the site and turned the corner when he heard a small child calling out a certain name repeatedly. "Mona! Mona girl!" Snow was curious as to what the child was doing out so late and why he was calling out that name again and again. He walked over to the child and stopped his walking for just a moment. "What's going on, little one?' Taichi crouched down to look at the child eye to eye. The child's eyes had already welled up with tears and he was doing his best to speak clearly, while choking back his hysterical crying. 

"M-My d-dog is gone." The small child did her best to keep her tears from falling down her cheeks. Snow smiled wide and asked her what the dog looked like. If he was able to get an understanding of what the dog looked like, then he would have a much better chance of finding the creature. The little girl brightened up a little bit at the thought of someone helping her to find her dog. 

"She is up to my waist and has a white coat with black spots, and black socks for feet!" Snow could see the small child's excited grow as she described the dog she was searching for. He could tell that this child loved the dog very much and he was going to do his best to find this poor little animal for her. "How about this. Tell me where you live, go home, then I will find your pup for you, okay? When I find her, I will deliver her directly to your family's front door. Does that sound good to you?" The small child jumped in excitement and gave Snow a hug while thanking him for helping her find the pup. Snow told her that she was welcome and to hurry home before it gets to dark out on the streets. 

Snow then turned around and he thought for  a moment, he realized he had no clue where this dog could have run off to. He hoped maybe the dog was within one hundred meters from his position. He performed the hand seals for the Rain Tiger at Will technique. Clouds brewed above their heads, and rain began falling to the ground. Snow felt the rain begin to hit the ground, until he was able to sense a small creature running down the alley that was right beside him. 

He ran off to the direction of the alleyway, trying his best to find the dog in question. When he turned the corner, he found the dog sitting on his haunches and looking around, looking confused. Snow slowly walked up to the pup, speaking calmly to the animal, saying its name so softly as to not startle the poor thing. "Hello Mona. I'm not going to hurt you. I am here to bring you back to your momma." Snow saw the dog begin to cower, it was terrified of the large man coming up to it, but was not running off yet. 

Snow decided to take it one step further, he got down to his hands and knees as he slowly approached the dogs, continuing to speak to it in a calm and gentle tone. The dog went from cowering, to curious, then to calmness. The dog finally listened to Snow's calling and slowly walked up to Snow. Snow picked the little dog up and began to rub the pup's belly, calming it moreso. He walked to the girl's house and knocked on the door. 

When he knocked on the door, he heard the same little girl's voice begin to scream and yell in excitement. She sure that Snow had found the pup. When she opened the door, Snow showed her the dog, who began wagging its tail and whimper in excitement. Snow set the dog down and the parents came to the door. They thanked Snow for helping them find the dog, which Snow told them it was no issue and told them to have a great night. The parents stopped him and gave him a small envelope. When he opened it, he saw it was the reward for finding the dog. Snow smiled and thanked them once again.

He finally left the family's house and ran home. He had done plenty that day, it was time for him to get some sleep.

Claims: +500 Ryo & 1 AP & 1 Stat
+742 towards Weapons of Ice (B-Rank) (Completed) (Previous Progress)
+58 towards Hollow Ice Bullets (58/3250)
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Snow finds the lost pup Empty Re: Snow finds the lost pup

Thu Feb 20, 2020 2:34 am
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