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Nekrun Uzumaki
Nekrun Uzumaki
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Nekrun captures the crime Empty Nekrun captures the crime

Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:01 pm

Nekrun woke up another day tired because of how early it was. The time was about four in the morning and Nekrun usually got up later. The sun wasn't out yet, and the air was cold outside of his blanket. Nekrun looked around his room to check for intruders, but there was nobody to be seen as Nekrun looked around the room before he started to sit up and rub his eyes tiredly. Nekrun didn't know what had woken him up yet, but he decided to look around the house anyway just to find out. Nekrun made his way to the door slowly pulling it open. The door made no noise as it opened inch by inch. Nekrun had fully opened the door and he finally heard what woke him up. There was a bird at the window holding a small scroll in his beak. The scroll seemed to be important otherwise they would have just transported it by person, a slower mode of transportation. Nekrun went to the window opening it and letting the bird fly onto his finger where it rested. Nekrun grabbed the scroll reading it, the scroll read thus,

"Hello Nekrun Uzumaki, if you are receiving this that means that you have been chosen to capture a prankster on the loose. The prankster happens to be out putting graffiti onto building as you read this and you must act quick before he goes back into hiding. This prankster has been known to be capable of a quick escape via the rooftops, so watch out for those. Act quickly and you will be given a great reward, thank you for taking this task and I wish you luck"

As Nekrun read the scroll he learned that he was tasked with finding and capturing a prankster that is putting graffiti on buildings. Nekrun was curious to how the boy was doing this, but he guessed he would learn soon enough once he finally met this mystery child. Nekrun wanted to make haste quickly and grabbed a very quick bite of food as he made his way out. Nekrun ran out the door quickly not knowing where to start as the scroll didn't quite say at all. Nekrun gave a little thought as he ran, but couldn't think of anything to find the boy easily. Nekrun decided to keep running and looking down alleys hopping to get lucky and see the boy. Nekrun's luck had turned for the better by the looks of it, because he had found the boy down one of the alleys after about five minutes of looking hard, alley after alley. Nekrun almost passed this one on accident, but he noticed the boy luckily just barely. 

Nekrun stopped and jumped back looking down the alley quickly to confirm it was the boy he was looking for. Nekrun saw the boy, he had black hair that ran down to about his shoulders. He appeared to be standing about five feet tall in the alley. The boy was also wearing glasses, a red jacket, and red pants. Nekrun walked towards the boy stealthily, the boy couldn't hear a single step that Nekrun made as he was using the silent footsteps technique to mask his noise. Nekrun could see the boy looked to be just pointing at the wall, but it was leaving burn marks on the wall. This lead Nekrun to believe that the boy was a fire user, and that he was using fire jutsu to graffiti the walls. Nekrun kept making his way to the boy, almost there, but his size betrayed him. Because Nekrun was so tall he was more easily noticed by the academy student standing there. Nekrun had almost made it there when the boy turned to him, Nekrun immediately stopped the silent footsteps jutsu, and ran in a dead sprint at the academy student. The smaller boy jumped up the wall using the surface walking technique, making haste of his escape. Nekrun kept running using the same technique to run up the wall. Nekrun made his way on to the roof where the boy was standing making hand signs for a jutsu. Nekrun looked at him as if waiting for him to move. 

