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A Little Light Training (P) Empty A Little Light Training (P)

Mon Sep 16, 2019 4:44 pm
Night has fallen on the Leaf village, the moon showing clearly in the middle of a large crowd of brightly twinkling stars, as a light breeze swept through the trees which made their leaves dance beautifully along the forests that surround the village. Along a road that lead out of the village was a path that lead to a nice open area that was known as an ideal location for ninja to train and hone their skills. Such an area contained practice dummies and logs for ninja to use as target practice or even as targets for taijutsu learning. Their was also a small river that ran through the center for ninja to practice their combat skills while keeping their chakra active to make certain they never took an unwanted dip in the cold rushing waters. This location was the perfect place for up and coming ninja to enhance their strength and it would serve, thusly, as Vergil's next location before turning in for the night. Walking in, the breeze of the night causing his coattails to flap softly along his legs, he crossed the gated threshold that separated the field to the woods and made his way to a nearby tree. Using a small branch that was hanging off the tree he took off his coat and hung it's collar on it while removing his vest to reveal a light blue shirt and hung the vest on top of his coat to keep them both from getting in his way.

Looking at the river, it's glassy sheen reflecting the moon beautifully, he felt the best thing to pursue for himself would be to improve his chakra as well as speed. Both were qualities that mainly defined how well a ninja was effective while in battle, after all, so possessing both was certainly something that could set Vergil on a higher bar above other ninja just starting out in the field. He certainly didn't want to be seen as unreliable sort of ninja but a Genin that was just as good as any other Genin that could be named. He thus proceeded to quickly form the seal of confrontation as he took in a deep breath and concentrated his chakra to his feet as he walked over to the river and stepped onto the glassy surface in order to make his way to the center and stand there for a second while keeping his hands together and his breathing soft and mellow. Hearing nothing but the currents of the river he stood upon he used that as a trigger to enter into a meditative state and help in his concentration of keeping his inner chakra from disrupting and making himself more wet than he'd intended during this training period.

After a while of standing there and feeling that he'd given his chakra enough strain he started to do some basic warmup exercises to see if his chakra was attuned enough to keep him from falling into the water even if he was moving along the surface. He was happy to see that that wasn't the case as the water kept as solid to him as the earth would've were he standing on it. Keeping that in mind he decided to go for a bit of a jog, running laps along the length and width of the river, as he could feel his chakra keeping himself on top as he could feel his muscles loosening up for him to work out. Taking this into account he hopped up and away from the river as he did a flip and landed on his feet while hopping up and down to keep the momentum he had accumulated from dissipating. Taking up his arms he turned his attention to the nearby logs, keeping his feet moving at all times, before charging at them at full speed with his fists up.

He would take the next few minutes to test his skills against the logs, pummeling them with his fists and feet while making certain to keep his speed up in order to combo his attacks as much as possible, as the wood of the logs proved sturdy enough to repel his attacks. After a while he stopped and flipped back onto his feet before taking in a deep breath and getting onto his hands in order to commence with a few push ups. While doing so he took some time to admire how quiet the woods were at night, save for the sounds of the leaves in the trees still rustling, before he started to hear the sounds of crickets all throughout the greenery of the landscape. After a few hundred push ups and tiring out his arms he got back to his feet and looked out to the river before deciding maybe it would be good to do a bit more meditating and really putting his chakra reserves to work in order to speed it's growth. Taking in another deep breath he thus walked over and stepped out to the water before standing above it again with his chakra coursing through the soles of his feet.

Taking a moment to allow his chakra to activate once more he looked up to the sky while allowing his chakra to grow in order to take in the serenity and beauty which is something he hasn't been able to do for a long time. It certainly was a beautiful thing to see, a dark and infinite void filled with millions of tiny specks of life and creation, as the world everyone lived on was just one more speck living within it's cold blackness. All Vergil wanted was to change the world for the better, make himself better in the process, while protecting it and all life that lived on it's soil for, truly, life was a precious thing to be gifted with. He closed his eyes and shifted his focus back to his training as he could feel the trickle of his chakra running to his feet getting weaker as Vergil clicked his tongue in annoyance. He hadn't expected his chakra to be so weak as he hopped and flipped off the river again back onto land before releasing his chakra out from his feet.

