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The Fake Smile ( closed)  Empty The Fake Smile ( closed)

Tue Jan 07, 2020 11:53 am
Kale had all she needed to start today and boy was she happy about it. It was time to create her perfect puppet or at least try to. She opt for this style of fighting since it is rarely used anymore. But she plans on bringing that back to the top of the line. She would be thinking this as she tool out all the pieces that was needed for this puppet of hers. This was going to be the very first of more to come and this puppet was all that it needed to be and that was the very core of it all. Kale would smile as she took the body core and sat it down. Using her tools to start to tweak it up a bit she would smile. Nothing was more happy for her then to do this. Taking the core piece and putting it together to create the body well the main body. Soon she would start to view the head of the puppet and she how could she put it with eh body.

Easier said then done as she looked on at it. Kale would smile and start to add it to the piece of the body. It was starting to. Look good and to think she made this thing out of an old play doll. With a smile on her face and the sun shining down on her this was her play ground. She loved to see days like these. As she looked on she would take the right arm of the doll and put it together to fit the core body. Looking at it as it was wobbly and all. Soon she would take the left arm and start to put it on the puppet. This was fun for her to do indeed. A puppet is a kind thing to have but could be deadly in the right hands. This was what she was  thinking as she placed the hands on it. All was going to plan as she would grab the legs of the puppet. Looking on it was amazing to see how the damn thing was coming to life.

She looked on as the doll was standing up and smiled at it. She had plans to make it more of a doll then a puppet looking thing any how. To which it was starting to come along in a good way.

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The Fake Smile ( closed)  Empty Re: The Fake Smile ( closed)

Sun Feb 23, 2020 7:21 pm
To her her dolls were her friends and she did not need any others to come and mess that up not one bit. She would start to tie up the gears on her doll. The puppet was going to be a one of the kind she had already knew what was up. Smiling to herself as she looked on at the eye less doll. Soon she would start to add the eyes in herself as she smiled at it. Kale was shock to see such a beautiful doll all on its own. Looking on she would lol at what could be done to the doll to. Improve it once again. This was something all puppeteers needed to know. That was to always look for ways to. Improve their puppets. She wanted to create the ultimate doll the ultimate puppet and that was the Alice doll. A beauty all on its own but she was far off from doing such a thing.

Kale would smile as she took the box next to the doll and started to unwrap it. Kale looked on as she pulled out a beautiful blue dress. It was so well put together she could cry just looking at it. Kale was truly one for the books as she saw this. "Wow I really out did myself today. I shall call you Cinderella. But I am afraid more powerful dolls shall come before you. But I promise you will remain the strongest of them all. My baby do not fear momma is here." She would say to the doll as the sun light beam down on the two. Kale would look on as she saw the doll. It was all set and ready to be played with and to think this thing started out as only a piece of a play thing that she had no interest in at all. Looking on she would stand up as she tower over the small doll. Kale looked on and gave a smile as she let out of hand pointing at the doll. Soon Chakra threads would come about as it connects to the doll. Kale would start to move her fingers as the doll. Badu was slowly filled up with her Chakra.

Soon it would move all on its on. This was mostly amazing to. Her as she saw this. A tear would fall from her right eye. She truly was in a happy mood. Looking on she would start to control the doll as it's eyes would mood nonetheless. She saw this as she made it start to walk. Kale was in a very good state of mood at the moment. Who could stop such a thing?She really wanted to know that. Her doll would soon start to jump up and down as she made it do so. Kale would smile as she knew this was the beginning of something so good so cool. Kale would look up as she started to make her doll punch the air in a cool way.

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The Fake Smile ( closed)  Empty Re: The Fake Smile ( closed)

Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:03 am
Smiling as she was moving her doll along trying to get it ready for combat. Kale would be all to happy with the results of her first puppet. But from here on out she would be calling them her dolls and her first one would be a princess. Who have yet to do even more heroic deeds. Like save herself to be frank. This was all she needed to be honest Kale was more then happy to create such a beauty. As she needed even more say so to do it. Nothing was going to stop her now as she saw this. The smile on her face would refuse to leave her along not now not ever. Kale was just so happy with the way things were going for here. But she could not help but wonder just what was going on with doll. As it seems to be lacking.
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