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A mission is a mission Empty A mission is a mission

Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:30 am

The day was one that contained immense heat as the sun was bearing down upon the leaf village from the highest point it could reach in the sky. The heat was causing many people to stop from their everyday grind of existing to stop by a store or a restaurant to buy themselves ice cream or something cold and refreshing to drink. Children were laughing with their parents over dairy topped with whipped cream and got to enjoy their time outside, despite how scalding hot it was, as everyone in the village were finding ways to make it through the day with as much happiness and fun as possible. Vergil was not one of such people, however, as he walked down the street to an empty building that had been abandoned for the day all so he could do what he had to do. One of the drawbacks of being a Genin for Vergil was that he often had to do missions which required either boring labor of some kind or the hunt for a person's/family's missing pet/pets. They were tedious things, to be sure, but if Vergil was ever going to get anywhere with his position these were things that he would have to deal with unfortunately.

He stepped into the building, the hallways of the orphanage covered with a few battle worn toys and fallen children drawings, as he was relieved to feel that the buildings ceiling fans had kept the orphanage at least somewhat bearable. He took notice of a mop in a bucket that was right beside the door as he entered and closed it before picking it up and making his way to the bathroom in order to fill the bucket up with water and soap... or at least he tried before his nasal senses were assaulted by what awaited him in the boy's restroom. He brought his vest up to cover his nose before opening the door to the bathroom and entering with his mop and empty bucket combo as his only defense against whatever HAD to have died in this room. Upon entrance he could see the mirrors that lined the wall had been neatly decorated by what Vergil assumed were the younger boys with toothpaste made words that were incoherent for even his eyes. Looking around for the source of the smell he found it as he entered a stall to find a toilet not at all flushed but every bit clogged.

Thinking his day was only going to get better he decided he would need to take care of the clog and the smell before he continued any further due to the fear of passing out. Looking around for the plunger, after making certain none of the other toilets needed such an extensive cleaning, he grabbed one from a nearby cleaning closet, along with a facemask, as he went back into the bathroom with plunger at the ready. It would take him ten minutes to bring the toilet back to life, his gloves off and sleeves rolled up as he worked, before he was able to flush the toilet completely without any water running out onto the floor. Afterwards he opened the window nearby to allow the remnants of the smell to escape to the outdoors and torment everyone else nearby outside before going to the sink and turning the hot water faucet. He sat the bucket underneath the stream as he took a rag and mixed it with water and soap to get to work with the toothpaste drying on the mirrors. This would take hundreds of seconds to accomplish as he turned the water off a quarter of a way and was now looking into a bucket of sudsy cleanliness he was to spread throughout the floors of the orphanage.

Taking the mop and bucket out into the halls he knew a good sweep would be needed before mopping as he went into the cleaning closet again to find a broom ready for him to use as well as a garbage bag for him to put in whatever he collected off the floor. Sweeping through the silent halls he took quick glances into bedrooms to see how bad they were as he noticed how nice and clean they were in comparison to everything else he had seen. He had heard that the caretakers of the orphanage made certain the children took care of their rooms and because of that he didn't need to clean any of the children's rooms while he did have to take care of the dining hall, both bathrooms, and the hallways. That took away some of his workload but it was still quite the monotonous thing that he had to accomplish. It would take him several minutes before he completely cleaned all the floors of debris, tossing the trash into the outside bin afterwards, which allowed him to take his trusty mop in hand as he walked over to the far end of the hall after deciding it the best starting point.

He would listen to the tone of squeaking and swishing as he pushed and pulled the mop back and forth across the floor, dipping it back into the bucket every now and then, as he moved down the hall while making certain the mop wasn't too wet to keep the soap from drying quickly over the floor. The air around the inside of the orphanage was still cool as he approached the two hour mark ever since he had started working. Upon finishing up the entire floor Vergil placed the mop back into the bucket and wiped his forehead of the sweat that had gathered as he sighed relieved and looked down the halls and along the bathrooms to see everything was now cleaned and smelling fresh to be destroyed by a bunch of children once again. With his work done he quickly took the bucket out, dumped it's contents out into the grass, and went back inside to place it all into the cleaning closet before leaving the orphanage and making his way to turn his mission in. His first mission as a Genin among many more to come. He had a lot of ground to cover before he could go for the big ones but he felt he had done pretty good with this one.

(WC: 1,056)

(Claiming: 2 stats, Genjutsu Release as well as it's mastery, Flicker Movement, mission rewards as well as bonus rewards, and 1 AP.)

(I hope I got claims right but if I'm overstepping I apologize.)
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A mission is a mission Empty Re: A mission is a mission

Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:12 pm
Approved for the claims plus the extra 100 ryo as the bonus reward (if you believe there were more bonus rewards you should get, please let me know ^^) <3
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