After allowing his chakra to relax he took in another deep breath before looking at a nearby tree and walking over to it in order to snap off a pretty good sized branch. Upon doing so he then brandished a kunai, twirling it with the tip of a finger for a bit, and he sat down beside the tree and started to use the kunai in order to cut off twigs and bark from the branch as he began making his own wooden sword with the branch. It would take him a good few minutes to do, the kunai able to cut in the bark pretty nicely thanks in part to his skill with the knife, as he was able to craft a pretty nicely carved sword and he swung it around a bit to test it's balance and feel. For the most part, while not an actual blade and couldn't cut anything but thin paper, it was a pretty alright in it's testing as he got up onto his feet and flipped the sword a bit in the air as he was happy with what he had created and thus went to work on his next part of training.

He got up and walked over to the logs once more as he took the sword's hilt in hand while twirling it around a bit and got into a crouched stance before bringing the blade around and striking the log. He noticed the wooden sword held up completely against the strike which was a good thing as Vergil had every intention of putting the blade through many a test. He thus took the blade and started performing combos on the log with his makeshift sword, often times getting back into set stances to help give himself better footing for his combos, as he could feel his sword arm getting stronger from all his exercising as a burn was starting to form all along his arm. This was a point in time when he wished he'd brought his actual sword along for the training but he didn't want to destroy a vital tool needed for training for any other ninja that wanted to train here... which was all Leaf ninja really. After a few minutes of performing sword combos on each stump he jumped away from the stumps and landed a fair bit of a ways away before twirling the blade around for a bit to see if it lost any of it's balance and then stuck it into the ground before collapsing beside it.

He then began to do sit ups as he got a good view of the night sky once more and that allowed him to take in a little serenity while he worked which calmed him down a good bit. This allowed him to once again sink into his thoughts as he continued to train and think about what he was going to do once he got to the level he was training to get to. It was a nice cool night so, as far as he was concerned, it wasn't too hot nor was it too chilly for him to potentially get sick training under the night sky. His thoughts would go back to his past life and the events that had led him to his place within the ninja of the Hidden Leaf village as well as where he was with his studies of the ninja arts and weaponry skills. It wasn't too long ago he was in the academy learning all that he knew thus far and it would be a long while before he became someone others could look up to.

Upon finishing his sit ups he kipped up onto his feet quickly as he lost his balance a bit and fell onto a knee before feeling as though he had tired his muscles too much to the point they were pushed nearly to their limits. It was strange experiencing that for him due to the fact he didn't feel in pain nor tired but that was most likely due to adrenaline pumping through him. Getting up onto his feet he thus decided it was probably a good place for him to call it a day as he walked over to the tree holding his jacket and vest before pulling it off the branch that it was hanging off of before pulling them on and he walks to the entrance of the field in order to leave while making certain he took the wooden sword along with him as he made his way to the Leaf Village. As he walked to his destination he could feel his stamina slowly draining as the adrenaline he had been feeling earlier was draining and he picked up the pace towards the gates of his home village.

He passed through the threshold of the village and made his way back to his home as he hopped in through the top floor open window and took off his coat and vest in order to make his way to the bathroom for a quick shower. As the hot waters of his shower fell upon him he thought about what he would next do when he continued his training tomorrow. He had put his body through plenty of chakra training and strength conditioning today so maybe he'd have what it took to continue pursuing his immediate goals tomorrow. Upon leaving the shower he stretched his arms as he dried his body off before looking over to the wooden sword he'd crafted and brought back with him from the field as he made the decision he'd get more use out of it during the day tomorrow. Upon deciding this he put on his night clothes and got into bed as the last of his remaining stamina became spent and he fell asleep to become victim once more to the pale and beautiful night outside.

