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Hiroaki Gekko
Hiroaki Gekko
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Obtaining the Shiny Ryo Empty Obtaining the Shiny Ryo

Fri Nov 22, 2019 1:34 am
E Rank: Item Retrieval

E Rank: A Shady Stranger

E Rank: A Trustworthy Guard

E Rank: Small-Fries Finish Last

     Hiroaki came walking down the street with his sword out of it's sheathe. The blade rested on his shoulder, tapping from the actual blade to his shoulder blade. His sandals clicked on the pavement of the road which was made out of rock. He whistled out loud as he moved down the bustling crowd around him. He was in the merchant area of the town and as always he was looking for some work to obtain more ryo for him to sit on. Akihana, Mar and the rest of them had been so nice to him, he thought he would try to bring in money from outside sources this time to bring back to them. It's not like he felt that he owed them anything, it was his money to do with as he pleased. Hiroaki had convinced himself that he was only helping them to better his position in the crew, in the sake of future contracts. He had heard the saying that you got to give to get, he considered this an investment. Little did he know that a contract would run right into him. Literally.

     Hiroaki looked down at the man who had bumped into him. "Ah, hey! You sir! You got to help me out. That man in the black cloak over there had taken my engagement ring. I was going to give it to my girlfriend and ahhh -- this can't be happening!", he said. Hiroaki moved his blade from his shoulder to the man's shoulder close to his neck. He then moved the blade under the man's chin, the man flinched in fear. "Ahh, no need for that! I-I'll just g-", he said before he was interrupted by Hiroaki. "I'll do it", interjected Hiroaki. He put his blade in its sheathe, moving his gaze to the man with the black cloak. The cloaked figure could barely be seen from this angle. His back was on the side of an alleyway, he was smoking a cigarette acting casual. Hiroaki coughed into his right hand and placed his left hand against the man's chest pushing him aside. Hiroaki camouflaged himself and made use of his surroundings. 

     Slowly, Hiroaki approached the cloaked figure who remained in the same place. He wouldn't be able to see him approaching at all as he was invisible to the naked eye. Hiroaki placed a foot on the wall slowly next to the cloaked figure and walked up it until he was standing directly over the man's body. In a quick fashion, he unleashed his sword from the sheathe and put it underneath the cloaked figures chin. "I'd give me that engagement ring if I were you", he would say to the cloaked figure. The man's cigarette fell from his lips. His mouth was left open, twitching in surprise that someone was able to sneak up on him without realizing and at that, that he couldn't see him. "I won't ask for it twice", stated Hiroaki. The cloaked figure slowly reached into his pocket, making sure his actions could be seen. "Alright, alright", said the cloaked figure. It was a man that was under the cloak. The man tried to grab a smoke bomb, but Hiroaki grabbed his hand before he managed to set them off. He grabbed the ring. "Get out of here", ordered Hiroaki. He pushed the cloaked man down the alleyway and returned the ring to the merchant man.

     Later that day, Hiroaki was buy a vendor who was selling oranges. He was feasting on one of them that he had swiped. No one dared to challenge him or accuse him of thievery. He ate the orange with the skin, simply biting into the fruit. The cloaked figure from prior went up to Hiroaki. They eyed each other for a moment. Hiroaki tapped the hilt of his sword warning him to go away lest he would get cut down. "I see you are a capable man. Let's say my name is Karr. How would you like to help me take over this town. I don't think you are the type to really care about any of these people anyway.", asked Karr. Hiroaki looked at the man, not trusting to ally with someone who was just recently his enemy. "Not interested.", replied Hiroaki. Karr moved the side of his cloak, revealing a large bag of ryo underneath it. Hiroaki eyed it for a second, making sure not to stare. He didn't want to express too much interest in it. It would make him seem like Karr had him in control if he were to.

     "Fine.", stated Hiroaki. Karr smiled deeply, but did not make any noise. He beckoned Hiroaki to follow him to which Hiroaki did. They went to the center of the town and Karr threw an explosive kunai into the air, activating it. It blew up causing a big ruckus, everyone had stopped what they were doing. The majority of them who didn't run in order to stay with their wares looked over towards Karr. "Listen up, give us all of your things and maybe you will get out of here alive", he shouted. Hiroaki made sure to slow his following slightly, keeping himself at a certain angle behind Karr. Hiroaki raised his blade and sliced the back nape of the neck of the fool. In one motion the blade was out and back in it's sheathe. 'I'd ransack a village in the blink of an eye if I had to, but not with a fool', he thought. A woman could be heard screaming in the background, kids crying, and vendors shouting in shock. 

     Hiroaki walked up to Karr's body and looted it right there. He took the bag of ryo that was under his cloak and put it under his own overcoat. Hiroaki coughed, covering his mouth. He kicked the body once then left the scene. He didn't want to stick around for everyone's questions or accusations or even appraisal. He wasn't a hero and he wasn't above doing anything, this method simply convenience him the most. 'It's bad to make a reputation of killing contractors, but I doubt anyone will know he was referring to me when he said we. It could have been anyone next to him.', he thought. Hiroaki licked his sticky fingers. They still tasted like oranges.

