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Minato Uchiha
Minato Uchiha
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Is there a problem, grandma? Empty Is there a problem, grandma?

Wed Oct 16, 2019 5:00 pm
Mission specs:

It was still early in the morning when Minato was woken up by the sound of a hawk poking against the window of his bedroom. Upon closer inspection the raven haired Uchiha noticed that the bird was carrying what seemed to be some kind of letter, maybe a hidden message of some sort. "Alright, let's let you in shall we" he said as he opened the window so the hawk could fly inside. A message bird coming to his house, that would be a first. Usually he would just head to the mission center to pick one of the available missions but something like this would make for a nice change of pace.

As he let the hawk finally in Minato would take the letter which was tied around one of the bird's feet. Opening the message he would read what's inside. "A grandmother missed her morning brunch yesterday and her family is worried about her safety. Her last known location was in her house on the border of the village, so go check it out and see if there are any problems." As he closed the letter the raven haired Uchiha immediately knew it was another D-rank mission, one he would take seriously of course. So he grabbed his stuff and set out to begin his mission.

First Minato decided he would head to the family that reached out for help and requested the help of the Konohagakure no Sato shinobi. It was completely understandable for them to be worried and even the smallest piece of information could be a big help in finding the missing grandma. He arrived at the house of the grandma's family and started knocking on their door. One of the daughters answered and Minato explained he was a Leaf shinobi assigned to finding her missing mother. She was happy to see the raven haired Uchiha and let him in so he could ask some questions.

"So this is the first time she ever missed her morning brunch, I see." It was a pretty basic thing to ask but just because she missed her brunch once wouldn't immediately mean the worst. "When was the last time you heard your mother?" It seemed that she wasn't feeling all too well the last time she spoke to her daughter and had come up with a cold that had kept her in bed for a whole week. They were finally getting somewhere, maybe the old lady still hadn't recovered enough to go out and decided to stay in. But just to be sure Minato had to check some things out. "Thank you for the information, I will make sure to bring you good news next time we see each other" he promised to find the grandmother.

He remembered that her house was on the border of the village so that's where he was headed. Minato didn't want to think about the worst case scenario so he hurried in the hope that she was just not feeling strong enough to leave her house yet. If the information on the map was correct then he had finally arrived at the old lady's place. Her house was indeed on the border of the village as there were no other houses to be seen, at least not close to where her place was. It sure was distant and far from where most people were living. Probably not the best place for an old woman to be living by herself, but maybe she enjoyed the peace and being on her own.

At first sight everything looked normal. It was a little but charming house with a beautiful flower garden surrounding the pathway. Minato started inspecting closely to see if he could find anything, no matter how small the clue might be. After a couple of minutes he decided to try and see if he could enter the house. As he walked up to the door he would see there were no signs of breaking in or something that would show there was any hostile intent involved. The raven haired Uchiha would look through one of the windows to have a look if he could see anything inside. He couldn't see a body on the floor or anything, which was a good sign.

Minato placed his hand on the door handle and noticed to his own surprise that it wasn't even locked. Either the old lady was pretty confident in leaving everything open or something was amiss. The raven haired Uchiha was hoping it was the former and that he would find the grandma alive and kicking. Carefully opening the door Minato entered the house. As quiet as possible, trying to avoid making any sound that could give away his presence. His hand close on the hilt of his katana just in case he would run into an attacker of any sort. Step by step he would check every place of the house. First the living room, then the kitchen.

Downstairs there wasn't any sign of the old lady so he decided to continue his search upstairs. Maybe she just fell asleep or needed some rest after being bedridden for a week. He could hear some sounds coming up from above so he immediately rushed over to see what was causing them. Suddenly he heard a voice calling out for help accompanied by some banging on a door. It was a female voice so he figured it was the grandmother who got locked up in her own room. Minato put his shoulders against the door as he beated it in. Moments after he had opened the door the old lady explained how she locked herself in and had no way of calling out to someone. After calming her down Minato took her with him to see her family so they could rest easy and be assured that everything turned out fine. And who knows, maybe they could pick up their brunch now that they were finally reunited again. All is well that ends well.

(Exit, mission complete)
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Is there a problem, grandma? Empty Re: Is there a problem, grandma?

Wed Oct 16, 2019 5:05 pm
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