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Yoi Yuki
Yoi Yuki
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Cleaning up Hokage Rock - Page 2 Empty Re: Cleaning up Hokage Rock

Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:23 pm
As the other two boys finished up their faces, Yoi was around three quarters of the way done. He saw the two boy's disappear, then appear on the two rock faces next to him. "So, Yoi, where did you come from?" 

Strange question, but Yoi himself didn't know where Minato or Tadashi came from.

"I live over in the far part of Konoha, how about you?"

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Cleaning up Hokage Rock - Page 2 Empty Re: Cleaning up Hokage Rock

Sat Sep 14, 2019 12:48 pm
As he was done with the 4th Hokage's visage, the teen would vault across the 5th and 6th Hokage's faces before landing smack dab on the 7th. He would begin cleaning the 7th Hokage's face, again making sure to wash all spots and crevices with exceptional proficiency. During that, Yoi would respond to Tadashi with a fairly impassive expression. The teen would begin to lightly chuckle, "If I recall correctly, my father was born in the Star Country, then moved to Hoshigakure. From what I've known, my father was born clanless. After a few years of living there, he traveled to Konoha where he met my mother who was born an Uchiha here. Though, I've never inherited any my mother's Uchiha's prowess." At that point, he was finished with the 7th Hokage's face, but he wanted to check on his teammates to see if they're caught up with him. "Hey! Minato and Yoi, you guys doing ok?" He would calmly ask. If they were, he would vault over to the 10th Hokage's visage, doing the same steps as usual; it was getting much hotter and his muscles were getting a workout now.

In about a few seconds, the 10th Hokage's face would be spotless. If Minato and Yoi were not done by the time he was, then Tadashi would wait for them, quietly observing the beautiful scenery of Konohagakure on top of the face's hair. As his teammates finished, he would run back down grounds of Konoha, back to their original meeting place. When the three of them regroup, he would say his goodbyes,

"Well, I'll see you guys later! Maybe sometime later this week, we could hang out or do some more missions? I'd enjoy being with both of you." With that, Tadashi would walk away. He felt like this could be the start of great companionship.


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2000 Ryo + 100 from Global Mission Rules= 2100 Ryo
+5 AP from mission
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1049 WC Towards Dracosight Lv2 and using 25% discount (2389/3000). Previous WC is Here

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Minato Uchiha
Minato Uchiha
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Cleaning up Hokage Rock - Page 2 Empty Re: Cleaning up Hokage Rock

Sat Sep 14, 2019 2:51 pm
The mission was coming to an end as Minato was finishing up cleaning the face of the Fifth Hokage. Making sure he didn't miss a single spot he handled it with care. The raven haired Uchiha would listen to Tadashi telling a bit more about himself. During missions like this you would always find some time to talk and get to know more about those you are working with. "Yep, almost finished" he would respond when the ginger asked how he was doing. Once Minato was done cleaning he would join Tadashi at their meeting place where they would wait for Yoi. When the snowy haired boy joined them they would say their goodbyes, deciding to meet up again in the future. "I'll see you guys around, it was nice working with you two." And off he went, back to the village.

(Exit, mission complete)
(TWC: 1120)
- 1000/1000 Lightning Release: Chakra Blade
- Mission rewards (2100 ryo, 5AP, 2 stats)
Yoi Yuki
Yoi Yuki
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Cleaning up Hokage Rock - Page 2 Empty Re: Cleaning up Hokage Rock

Sat Sep 14, 2019 3:09 pm
As Yoi continued to clean the Hokage faces, he told Tadashi, "I'm doing just fine!" After a little bit more, he manage to finish up what he had to do, and he came down to meet with them.

"It was nice meeting you guys. See ya around sometime!"


WC: 48
TWC: 682

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Akabayashi Terumi
Akabayashi Terumi
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Cleaning up Hokage Rock - Page 2 Empty Re: Cleaning up Hokage Rock

Sun Sep 15, 2019 12:23 pm
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