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A single frozen orchid {Solo} Empty A single frozen orchid {Solo}

Mon Feb 03, 2020 3:51 am
The black darkness of the night is her comfort. The absence of heat. The dancing of the tiny lights of dazzling stars that only awake as the sun sleeps. The moon's luminous glow is beautiful, yet haunting at the same time, as it shown from the velvet darkenss. Washing it's eerie light over the quiet sleeping village of Kirigakura. The white haired genin's soul felt beckoned by the lonely night. She was the absolute definition of a night owl. Her spirit seemed to relax in the nothingness, the void of heat and sun. The night held a somewhat dangerous beauty. Like everything is covered by a eerie blanket of transparent blackness. The milky wash of the mother moon announced the calm lapping waves of the sea. The sea in which that surrounded the island of Kirigakura. Icky water lapped and tussled against shoreline rocks with a gentleness to it. The waves held a dark ink like image underneath the night. Giving off a deadly vibe as it rolled along the surface.

A white ghost of a girl sat amongst the sea rocks. The moisture of the air stuck to her skin and her soft baby blue gown clung to her pale form. Icy strands of hair cascaded down the small back of her gown. Ookami welcomed the mind emptiness. Her soft eyelashes kissing the surface of her cheeks as her eyes held close. Posture totally and completely relaxed. The distant song of cool waves in the background. If one's body and mind never was to move, they would soon wither and cease to exist. Yet a brief divine peace of stillness could never hurt. The caressing of silent thoughts caused the blossoming of development and ease. The chakra flow seemed to no longer be invisible. As if she could feel the complete pulse of it. Meditation was a temporary state that nourished the soul and mind. Something that mot everyone could succeed in unless having to the ability to completely unravel themselves.

If any was to see the girl as she meditated beneath the luminous moon wash, some would probably mistaken her as a little white Ghost. Or perhaps a siren that slept by the sea waves. One daunted by the whispering of the waters as it trickled the surface of the shoreline sea rocks. A sad demeanor seemed to cling to her presence, as she sat there by herself. Ookami didn't associate herself to others very well. It was a flaw to get too close when you was a kiri shinobi. Yurei was all she needed to thrive. Yurei was the ghost personality that laid dormant within her essence. One that stirred within anytime danger was near. Or when she grew excitment over deadly actions. The kunoichi's switch personalities worked as one and cooperated as a team. Collision would cause a failure of control. But acceptance made it work. Ookami was the void hinted with a sading aura. She was empty, yet not completely. The white haired girl still held a softness to her. Yurei was her backbone. The fire the roared within her blizzard. She can cont on her switch to get the job done, no matter how gruesome or demented.

The white haired kunoichi broke from her meditation. Her eyelashes rose as icy crystal hues peeked from the finally parted eyelids. The icy blue of her eyes complimented the other pale features she possessed. A swirl of mist escaped from her slightly parted lips as Ookami let out a small sigh. Delicate looking fingers skimmed over the rough cold surface of her sea rock. The girl made her way over to the edge of the surface, before allowing herself to slip from the side of the rock. She gently fell from her position and landed onto the ground underneath. Her feet crunched against the grainy soil on impact. The girl's dazzling hues gazed out to the waves. Taking in the restless waters as it never paused it's rythm. The night's dark atmosphere was so captivating. The silence announced a whole new melody that can only be noticed when beneath the light of stars. Ookami felt a nice refreshment from her meditation. She turned her attention away from the sea and began to make her way from the rocky shoreline. Approaching more towards the town of sleeping civilization. Her delicate hands hid within the flowing sleeves of her night gown. The soft fabrics caressed snuggly against the curves of her hips. Complimenting the rest of her slender young form.

Before she reached the town of Kirigakura, Ookami was stopped within her tracks. Down by her feet was a single stem that held three delicate petals. The girl lowered herself to examine the beauty of the flower. Positioning herself before the plant as her hues watched it with wonder. Allowing her fingertips to gently caresses the velvety surface of the blue petals. The delicacy of the bend the petals performed announced that the orchid's life was as fragile as a simple single breath. The disturbance of the petals released a beautiful vanilla like fragrance within the air. Ookami withdraw her fingers from the alluring orchid blossom. Her eyes held a mysterious glint. From her lowered position, Ookami would pluck the delicate blossom from it's stem. She held the alluring object to her face, allowing herself to breathe in the wonderful sweet fragrance. The kunoichi satisfied her sense of smell, and then tose to her feet. The orchid in her palm began to develop an icy film over it's petals. The cold of the ice was the finishing blow to the poor blossom. Withering underneath the cold layer that now encased it. Ookami let the dead beauty fall to her feet. Where it would continue to wither and shrink into an image of rot and despair. The cold drawing away whatever warmth that inhabited it's velvety pores. As if it was seeping away the orchid's warm life and beauty like a hungry leech. Leaving only a small fragile corpse of an ugly brown.

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A single frozen orchid {Solo} Empty Re: A single frozen orchid {Solo}

Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:49 pm
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