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Taichi Uchiha
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See that you do not despise Empty See that you do not despise

Thu Jan 09, 2020 1:22 pm
See that you do not despise
Taichi had his revenge. The man who had ruined his second and probable last chance at love and friendship was gone, but the screams still played on repeat in his mind, the flashbacks still played. Taichi continued to walk down the road he was walking on, the one that led away from the camp that he finally found the leader of the Walls of Jericho and kill him. Taichi looked around, finally picking his head up after staring at the floor, he noticed that he had left the thick forests and traded it for a beautiful view of the beach. He looked out into the horizon and he watched as the water would draw out into the ocean, only to be quickly returned in the form of a crashing wave onto the shore. 
Taichi was born in vast volumes of sand, but he never truly loved it. He would generally prefer damp soil and the foliage the forest floors provided, but he realized something. The sand by itself was not beautiful, but when it was married with the vast oceans and was in constant contact with the ocean, it too was beautiful. Taichi went down to the shore and he decided to look at the setting sun for a moment as he took off his sandals and sunk his feet deep into the sand, deep enough that the warm sand on the top was replaced with cool, damp sand underneath. Taichi had smiled, for what was probably the first time in many months. He leaned back and put his hands out behind him, and he allowed his back to loosen. He took in a deep breath and he appreciated the scene for what is was, it was a beautiful late afternoon in the middle of the hell that his life seemed to be. 
While he wasn’t entirely sure what to do with his life at this point, he just continued to breath for a few more moments before he realized that he was going to need to either set up camp, or find a place for him to sleep. He stood up from the sand, brushed off all the sand he could from his body, he picked up his things and he threw his sandals back on. When he looked around, he could see a few docks a little ways out, so he headed that direction. Every step through the sand made him think of Suna, he thought about the scorching sun and the blistering heat. The wind that felt like sandpaper brushing against the soft underside of your skin every time it would blow by you when you walked along the top of the dunes. For every thought of Suna he had, the waves would crash along the shore, bringing in wondrous thoughts of the land of Rivers. 
The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets that worked in concert with the intoxicating sounds of the rivers rushing along the banks, swaying from side to side, brushing along the rocks that sat on the side. Where Taichi always seemed to fasten himself. Taichi was indeed sad that he was so far away from the land of Rivers, but he knew that one day very soon, he would be there again. Not to mention with his new technique, the Mayfly, he would be able to be there very soon, practically instantaneously. He continued down the road until he reached a rather large archway that hung over the entryway to the main dock. This dock was nothing like the dock that the old crotchety sailor had delivered Taichi to only the day before. This dock was full of ships, sailors, traders, and guards. Taichi wasn’t sure if he wanted to deal with the guards, so he decided to steer as clear as he could. 
He walked onto the docks and he tried talking a few of the merchants that were peddling their wares, trying to find out where the nearest town that he may be able to tally up the day in. He found a stern older blacksmith selling harpoons and spears who told him that there was a town just a little ways up the road, another half an hour walk. Taichi thanked the old man after he admired the wares that he had riddling the table that sat in front of him. Taichi looked at the older man, he stood about six feet tall and he had a short white beard. Weighed probably the same as Taichi, the man was in extremely great shape, especially for his age. Taichi asked him about Blacksmithing and the two began talking for a little while under the setting sun. The Blacksmith had been honing his craft for his entire life, never missing a day where he could grace the forge and work the metal. Taichi had never really had Blacksmithing into his mind, but now that he had seen some of the wares that it could produce, he was more than interested. After talking for an hour or two, the sun was down completely and he was beginning to close down his shop. The two men shook hands and went their own ways, Taichi toward the town, and the Blacksmith towards his wagon. 
The sharpness of the blades, the strength of the metal was something to behold. He had been imprinted upon and he knew that he was going to have to look into Blacksmithing in the future, maybe that was something that would give him a purpose in life? Maybe it was another fleeting thought that’s only goal was to fill the silence that bred darkness in Taichi’s mind, nothing in his life was certain and the answer to this question was included. 
The loathing wanderer finally made it to the town and he noticed the inn almost straight away. It was of a quain design, but it was larger than most of the buildings in the rest of the town square. Taichi walked through the doors and up to the front counter. A younger woman stood there and asked how she could help him that night. He smiled and he asked for a room, and for any word around town regarding work for a little bit of Ryo. The woman grinned and said that she would be glad to help him. She handed him the key to a room and Taichi gave her the cost of the room and thanked her for the room key. She nodded and leaned over the counter, speaking lowly to Taichi. She told him about one possible job that Taichi would be able to perform for a little payout. She spoke of a thief that had continued down a cycle of stealing and getting caught, only to be let out again and allowing the cycle to continue. She wished that he would just leave and never come back for he was beginning to be a nuisance to all of the shops around, including her own. Taichi asked what level of “taken care of” she wanted this thief to be. The question seemed to rock her brain for a moment. She shook her head and said that she only wanted him to not return, for she believed him past the point of rehabilitation due to his history. Taichi grinned and nodded. They began talking details of the thief’s past misdeeds and Taichi walked back out of the front door, thanking the woman once again for the tip. She bid him good luck and went back to working on her books at the counter.
