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Akira Shinkou
Akira Shinkou
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Rock On.  Empty Rock On.

Thu Sep 25, 2014 8:21 pm
He had done it. Left the village he used to hail from in the dust, and with an official permission slip too. Obviously it wasn't to go to Kumogakure but he was going to use this to look around a bit before finally deciding where he'd spend the rest of his career, and probably, life.

This was also the first time witnessing a village that wasn't Iwagakure. And Kumogakure looked like something completely different. Oceans and mountains covered with the snaky roads and pillar like structures with buildings and houses. And there he was, the gate. He wasn't a registered missing ninja, so he should have no issue getting in provided he did it legally. He had papers. Even though he hoped that the border security would be lax on a day like this, but due to constant village tensions nothing could be promised.

Walking over to the gate where the guards stood he prepared to get himself entry, unaware of as to who to talk to first however. Akira's silky black hair blowing in the slight mountainous breeze as he looked for the accreditation desk.
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