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A Lordly Escort Empty A Lordly Escort

Wed Sep 18, 2019 10:21 pm

Yet another day fell onto the Leaf Village, time slowly ticking away and halting nor showing any mercy for anyone, as the sun was rising over the far horizon and surrounding everything in it's path with both light and shadows. For Vergil it was once again a mission morning as, this time, he was wide awake and ready for a mission that was going to be considered a very good opportunity for him to show off his skills. He was assigned the task of guarding an oncoming convoy that was visiting the village parade style as he was to make certain no one suspicious made any attempts to possibly attack the feudal lord that was within said convoy. This was an opportunistic moment for Vergil as the possibility of protecting someone so high up the food chain might've put him higher up on the ninja radar if only a slight bit and gave him a bit better of a reputation amongst his peers despite not having much of a reputation with any of his peers. He stood upon the rooftops as he was reminded by his superiors exactly which carriage would be carrying the feudal lord though, if he was to have his way, protecting the entirety of the convoy was a priority for him even if the feudal lord's safety was meant to be absolute.

He thus stood over the convoy from above, his Sharingan getting him a good view of everything going on from below, as he was impressed by how visually beneficial his improved Sharingan was as it helped him see incredibly better to the point he could see many tiny details and movements from civilians down below. He was able to see the feudal lord's carriage very well along with the rest of the convoy as Vergil was happy to see it wasn't much of a large one with only four other carriages besides the lord's one. This meant that Vergil had more coverage to protect due to having less to protect and if multiple people were to try anything against the parade he'd be able to stop the attack more efficiently. He walked slowly along each rooftop while keeping a close eye on everything going down on the ground as the parade would keep going for several minutes without incident much to the dismay of Vergil. It wasn't right for him to want something to happen as he scratched his head trying to push such negative thoughts out of his mind. Cracking his knuckles he looked over to the destination the convoy was heading to, the Hokage mansion, as he noticed they were just a few fifty meters away until it happened.

He noticed a commotion down in the street a few meters in front of the convoy as three cloaked people walked out onto the street as they each pulled out a kunai, something wrapped around the hilt of each blade, before tossing all their kunai to the front cart of the convoy. Before the kunai could come close to the cart, however, three kunai would come out from the air with wires tied around them as the tips of their blades would go through the loops of each trap kunai hilt base and slam into the ground. The kunai would twirl around the blades of the kunai before the wires were pulled and released the armed kunai to make them fly towards their original throwers as the cloaked figures jumped out of the way while the armed kunai didn't explode likely because they didn't want to get caught in their own explosions. Their attack had caused the carts to stop their march as Vergil hopped down from his perch, the kunai he had used to deflect and counter the other kunai sinking into one of his sleeves, and landed in front of the carriages to stand between them and the assailants.

Stretching his neck upon landing to get any cricks out of it Vergil's Sharingan tracked the cloaked strangers every move as they landed from their jump away from their kunai and looked perturbed their ambush had failed. Vergil had been told that if he was encounter any ambushers he was to take care of them immediately by way of capture as the feudal lord had a tendency of being fashionably late and he couldn't let him be any more late than he already was. Thusly Vergil would walk towards the cloaked individuals, their caution turning into cockiness over the fact it was just one defender, as Vergil disappeared before their eyes and reappeared behind them all. Before two of them even realized what had hit them they both felt themselves falling into darkness as Vergil hit the backs of both their necks with a chop each and caused them to fall onto their faces. The remaining member noticed this and turned towards Vergil to go for a slash from a kunai they had pulled out from their own sleeves as Vergil would see it coming with his Sharingan and elbow the assailant on the top of their head while simply catching their kunai arm with his free hand.

With all three assailants taken care of Vergil would then pick up all three of them by himself before nodding to the cart drivers and hopping up to the rooftops to keep watch of the rest of their journey so that no more surprises would pop up as they drove. As it turns out the rest of the parade would go on without a hitch as the feudal lord managed to get to the hokage mansion and commence with his meeting as Vergil walked over to another room within the mansion in order to turn in the three still unconscious assailants to his superiors. Upon doing so he was thanked and praised for his good and quick work as he accepted his money and made his way to a restaurant within the village to have a celebratory breakfast. It felt good to be recognized if only for a little bit as he could tell the rest of his day was going to be a good one.

(WC 1,022)

(Claiming mission and bonus rewards, 2 stats (1 for speed, other for strength), 3 AP, and False Surroundings)
Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
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A Lordly Escort Empty Re: A Lordly Escort

Thu Sep 19, 2019 7:02 am
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