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Mar Byrd
Mar Byrd
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It's all coming together Empty It's all coming together

Wed Nov 06, 2019 3:49 pm
Eliwood, Akihana, Seiichi. Mar had not just met virtually every member of the Akatski. He'd really hit it off. Rubbing shoulder's with the folks he was sure would go down in history as some of the greatest criminal masterminds the world had ever known. Well, if he never had anything to say about it at any rate. But disregarding that, just over two weeks earlier Mar had come in, skimmed a newspaper, and ran out to go back home for some important family business. Now he was back, and more the master of his destiny than ever before. And this master of his own destiny wanted to know... Well any detailed information what so ever on this shadowy group he'd grown so close to outside of any kind of official introduction to speak of.

So naturally he headed to the Chortleing Chunin, Ryo burning a whole in his pocket. He ordered a deluxe steak dinner, a mirror of the freebie that he'd been gifted last time at the mercy of Akihana who'd pretty much seen him fall into a pile of crap within the first two minutes of entering town and turning his expectations right around. After loading up on carbs and protein, he made himself comfortable. Ordering drinks and casually using his chakra sense jutsu to try and make out who was in the house tonight. Hoping to net atleast another friend if not a possible reference to the illusive Maku that he'd only heart about in passing. 

Characteristically, he flipped open his big notebook to scribble on and on about some new jutsu and other inventions that were so near but so far away. Some times he just scribbled Ryo signs all about the most dreamy components he illustrated while groaning in poor. But overall this new chapter in his book of designs was in an extremely new direction than anything before. Rather than body modifications and engines capable of running off of the greatest resource of all. He was making new designs around body modifications and Taijutsu. Each of these categories seeming far beyond the possibilities of science and especially the human body.

He kept coming back to the human spine, which he found particularly excellent potential in. With the diagram of his yet to exist suit of armor. Key ligaments were already removed to be instead installed in the cybernetic like interface for control and even the ability to infuse it with chakra. Now he looked to the missing place on the spine. The clavicle was designed to support the full weight and straighten that the human arm could create. But there was no open potential. Even with the missing space on the spine potential improvements would limit the movement on the arms. 'But...' He thought to himself, if the arms were also removed... He began detailing a human with a far extended torso. Nearly twelve feet tall, capable of bending their body on a whim like a snake. Several adjustable arms replacing almost half of the original human being for a much more effective model in combat. He lost himself to this writing. Giving up his chakra detection to sketch it out picture perfectly...
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