Taichi walked around the backs of the buildings and he was looking for any signs of a break in, or maybe the possibility of a weakness in someone’s door that would entice the thief to their particular shop. The innkeeper said that the thief was often stealing things of lower value, making Taichi think that he was only stealing the things that would get him enough money to get by and wasn’t trying to get rich off of other people’s misfortune, but he had killed before, although many in the town debate on whether or not it was out of self defense or cold-blooded murder. Taichi knew how that would feel, and he debated within his mind on how he was going to handle the situation if he had actually come into contact with the thief. 
After a few hours of looking, he finally heard a loud bang inside the butcher shop. Taichi sprinted to the back door and he noticed the lock had been picked. He stood behind the partially open door, and he waited for the thief to burst out. When the thief finally did what Taichi was waiting for, Taichi had a small laugh when he saw just what the thief had in hids hands. The poor man was holding onto three loaves of bread and a sack full of some sort of meat. Taichi caught up to the man and he put his hand on his shoulder. The thief immediately whipped out a kunai and tried slashin it at Taichi, which he leaned back and dodged the strike, before disarming him and putting the thief on the ground. Taichi told the thief that he wasn’t going to hurt him, unless he tried to kill Taichi again. The thief calmed his body and nodded his head, showing Taichi that he wasn’t going to try and kill him again. 
Taichi then picked the knee off of his back and he offered the man a hand in getting up. The man took Taichi’s and was pulled off of the ground. Taichi handed the bread and the meat back to the man and the two began to walk down the roadway that the thief was already planning on using to run away on, Taichi figured this meant home. 
The two men walked along the pathway and the thief began telling Taichi the reason as to why he was robbing the stores in town again and again. He was obviously not very good at it, being the reason he kept getting caught. But once the total value of what was stolen was added up, no one decided that it was worth keeping him in, so he became a basket case that most of the town took pity on. Taichi asked why he was in such a bad spot, and this was when they arrived at the man’s home. He opened the door and called out to his wife. A woman came out carrying a small child, barely old enough to stand, that looked pale and sickly. Taichi’s heart broke into pieces when he saw this small child, looking so feeble yet energetic, sad yet excited. The baby looked into Taichi’s eyes, with the eyes that could only have been gifted to a small child by God above, and Taichi melted. 
The thief answered Taichi’s question with a simple, “This.” This gave Taichi all the answers he needed. He held out his arms, asking if he could hold him and while the mother seemed uncomfortable at first, when they both saw Taichi’s face when he looked into the baby’s eyes, they relented. Taichi had the small child curled up into his left arm, the baby looked up at Taichi and began to babble, the babbling began as a soft coo, then turned into loud exclamations of excitement. Taichi smiled at the small baby’s actions, tears beginning to well up in his eyes. He brushed his thumb against the baby’s cheek, the baby reacted by grabbing his thumb and nuzzling it with his nose. 
Taichi did all he could, but he could not hold it back any longer. Tears began running down his face, he held the baby tightly and handed him back to his mother, who also seemed to be tearing up, the same with the father. Taichi put his hand on the man’s shoulder and asked if he could help. The man’s strength went away for a moment, he looked to his wife and she seemed confused. Confused as to why a random stranger would want to help the likes of them. Taichi told the man that if he was to stay out of that town, that he would be back to help his family. He would bring them money when he had the extra, and he would do whatever he could to keep that baby boy happy and healthy. The man agreed and before leaving, Taichi gave the man the food that he had in his backpack. He had smoked meat in his backpack, this would last a long longer than the fresh meat would. He told them to eat their fresh food first, and that he should be back before they needed to dip into the smoked meat. Both the man and the woman thanked Taichi, but Taichi thanked the two of them in response. In Taichi’s eyes, those two were the heros, trying to raise a sickly baby with little to no money, doing whatever they could to survive. 
Taichi returned to the inn and told the innkeeper that he shouldn’t be bothering them anymore. She thanked Taichi profusely and handed him a small reward, plus gave him his room for free. Taichi smiled and walked up to his room and went to sleep for the night, praying that he would be able to see that beautiful baby again very soon. 


+2000 Ryo; +5AP; +10 AP
+750 towards Chakra Absorption Technique (25% max stat discount)(Completed)

+750 towards Water Release: Wave Flow (25% max stat discount)(Completed)
+7327 towards Earth Release:Rock Pillar Spears (25% max stat discount)(733/750)

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See that you do not despise Empty Re: See that you do not despise

Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:45 pm
I'm counting 2227 words, but since the difference is small I won't dock ya or anything

Taichi Uchiha
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See that you do not despise Empty Re: See that you do not despise

Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:49 pm
I went ahead and edited my WC and my claims. Thank you for letting me pass, but I do need to be more careful.  Thank you.
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