The next morning the sun shone up behind a bunch of clouds as the light soaked through the open window, a few leaves floating in from the light breeze outside and landing on the foot of Vergil's bed, before he opened his eyes and blinked a few times while slowly getting up and stretching his body out to get the kinks out. Taking note of the state of his body, a bit of soreness here and there though overall well healed and rested, as he got up out of bed and walked to his wardrobe and pulled out clothes seemingly good for training and quickly put them on. They felt nice and snug upon his body which was a good sign as he walked over to his boots, put them on along with a few socks beforehand, as he leaned down and picked up the wooden sword to make his way towards the window and hop out to land upon a nearby rooftop. It was time to really put his body through the ringer for today's training as he hopped across rooftop to rooftop while making his way to the gates of the village once more.

Walking through the threshold of the village gates he made the way down the familiar road down to the training field as he once again crossed the threshold before tossing the wooden sword to land next to the tree he'd hung his jacket on last night before walking over to the water and began doing a few warm up jumps and stretches. He felt the muscles that he had trained so hard last night groaning from having to be involved into physical activity once again before he got down onto his hands and began to do push ups in order to start his training session. Thanks to the clouds hanging and floating by up in the sky the sun wasn't completely bearing down upon Vergil as he exercised but it was still warm enough for sweat to accumulate along his forehead during his push up session. He watched the waters of the river slide on by in front of him as he was glad he had remembered to bring something to snack on as well as drink when he got hungry and in need of energy. After a few hundred push ups and feeling as though his arms were on fire he pushed himself up onto his feet and picked up his sword while walking back out onto the water and using his chakra to stand on top of it.

His chakra was flowing through his body as he took in a breath and looked at the wooden sword before trying to direct a bit of that chakra through it from the palms of his hands. He allowed his Sharingan to leak through his irises as he watched a very small amount of chakra show through the wood of his "blade" as he stood there, still as the water flowed beneath the soles of his feet, as this proved to be a good way to train his chakra flow within him as well as a good way of infusing his chakra into items of his choice. He would stand stock still underneath the shade of the cloudy sky above him, his chakra slowly being drained rom him by the training of both item chakra manipulation and surface walking, as he watched the chakra flowing through the sword closely to see if his chakra flowing through it ever grew better received. It wouldn't be for a few minutes before Vergil had to take a break due to the amount of chakra being in the very low category left within him.

Vergil flipped off of the water and jumped high into the air as he placed the blade reverse style along his left hip with his left hand as he brought his right hand over to hover over the hilt. Making the chakra flow through the blade still he grabbed the hilt and quickly brought the sword around as he saw with his eyes the chakra leave the sword and travel just a little ways away from him before disappearing completely and harmlessly as not even the air was cut from the slice. Disappointed Vergil landed onto the grass and put down his sword before jumping up and down quickly and started running around the field in laps while using his chakra once more to surf across the river's surface whenever his feet went across it. He could feel himself having become faster thanks to the training he went through last night as he could tell his lapping times were way lesser than he had timed before. He would run such laps, putting more and more of his strength into his legs in order to run faster, until he was out of breath and stopped next to where he had left the sword in order to lay down into the grass and look up into the sky.

He watched the clouds roll across the sky slowly as he felt his muscles relax as he could feel his strength returning slowly as he could feel the hunger of not having eaten breakfast come across his stomach slowly. Looking up from his resting position he looked at his bag that he had brought along with him and got up onto his feet to walk over and reach inside to pull a cup of precooked ramen noodles that were steaming within his sealed cup. He took a deep breath as he sat with his back to the trunk of the tree before pulling off the top and allowing the steam trapped inside to waft up to his nostrils. It took a lot to make Vergil smile but in this moment with food now before him he let a smirk slip through his lips as he pulled out of his bag a fork and stirred the noodles slowly to allow the juices to soak into all the noodles greatly.

