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Saizou Uchiha
Saizou Uchiha
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Helping the blacksmith(MISSION) Empty Helping the blacksmith(MISSION)

Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:16 pm

Sai was sitting in his home in he village thinking about the job he had to do today, he would be a blacksmith assistant. He was looking forward to seeing what a day in the blacksmith life is like. He always wanted to make a custom weapon of his own , so this would be the perfect opportunity to get a good read on what he would want. At the same time help out someone out who probably has more things to do than the hokage himself. Sai smiled as he stood up and walk of his house. It was a beautiful day outside, the sun was shining and the wind had a refreshing breeze to it. He knew the black smith shop wasent to far from here, but he never been inside of the place before. Sai walked down the street making sure to keep his eyes open, so he dosent get distracted or just walk right past it. After about 15 minuets of walking around the village , he had absolutely no luck in finding it. frustrated at this point he decided to ask someone, even though it wasent normally his style he was already late to the assignment.

Sai looked around for someone to ask but every single person around him, never needed to go to the smith. At this point Sai was ready to just go home and give up. He rather be off somewhere training anyway, just as that thought pass his mind his stomach began to growl. He then remembered that he needed food and some other supplies so he has to get this job done. As he was about to go and ask a group a people, he felt a jolt of pain shoot up from the bottom of his leg.

"What the...",Sai said as he turned around to see a litle girl running away. "The Smith Shop is around the corner dummy", the girl said as she ran in the oppoisite direction of the store. "She could of just said that", Sai thought as he shook his head. He then turned around and made his way in the direction of the shop. Now being already over and hour late, he opened the door of the shop.

"Afternoon, I was assign to come here today to help. I know im pretty late i had a tough time finding this place", Sai said he walked into the shop. When he walked in he seen that the store was already pretty clean and organized. 

"Jobs already done kid, no way a shinobi should have such a sense of bad direction", The smith said as he turned to make eye contact with Sai. "Luckily for you though im in a good mood, Sweep the floor and put the last two swords on the wall and ur jobs done", The smith said with a smile on his face. Sai just assumed that the must of understood how hard finding his store is. Sai quickly was able to sweep the floor and put the last two swords in their resting place.

"Okay Sir , Ive completely those task you asked of me, is it okay if i go now or do you need help with something else",Sai said looking at the man.

"Nope, Thats all kid ill let them know job was a success. Be safe out there in the world and if need a piece of equipment come talk to me", He said as he watched Sai walk out the door.
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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
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Helping the blacksmith(MISSION) Empty Re: Helping the blacksmith(MISSION)

Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:11 pm

Please keep a link to your stat page in your signature.
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