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Stat Page : Senju, Shiroyasha
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 4000

Helping the Holy (Mission) Empty Helping the Holy (Mission)

Mon Jul 19, 2021 4:58 pm
Mission Details: Holy Helpers
Participating Shinobi: Uchiha, Shiroyasha

Aside from teaching essential Ho-Musubi studies to his newly adopted brother and sister, Shiroyasha was also maintaining his function as a Genin. The ninja had enrolled to become a member of a ninja team, and was waiting approval by the Hogokage. In the meantim there were ninja missions to be done, so Shiroyasha ate himself a hearty breakfast and got dressed. The Uchiha wore his black robe, the Uchiha crest emblazoned upon the back. As usual Shiro kept the Hoshigakure metal forehead protector tied underneath of his bangs. With Moerusharin tied to his back the lance crowned his hair like a halo.

Shiroyasha said goodbye to his family, stopping at Aiyas shrine for prayer. He locked the gates on his way out and began his journey. Traveling down the mountainside at lightning quick speeds, Shiro was quickly far past where his home rested atop the mountain where the Temple of Ho-Musubi was poised. Shiro dashed quickly, eager to earn a reputation as a Genin and acquire a team. 

Deciding to tend to an E Ranked mission, Shiro perused carefully. E Rank missions were dreadfully uneventful at times, so he picked carefully. The one he chose was dedicated to providing supplies to a commune of monks. These people were distrustful of ninja, so Shiro would covertly approach them as a philanthropist. 

After acquiring the coordinates of where the people were, Shiro tucked his headband away and headed into the marketplace. He pitched a fancy straw hat and sunglasses for the journey. It would take at least half the day to get there by foot, covertly. 

Setting off for the roadside Shuro entered into a suburban district of Hoshigakure. There were lots of beggars along the way, stinkingnof alcohol and tobacco. While he ate at a roadside ramen shop Shiro noted the lack of police in this district. Making his way to the camp where he would deliver a parcel filled with medicine, Shuro was stopped by a mugger. 

Shiroyasha immediately activated his Sharingan, having spotted him from the side. Deftly swinging his palm into the mans chest Shiro stepped forward and incapacitated him too. Shiroyasha wondered why the people of this district were so distrustful of shinobi, with thieves running amok he imagined they would be thankful. Nevertheless Shiro continued if 

When he arrived at the camp a woman brought him into the presence of the lead monk. A bald man, elderly by quite some years, Monk Yamato spoke with Shuro fondly. He believed the ninja to be a messenger from the Daimyo white controlled their head Temple. Shiro made due with his disguise.

After separating with the medicines, Shiroyasha left. A few kilometers away he ditched his disguise safely and made his way home. Able to use supernatural ability as a ninja, Shiro wore his headband while he made it back to the military district of Hishigakure. He collected his payments and proceeded home.

During his prayer with Aiya Shiro noted his skill with the Sharingan was instinctual. The spirit responded with one Kanji, his one tomes just barely able to make it out. The Kanji was "Destination." Shiro wondered what Aiya considered the Sharingan to be, if she even knew it was in the eyes. 

Perplexed, Shiroyasha went to bed and prepared for another day working as Hoshigakures genin shinobi star.

Total Word Count: 552
Jutsu Trained: Great Fireball, B Rank (1,500/1,500
Stats Trained: +5 Vigor
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
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Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 138300

Helping the Holy (Mission) Empty Re: Helping the Holy (Mission)

Tue Jul 20, 2021 9:54 am

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