Taking in a giant slurp of noodles he looked out to the water as it continued it's route along the trench it ran along peacefully with the sounds of trickling reaching his ears and helping him relax. Soon the clouds had moved along for the sun to poke it's rays through the clouds and bearing down upon the field as the tree Vergil sat under provided him with shade to protect from the sun. The heat along the field rose slowly as he ate and thought about how far he still had to go to get to his desired goals. All these years and he still had much to learn and do to the point it was absurd to think that he'd ever be able to get to where he needed to sooner rather than later. Yet it wasn't impossible which gave him a little bit of calm in the eye of his emotional thoughts. He would eventually get to his desired level of power in the ninja community and he would thus finish his cup of noodles with a bit of a better outlook on the day's training as he hopped up onto his feet and picked up the sword he had made the day prior to continue his training with. The sun would once again become hidden behind clouds as a little bit of relief from heat lifted along the field as he stepped up to the river once more.

Taking the sword in hand firmly once more he stepped out onto the waters of the river and closed his eyes as he placed a hand over the back stem of his wooden blade and tried to direct his chakra from the palm of that hand to give a bit more chakra concentration into the blade. He could see his chakra flowing nicely into the blade because of this, the chakra blinking in and out every now and then, as he took in a deep breath and concentrated while keeping his chakra output up. He watched the chakra flowing into the blade grow more denser in it's concentration as he began to grit his teeth while closing his eyes in order to keep himself from allowing the chakra to dissipate. After a few minutes of the concentration he opened his eyes once more to see the chakra now flowing good through the blade as he swung the sword around a few times to see that the blade felt lighter as well as sturdier in his grasp.

Happy with the results he allowed his chakra to relax, the chakra around the blade dissipating slowly, as he stepped off the water's surface and sat along the edge before feeling his inner chakra slowly refilling as he took that much needed moment to rest. He laid down onto his back before once again commencing with sit ups as he allowed the chakra to flow into him once more. All the while he could feel that his muscles had gotten slightly stronger thanks to the training he had gone through last night which made him feel relieved that his training was actually beginning to pay off. He felt the heat of the sun coming back along the field and bear down upon him as he could feel sweat beginning to form along his head and hair as he looked up at the sky to see that a large cloud was approaching that looked as though it was carrying rain along with it. This gave him pause as he sat up and watched it to see if it was possibly carrying any lightning to worry about it. He hopped up onto his feet, not seeing any flashes along the dark clouds, as he decided to continue training and walked over to the stumps.

He needed more taijutsu training to see if he had made any progress with his perception of hand to hand combat as he took out one of his family's heirlooms, a tag with kanji writing along the paper, and stuck it to one of the stumps as suddenly the tag flashed and the stump began to transform. The item in question was a special tag that sealed the chakra of anyone who stored said chakra within it and transmuted the chakra into an object to make a chakra variant, sort of like a shadow clone, of the person who's chakra had been stored within it. Vergil had stored his chakra into it previously before using it on the stump as, once the flashing light had dissipated, Vergil was looking at another Vergil as they both nodded to each other before getting into fighting stances. The tag could only allow the two to spar with each other for the next thirty minutes before the clone disappeared so Vergil had to get this sparring session in quickly. Making a seal of confrontation with the clone, clone doing the same, the two activated their Sharingan and charged at each other with their arms up.

The two would clash, forearms to forearms with each other, before snapping back onto their hands to backflip onto their feet before putting all their strength into their legs and dashing at each other fast as possible. The two would clash again with kicks and punches that got through defenses and made contact in various areas of their bodies as the rain cloud covered up the sum and shrouded the two in every darkening shade. Vergil would wind up ducking a rogue punch from his clone before driving his own fist into the clones gut and grabbing it's arm in order to bring it around and toss it into the air targeting the nearby cliff. The clone would flip and catch his feet onto the cliff, his legs taking the full brunt of the throw, as his feet coursed with chakra and he stood ready for the real Vergil's continuing onslaught as Vergil charged after the clone.

