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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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It's not an addiction I swear [E Rank] Empty It's not an addiction I swear [E Rank]

Sun Jan 12, 2020 2:56 pm
It's not an addiction I swear

Minding his own business, Katsuragi is seen laying off in his bed within the room he currently rents. His time here in this little town was starting to get a bit better. His new contact here, which Katsuragi called, the priest from the rip of church, was proving to be beneficial. They got off at a rocky start, but the tips he got from him were worth it. In the end, what Katsuragi wanted, was to gain access to reliable source when it came time for work. He hated Laing around not doing any when there was money to be made. It seemed all too familiar to prison, Watching your days go by, the sun rising and setting, all from the same room was torture. He Katsuragi had to do these petty jobs just in order to build trust between a source like the priest, the connections to follow, then so be it.

Moment later, Katsuragi made his way down to the first floor of the inn, it was all the same. The same people in and out, the place wasn't really that welcoming to new faces such as himself. Not to mention that this place wasn't too different than the bars you see in the Black market district. a good amount of patrons here had criminal backgrounds. Tis place really served as a meeting ground, Katsuragi even surmised that the corner booths off the the side might had given birth to some of the most powerful gags known today. You never know...

Keeping a watchful eye on the time, Katsuragi sees a group a gentlemen walk into a building across from the Inn. He takes not of the fancy suits they all wore, including the elegant jewelry too. Their clothes really off set the traditional look compared to everyone else here. That was big indicator that they were the ones here for the poker games. How would he know this? Well, thanks to the Priest Katsuragi made friends with, he knew exactly what place the games were held, the time too. all Katsuragi need to do, aside from the stick up, was to identify the targets. With that, katsuragi left the Inn and went around back to the other side of there building. However, it wasn't that simple, due to two guard like figures standing in front of the door. Katsuragi felt he colder dispose of them without tipping off the mobsters inside. So, Katsuragi, instead of taking the back door in, decided to look around the building some more.

After further inspection of the place, Katsuragi manage to discover an old rusty ladder that gave access to the roof, which he then assumed that there  was a hatch of some kind. Lucky for him, he didn't need to use the ladder since he possessed jutsu that allowed him to scale the wall. Fortunately, the wall didn't face the street, so he manage to make his way to the roof unnoticed. Upon reaching the roof, he played wt the hatch a bit, using bladed tools to pick the lock. He gains access, which remains vigilant and wary of his surroundings. The poker room was a level below him, and he need to get there without tipping off anyone. Proceeding towards the stairs that led down to the floor, takes note of all what was on the table. Nothing but cards and chips, no money what so ever. The now frustrated bandit looks around above the ledge while staying within the shadows. He notices a safe off the side of the table, couple feet away. He ponders on how he was going to move the safe, taking a chance on betting the money was there. Katsuragi then reaches into his weapon pouch and retrieves five kunai, for each of the mobsters. He then, with one might swing of his arm, flings all of them towards each of the mobsters, killing them each with one blow to the head. He waits for a few moments to see if anyone else was in the building. But no body came, for it seemed that the only guards there were the ones he saw previously outside. Hopping down the from the upper floor, his gaze now facing the safe. He presses his ear against the safe, and turns the dial to try and crack the code. I didn't work. Stepping back, his heart beating faster, he places a seal on the front the safe.  He carefully places another seal on the door leading to the two body guards, Positioning himself in a safe distance, he activates both seals with a single hand seal, blowing both the safe and back door open. With the now open safe revealing the money Katsuragi takes it and makes his way towards the door. He sees both guards still alive. But, they were still rendered disorientated due to the explosion. With that, Katsuragi made a run for it into the woods out back, waiting for things to die down before heading back to the Inn.

((Total Word Count: 835/ 500 Ryo, 2 Stats, and 1 Ap. 399 words towards This to complete the training. The rest of the words are from here. The remaining 434 words towards this.))
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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It's not an addiction I swear [E Rank] Empty Re: It's not an addiction I swear [E Rank]

Tue Jan 21, 2020 8:08 pm
It's not an addiction I swear [E Rank] Approv43
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