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Mar Byrd
Mar Byrd
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Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:56 pm

The wandering ninja, a cold killer if stereotype would have you believe. The kind of person that decent folk just didn't want to have around, with pockets lined thick with blood money. One would assume as soon as they woke up from their room at the local inn to find that their departure time had been rolled back until the next day. That the first thing such a unscrupulous individual would do would involve robbery, racketeering, alchohol. Not only a menace to the community, but to unwary children as well. Luring them in closer for any one of a dozen unscrupulous crimes.

"And some for you, and you, ok ok, I got some extra so you can have it too." Mar handed out his fall festival candy to a variety of kids. The last town he'd been in had a honeybee farm and their fresh harvest had yielded a variety of home made treats. He hadn't been on the prowl in the slightest to top things off. Rather he'd been walking around, looking for a little more work when some children trading what remained of their candy. Among the little tykes however, two of them got into a small argument in loud whispers he was easily able to overhear. 

"No way Tommy, if we take one we'll have to eat it outside and we'll be late for tossball practice." "Aww can't we just take it home? I've never even tried a honey pop." "No way, dad would have your head. No sweets in the house." Mar tilted her head. "Kinda a strict pops ya got huh?" The younger brother piped up, pulling his finger out of his nose. "Well, not really. Then we got a ton of rats and he said we had to lay off the sugar for a while. I still bring in whatever." His sister fumed. "We can't say the R word! Even to some shifty out of towner. We're going home now!" He watched as she grabbed his hand in a death grip and zipped down the street by three houses. Running up the stairs to an abode above a tavern he'd skipped on his first night to do some community improvement instead.

He did another pass by the town, looking for easy and quick jobs. But the board was picked clean. Everything that did not require experience or time commitment he didn't have was already in the hands of some other drifter. So as he passed by the bar again, and saw them opening for noon service. He shrugged his shoulders. "Ehh, what the hell." Walking in peacefully and taking a seat while the regular patrons gave him the could shoulder. The barkeep recognized by the glint of his new looking jacket that he wasn't wholly destitute however. And wandered over to him.

Though, it might have had the opposite effect of what he intended. Now a burly, greasy man in the middle of cutting organges with a mustash so tick it covered his eyes was staring seemingly into Mar's very soul. The enlightened one snapped his fingers, whispering in a hush hush voice. "I picked up that you had a little problem, must I guess in the cellar? Don't ask me how I know, it's a trade secret. I'm what's known as an expert with these kinds of situations. Just an affordable, soldier of fortune is all." The bartender nodded, buying what he was selling. Offering a hand to shake, faced down.

Mar accepted it face up, and a small crack came form the owners hand. "Ohoho! I like a man with a strong handshake, and you just shattered my thumb in three places!" "Oh, s***. Sorry pall, I didn't mean to-" "No no, that's fine. I'm sure it'll grow back stronger. Now about that special reserve you were interested in, just take this key and go downstairs. The place is starting to fill up and I need to serve my other guests. Take as long as you want, though... It's, well hidden. And... I don't think you'll last very long." Mar nods his head over confidently. "Thanks for the good booze sir, I'll be right on it."

To his surprise, after having given a thorough investigation of the place. He found no sings of rodents anywhere at all. The place smelled nice, seemed well lit and well taken care of. Seemingly no corner held what he'd been waiting for under it, just before he thought of going back up empty handed. He had an idea, unwrapping one of his sweets from earlier idly in hopes of using it as bait- A rat just smaller than the stature of a bull elephant steamrolled in directly through a wall leading to the towns sewers and knocked him on his ass. Chewing the crap out of his treat before his very eyes. It had a whalers harpoon stuck in it's shoulder blades. "WHAT THE F***! You've got to be some kind of summon monster animal!? The kind that can talk maby?" "You'll dine in hell ninja!" Shade screamer beckoned, breathing a tongue of fire before lunging for his throat.

Up on top of the inn everything was proceeding smoothly, the pianist had shown up for a performance today and was playing a delightful folk tune while a couple of show girls danced nearby showing off their high kicks. Entire inn shuddered, brown dust coming from the ceiling. "Gate of limit- Crap! NOOOO! GOD!" "Hey Montey, get me another beer." "NO GOD PLEASE NO!" the school children ran outside brandishing odd looking bats and a rubber ball. "Practice was cancled!" From the door leading to the celler flames erupted in a soft explosion, a huge keg was knocked over half flooding the lower floor. More thumping could be heard with a bottle of whisky falling from a high shelf and the owner reaching to put it back up.

"Evening elepha- NO, NOOO!! NOOOOOOO!!!"

Mar showed up twenty minutes later soaked in rat blood and cold beer. Steaming with hatred at the owner and his stupid children. He was given a small pouch full of money. "Now get out of here, and never come back." He reached into his pocket for a fist full of wrapped candies and threw them at the ground before leaving.

(1047 Words.
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