He would charge in feet first, looking to walk along the wall along with the clone, as he held his hands up in a defensive position before shoving his arms out upon landing and making contact with the clone to push him away. The clone would see this coming and counter by sweeping his leg upon Vergil's legs before he landed to cause him to crash into the wall sideways. He would succeed in sweeping Vergil's leg but Vergil would succeed in getting a hand out to catch the wall with his palm and use the swinging momentum to bring a leg around and cause the clone to eat the bottom of him foot. Swinging around he brought a chakra surrounded foot down onto the wall and dashed towards the clone he'd kicked away as the clone flipped over and charged towards the top of the cliff. Seeing him do this Vergil decided to meet him halfway up the cliff as he directed his full strength into jumping towards a spot that would be just in front of the clone as he seemingly disappeared and reappeared before it giving it surprise. Directing an upward kick the clone would be shoved away from the wall as Vergil flipped over and hopped after it and grabbed it's legs in his hands and swung around to throw it at the cliff top.

The clone flipped in the air and skidded to a halt as it stayed in a crouched position while it checked it's chin from the kick it had received. Whilst doing so Vergil would hop up onto the cliff side right after landing on the ground below in order to soar up and flip onto his feet about a few meters away from the clone also in a crouched position. Bringing his hands up he started to form hand seals as the clone's Sharingan followed and it recognized the sign combination to mean that Vergil was about to use his flicker movement technique. Bringing it's hands up it also commenced the seals as both felt their inner chakras activate and they both felt they had a bit better perception of the world. Taking a moment to catch their breaths they both felt a tickle along their bodies as they looked up to see rain beginning to fall form the cloud as their hair slowly became wet and Vergil's hair fell down into the front of his forehead as it was just short enough to not completely cover his eyes.

Standing up Vergil would crack his neck and roll his shoulders, small afterimages echoing his movements around his body, as the clone stood up and got out two kunai to toss them suddenly at Vergil at full speed. Seeing them coming he gripped the hilts of the kunai before rushing after the clone with them in his hands at the ready while the clone readied two more in his hands. The sounds of kunai clashing with each other would echo throughout the air as the two highly skilled in weaponry would do insane movements with the kunai in order to try to take a lead or find some kind of opening in the opponents defenses and capitalize on it. Neither would budge from such a tactic as Vergil would manage to land a solid blow from a stray kick directly in the clone's stomach which caused it to stumble back as Vergil flipped over and brought the kunai down onto the opponent's head. However before it could hit the clone brought up it's own kunai to catch it and stop it from stabbing directly into it's forehead. This gave Vergil another opening as he brought both of his feet up and drop kicked it's arms to push it back further.

The rain would continue to bear down upon the two, drenching them both and the field in water they fought upon in water, as Vergil landed upon his back upon hitting his successful drop kick and kipped up onto his feet to see the clone coming after him itself as Vergil hopped over it while directing a foot directly to the back of it's head and making it trip onto it's knees. He landed onto his feet and kicked off the ground back towards the clone as the force of the jump made him glide through the air towards the clone at a force that made him seem like a blur. The clone got back up just in time to get a kick upwards itself and catch Vergil in the chin as it was now Vergil's turn to be launched upwards into the rain soaked air as the clone followed closely behind. Vergil still had his kunai in his hands, though, as he flipped backwards and let them fly downward to the clone as they both caught it in the shoulders and fell down to the ground quickly while Vergil landed on his feet a bit of a ways away.

Taking one of his own kunai he would charge after the clone with full force, looking to strike one final blow that would cause it to disappear manually, but the clone was ready as it charged towards Vergil just as he got to the final few meters away from it and directed a punch to his chest. This clone was proving to be a very good challenge for Vergil as he was forced to drop the kunai from the punch and the clone caught it as it flew through the air and continued it's charge towards Vergil. Catching himself Vergil took in a deep breath before taking up a kunai from within his pouch once more, channeling his chakra through it, as he brought it up in defense and the two kunai would clash with each other as the chakra infused kunai would cause a crack to appear in the kunai and eventually slice completely through! Vergil taking advantage of this would then direct his still chakra infused kunai down onto the clone directly in it's forehead. The clone would disappear quickly in a flash, it's kunai disappearing along with it, as Vergil stood victorious before collapsing onto his knees from exhaustion.

