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Why is there a Palace? (Yasaki) (NK) Empty Why is there a Palace? (Yasaki) (NK)

Fri Oct 25, 2019 12:06 am
The adult Senju had just entered the very large entrance of the Public part of the Palace. There were many couples and families exploring architecture. They looked at pillars, walls, the ceiling and old rooms. It was very strange to see people so interesting in some fancy stones constructed so tall. Besides, what was interesting about the palace wasn't the building itself. It was the people that inhabited the area. The Queen of Hoshi. But that was curious, who was the Queen of Hoshi? What did she represent? 

During the time she was young, Tsubaki looked up to the Queen. Just like every girl in her classes. They wanted to be the Queen of Hoshi or just at least meet her. Akihana Akari. But now that all the girl grew up, they realized how useless the Queen was. She WAS just a title. Now she's a joke among the most aware. Tsubaki wasn't a little starry-eyed girl anymore. She was a shinobi of Hoshi. She was queen in her rights.

Which brought her to the walls of the inside of the palace. Why was building here if all it is memorial for the Queen that is no longer with Hoshi? If it were up to Tsu, she would take down this building showing that we aren't controlled by some matriarchic monarchy. But the more she thought about it. What if she WAS the Queen? What if there was Queen that controlled the village? The thought of being in control made her spine tingle, giving her some ecstasy.

The QueensGuard seemed to be low staffed today, is that there were only a few posted in a couple of places. There was a door that leads to the main part of the palace. Tsubaki would love to see more of the palace. While the guards were looking at the other tourists, Tsu would weave the signs for a wood clone. It would form in front of her. This way, the guards wouldn't notice her being gone. While the clone was left behind, Tsubaki would slip into the opened door. Even if she was caught, she still had her headband on. And her charm.

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