     The next day, Hiroaki returned to the merchant district. An old man left his stall momentarily to approach him. "I've seen what you did yesterday. That was very honorable of you to save us. Will you allow me to hire you to guard my stall further? I have some expensive pieces that I can't lose", he said. He kept eyeing his stall as they conversed. Hiroaki coughed into his arm. He had been juggling a coin with his other hand. Putting it from knuckle to knuckle as the old man talked. 'Again, I'm not some hero', he thought. Hiroaki would not mention his complaints out loud however, he wanted to obtain more ryo afterall. "Alright, I'll help you out", he said. Hiroaki returned with the old man to his stall. "I'm Sal by the way", said the old man. 

     Hiroaki leaned against the stall acting casual. When you wanted to guard things that were important you couldn't make a show of it. That would give thieves the notion that there was something to take to start with which invited trouble. Hiroaki shifted his eyes from one person to another as they approached Sal's stall. The old man was bringing in the business and the money, this should make for good pay for him. Hiroaki continued to juggle his coin in his hand even tossing it into his other hand's palm and continuing from there. It was something to pass the time with as he kept guard of the valuable merchandise. "Don't try it", said Hiroaki at one point. A boy had slipped his hands onto a necklace that was hanging off the roof of the stall to the right side of the old man. The boy let go, squealing. The old man got a large staff and smacked the boy on the head until the boy took off running down the street.

     The next few hours were a piece of cake. No one else tried to grab the goods that the old man had, leaving Hiroaki with nothing much to do. That was up until the boy returned back to what appeared to be his father. The man was a brute, with cannon like arms. He must be a body builder or at least a blacksmith. "YOU HIT MY SON, OLD MAN!?", the noisy smithy shouted. The old man recoiled in fear, raising his arms. "I mean no trouble, he was stealing!", he replied. The smithy smashed his cannon arms on the desk of the stall, threatening to take the whole thing down. "NOW YOU ARE CALLING MY SON A THIEF!?", he shouted. The old man looked back about to flee in fear. Hiroaki placed his hand on the old man's shoulder and coughed. 

     "Do we have a problem here", returned Hiroaki. The smithy attempted to grab Hiroaki by his collar, but Hiroaki dodged it and smacked his kid on the head with his hilt. The kid was attempting to steal the necklace again as they were all distracted. The kid hit the pavement, grabbing his head in pain. The father looked at the son. "WHAT!? My son, a THIEF!? Why I outta!", he yelled. The smithy grabbed his child by his clothing and dragged him away without so much as an apology. Hiroaki patted his hands against each other symbolizing that he was done working for the old man. "Thank you, so much. Here is your pay. You are a great help, I may hire you in the future even", he said shaking Hiroaki's hands. Hiroaki scratched the back of his head. "It was nothing", said Hiroaki flipping a coin in the air. 'Heads I do more missions, tails I stop for the day', he thought. The coin landed on tails. He carried on to find another town to entertain him while he relaxed.

     Walking through a forest, Hiroaki started to see things that were other than trees. The sight however, was not that aesthetically pleasing he would remark. There was smoke of what was a large burning fire, stone scattered miscellaneously, bodies around the entirety of the area, and animals running loose. He stepped by the first few bodies, knowing they were all dead. Someone had gone about of looting the whole place. 'Well, not the whole place.', he thought. Looking more closely, Hiroaki could see that whoever that had raided this place had left in a hurry. They could have left in fear enemies in pursuit, to meet up with someone, or simply because they didn't really care about taking everything. The later would imply that these forces had no remorse whatsoever.  

     Hiroaki picked up the body of a small boy who was cradling an item. It was some kind of rock, but it was a rock of a material he had never seen before. He figured that it must have some value to it. Hiroaki went about the village picking up the things that got left behind from whatever force that was here. He didn't even need a bag because he easily found one in the remains of one of the homes. The fire didn't spread that much surprisingly. That meant that whoever was torching the place didn't use that many. Normally, you wouldn't have to as the ire would simply spread from one rooftop to the other and so on, but these houses were spread apart enough and weren't made purely of wood. The forest was also coming off of the way that had no fire damage. 

     The rare rock, a bunch of toys, a few tools, hidden weapons, jewelry, and the such were all thrown into the bag that Hiroaki had. He couldn't find any ryo that was laying around. 'That must have been the first thing to have been taken', he thought. It didn't really matter to him as he would get paid no matter what. All he had to do was drag these valuables back to the town he had been in and sell back all of these goods to the people there. 'Hell, maybe I could make the old man do it for me for a cut', he thought. He had sold stuff on his own in the past, but he didn't enjoy it per say. Haggling was annoying when he could be sleeping instead. He departed, going back to make some ryo.

(WC: 2,105)

Missions + Mission 2000 ryo + Mission 4 AP
2,105/400 = 5 Stats
Iai Beheading (WC 1500 req)

Haze Clone (WC 500 req)

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Obtaining the Shiny Ryo Empty Re: Obtaining the Shiny Ryo

Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:02 pm
Don't forget to add your ryo and AP rewards from the mission to claims!
Hiroaki Gekko
Hiroaki Gekko
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Obtaining the Shiny Ryo Empty Re: Obtaining the Shiny Ryo

Sat Nov 23, 2019 11:33 am
Ty ^^ Bump
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Obtaining the Shiny Ryo Empty Re: Obtaining the Shiny Ryo

Sat Nov 23, 2019 12:02 pm
Approved my d00d
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