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Hiyu Bebi
Hiyu Bebi
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A man of Difference and Promise [open rp] Empty A man of Difference and Promise [open rp]

Sun Sep 08, 2019 12:11 pm
The City Square; it was always quite an interesting place that Bebi enjoyed visiting. Despite his mental state, he always believed in a higher being that he could speak to for help and guidance and even protection. On a certain street heading towards the north, was a street called temple street. Upon both sides of this street, there was littered of temples and places of worship from all forms of speaking to whosoever you decided was your divinity. 

The city square itself was abuzz with activity as expected. People buying and selling their goods, women offering the warmth of their bed for some money Men pushing carts filled with cinnamon rolls that rose to Bebi's nostrils that made his belly bubble and growl with hunger as the cart went by. But as he approached temple street, there was something different about here that he never felt in anywhere else at the City Square. The tall buildings not only shaded you from the sun but also acted like a funnel of wind that continuously kept you cool.

There was also a certain calm that rested upon Bebi's tumultic mind. This place was like a vacation for him where he can come and worship in peace and tranquility. The only sound that was heard here is the periodic shuffle of a passers by feet or the distant chime of a bell or a gong calling it's worshippers to the sanctuary of the temples' walls. It was at the Sanctuary of Light that Bebi walked in and began praying incessantly for a peaceful mind.
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