The academy student had finished his last hand sign at the same moment that Nekrun got up the side of the building. Nekrun was ready with his chakra cloak technique, the boy had decided to use a giant fireball. Obviously this was no normal academy student, his power must have been higher than most their rank. Nekrun saw the fireball coming and felt no thread from the attack, Nekrun made his way through the fireball. It dispersed around Nekrun causing no effect to him. The boy on the other side looked in shock as he saw Nekrun go through the fireball with simplicity, just swiping his hand and flicking the fireball away. Nekrun kept running through and grabbed the boy immediately as soon as he was close enough to grab the boy. Nekrun had the boy in his hand, the academy student was fully helpless, unable to escape the powerful grip of Nekrun. Nekrun grabbed the boy and pulled him towards Nekrun. He proceeded to pull the boy over his shoulder and walking down the side of the wall to look at what the boy had done to the wall. Nekrun looked at the wall seeing a picture of a house set on fire, the building of of course not actually on fire it was shown to be in the picture. After looking at the picture for a while Nekrun decided to finally ask the boy something simple. "So what is this suppose to be?" Nekrun asked trying to make some conversation, but he also wanted to learn about this boy and what he may or may not have been planning on doing on his own. The boy had decided to actually answer instead of staying silent and to what would have been Nekruns surprise he gave a actually honest response, but of course Nekrun couldn't tell if he was lying or not. "Well it's um..." The boy began to studder "um..." the boy studdered again obviously thinking of how he should explain what he drew or his own "art", either way he went with this answer "it's suppose to be my house burning down..." Nekrun thought of what that could mean for a while, giving it two or three options. One could be that the boy planned to burn the house down himself, or another could be that this boy knew someone else was going to burn down their house. Nekrun decided he would knock down both options with one question. "so how is burning it down?" Nekrun asked simply hoping for a honest and good answer. The boy thought about it for a few minutes before he actually decided to answer with the following. "It's suppose to be me burning it down" The boy pointed to a figure standing on the edge of the picture, watching the house burn slowly. Nekrun didn't notice the boy before, but now he wondered why he hadn't seen it. The boy some how learned how to make himself red to resemble his red jacket. Nekrun didn't quite know how the boy did it since the rest of the picture was in black, a simple configuration of different shades of black. Nekrun wanted to investigate more than he has so he also wanted a more non- simple answer in a way. Nekrun decided to give a question that would cause more of a answer out of the boy, at least that's what he hoped. "So why would you do it?" Nekrun asked quickly and sharply, the boy still hanging over Nekrun's shoulder. Nekrun waited for the boy another few minutes as the academy student kept thinking of whether to lie or tell the truth, and how to say it either way. The boy decided with saying the truth again as he had already been doing it this whole time, he might as well keep doing it. "That's kind of a long story, but I'll explain" The boy stopped for a second, taking a breath getting ready to talk. "My father is abusive to not only myself, but also my mother when she was still here" The boy stopped again he had a sad look on his face, a genuine one too. "My father just snapped one day and killed her" The boy stopped again trying to hold back his tears, trying to be strong and not crying. "I didn't know what to do so I ran, and just kept running forever" The boy had finished his story that he thought he had explained well enough. Nekrun was also thoroughly satisfied with his story and finally decided to keep going with the mission. Nekrun made his way to the address shown on the letter. It was the local jail where he had passed a few times, but he didn't think he would have to actually go there himself. Nekrun made his way into the building, and he dropped off the boy quickly. He didn't want to waist to much time in the building when he could be out training to become stronger like he needed. Nekrun went into the building, the family waiting there was one of those who had their house vandalized by the boy. it turned out that the boy had put the same symbol / picture on all of the buildings he had vandalized, it was kind of like his signature on his artwork. Nekrun got his money from the family before he made his way outside where he noticed the sun had came up. The whole mission didn't take much time only about half an hour of work. Nekrun was tired and wanted to go home, but he felt like he left something that he should have done so he went back into the jail. Nekrun noticed they were questioning the boy trying to find out more of why he did it, what the symbol meant and more things like that. The academy student refused to give any answers to any questions at all. Nekrun went into the room, offering to give answers to some of the questions that had been asked. Nekrun gave all that he knew, of course the academy student didn't know he told them anything or helped them in any way other than apprehending the boy. Nekrun made his way back through the winding halls, it seemed that it took him longer than it had to get in, Nekrun made it to the doors finally he was happy that he had done a deed and made a good amount of money for himself. Nekrun knew that he was doing something good for the village, helping it grow and become stronger than it had before. Nekrun liked helping his village and enjoyed the tasks he had, even if sometimes he had to get up earlier than he usually would in the morning, even by a few hours at that. Nekrun didn't mind to much of what he had to do as long as he could help his village thoroughly. Nekrun made his way through the village noticing that there were many more people in the town than before. Nekrun noticed how much of a change could happen in only half an hour. Nekrun made his way home seeing shop after shop setting up. Most of them were still closed, but looked like they were about to open soon. Nekrun didn't care when the shops were going to open though since he was going to go back home and sleep for another few hours. Nekrun made his way home and sat down on his bed. He fell asleep almost instantly upon contact with the nice feeling of the soft blankets he had. Nekrun liked the bed, he bought it himself, with his own money, Nekrun worked hard for his comfort and was rewarded properly. Nekrun was so tired that he fell asleep for a few hours like he had planned.
wc req:2000
putting 1k ryo from this + 4,750=5,750 into Ring of Power
10,000-5,750=4,250/2=2125 wc
so using 5750 ryo and 2125 wc to get Ring of Power
ryo remaining=0 (even after adding amount gained from this mission)

(super tired while writing this so I'm gonna go to bed now)
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Nekrun captures the crime Empty Re: Nekrun captures the crime

Thu Feb 28, 2019 1:24 am
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