Vergil took in deep breaths of relief, gulping down air as the rain continued to pour down around him, as he slowly got back to his feet and hopped down the cliff to the main training field and back to the tree that held his pack with refreshments. On the bright side to the rain the field wasn't nearly as hot as it had been upon his first arrival as he could feel his body relaxing from the shield of the leaves above him to the rain. He reached into his pack and pulled out a nice bottle of water as he opened it up and took in a nice swig while leaning his back against the trunk of the tree he sat upon. He allowed what little drops of rain that managed to get past the trees to fall upon him and provide a bit of cooling relief upon him as he felt relieved thanks to the water that he continued to drink and his body even began to regain a lot of it's strength.

He would watch the rain fall upon the field, the river rippling from the rain that fell upon it, as he could tell that this was probably the perfect setting for Vergil to get in some meditation which was what he wanted to do for the remainder of his time here at the field. He would meditate in order to activate another element within his body which was the fire element as he was constantly told by his parents that Uchiha were naturally supposed to be the best at fire style techniques and, as far as he knew, he was born with the lightning element as he was able to shock a lot of certain things involuntarily as a child. He had once watched his father initiate a fire style move which focused the fire element within his body and transformed it into a ball of flames that was highly destructive against anything that it touched. He wanted to be able to do that himself as he brought his hands together, closed his eyes, and allowed the sound of the rain that poured down around him to help him sink into the depths of his mind as he searched within himself the chakra necessary to create fire style.

He sat with his legs crossed into themselves as he held the knuckles of his fists against each other to give his chakra a bridge to travel along and provide him the strength necessary to meditate and draw forth the inner chakra needed to practice the fire element. This was going to take a lot of concentration as he searched within his memories to the times when his father helped him find out what kind of chakra element he had within him and how to train his chakra to accept another chakra element such as the fire element. It required a decent amount of chakra to do but he could feel that he had a good grasp of how much he had and felt he had the amount necessary to proceed and succeed with this specific training. He was always told that lightning was a very powerful element as it provided speed as well as destruction for any ninja that sought it's mastery and fire was a good follow up element to help along it's destructive capabilities. If that was true having both of the elements together would make Vergil take that much larger of a step closer to being his ideal self. And with an exam he was set to take just a month out he needed every advantage he could get.

After doing his meditation he opened his eyes, feeling his chakra ready for his task, as he took in a deep breath and formed a Tiger seal while staring out to where the river was. After taking in the breath, focusing his chakra, he would blow outwards as a small ember filled stream would blow out from his mouth as he stopped breathing out, taking another breath in, and blowing outward yet again. The stream of embers would soon take the form of actual flames as he felt the heat of the flames along the fingers that he had looped around his mouth and covered in chakra to help out the stream and give it form. This was good progress in Vergil's eyes as he felt the last reserves of usable chakra within him burn out and he was forced to lean back into the tree to take in breaths of fresh air and allow his body to rest before he needed to go home and rest in his bed.

After a few minutes of resting against the tree, taking in a sip of his water every now and then, he would stick the bottle back into his bag before shakily getting to his feet and dragging it upwards with him in order to put it onto his back. He kept using the tree as a support, in case his knees weakened gave out and he collapsed onto the ground suddenly, as he thanked the rain for making his training a bit more of an enjoyable experience before getting fully onto his feet and making his way to the field's entrance and towards the entrance of the village. He walked the dirt road that was along the way to the gates as he wiped the rain out of his eyes and hair before dragging his hair back and giving it it's slicked back style as his eyes were bang free once again. Shaking his sore muscles and putting in a bit more relief into them he thus walked along the streets of the village towards his home. He couldn't wait to take a shower and a short nap. He felt he deserved it.


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Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:29 am
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