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Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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The future of the leaf {NK, IO} Empty The future of the leaf {NK, IO}

Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:42 am
It never failed that the worst days were always the longest. Fukuro had spent the better part of the day on sentry duty and it was an abysmal start to his day. The boy hated how boring it was to simply monitor the roads and pathways that led to the village. Was it an important task? He was sure of it. He would just much rather be out on a damn mission than playing security camera. 

Walking back to Konoha he eyed the main gate with an almost distasteful look. He had already reported to the sentry Captain and signed out for the day so at least the rest of his day was his own. As he passed through the gate, waving at the sentry’s on duty, he dug his hands deep into his pocket with a shallow sigh. Although he intended to train this evening he was not so sure how up to it he really was. He was still sore from last night’s Taijutsu training and his chakra network was strained from practicing his shadow clones. Of course, that was not much of a deterrent since the boy had a new jutsu he was eager to perfect. Digging his hand in his pocket, he pulled out his training manual and began to flip through the pages. 

Making his way down the street Fukuro eyed the jutsu he had been reading about while on sentry duty. It was a Fire Release technique which made it particularly appealing, of course it was a bit different from the techniques he already used. Where most fire release techniques centered on creating various flames this one was based in creating a single explosive dart of some kind. 

The exploding flame shot will definitely be a good jutsu for combat.” He muttered, before closing the manual and tucking it back into his pocket. Fukuro stretched his arms up before making his way to the training fields. “Man, it seems like jutsu are getting more and more seals. Guess that’s to be expected.” Again, he would pull the book from his pocket, flipping back to the page on the exploding flame shot so he could verify all the hand seals. “Five seals. Tiger, Ox, Rat, Bird, and Tiger again.” He muttered to himself. Fukuro knew that in time there were ways to shorten the hand seals needed for certain jutsu, but memorizing all the different hand seal combinations was still a pain. 

Once he made it to the training grounds, Fukuro raised his arms to the air and drew into a deep stretch. Unlike usual he was wearing a new piece of clothing. The shinobi had gone to the village’s shop and acquired standard Flak Jacket. It was a bit tight but it would work well to defend him in combat. The olive green jacket was something to get used to. Fukuro cleared his throat before looking over the training field. It was simply an open clearing surrounded by large trees. It had the basics needed for training such as wooden dummies and a few bins with practice equipment. Fukuro was thankful it was not already being used, he hated waiting for others to finish their training. 

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TWC: 532
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Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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The future of the leaf {NK, IO} Empty Re: The future of the leaf {NK, IO}

Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:38 pm
The heavy steps of his feet slammed against the steel of rooftops as he raced across Konoha, making leaps and bounds across the industrious village's many buildings. His blood felt like it was pumping at the speed of light, the wind rushing through his hair as he cartwheeled through the air. Ever since Yoichi graduated from the academy, his confidence soared even higher; he didn't thing such a thing was possible, but here he was free-running across his village without a care in the world. He felt like he could take on anything, no matter how big it was. Even Kirigakure felt insignificant with this adrenaline pumping through him.


Clearing a twenty feet jump, he landed on the surface of the rooftop smoothly, admiring his own handiwork. Completing such an insane acrobactics course was prove of how much Yoichi managed to grow since he entered the academy. Sure, he was always one of the more tougher kids in the neighborhood, but he could never do the things he did just now. Being a Shinobi really changed his life, and it was completely for the better.

"Well, I just worked up an appetite for myself.."

Luckily for him, his loving mother packed him a sandwich before she headed off to work. As he wondered what the rest of his schedule would look like for the day and prepared to dig in, the sound of weaponry clanging against a door put him on guard immediately, his eyes scanning the area for its source.

"Man, do you really think its a good idea to be robbing a house in the middle of the day? Why we ain't wait 'til it was nighttime? What if there's people inside of here?"

"Then we just kill 'em. Stop being a pansy, it's a simple robbery. The Shinobi are too busy with politics to deal with this shit, and the police are so far up their own ass that they won't even notice us either! Now do you wanna be rich or do you wanna keep up all that broke talk?"

Ever since Kirigakure's takeover, it had more than a few effects than  crushing the Leaf Village's pride. Crime had run rampant, but too many people were busy with other things to stamp it out. It sickened Yoichi that people were willing to take advantage of an awful situation for their own greed, but the least he could do was make sure to do his part in stopping as many crimes as possible. With a few handseals and a puff of smoke, he was no longer Yoichi Hisato of the Leaf, but now..

"Oh shit, it's that green bastard! We gotta move Choi, go, go, go!"

That wasn't quite the name he was hoping they'd say, but it wasn't like he ever told the bad guys a cool codename, was it? That was something that was going to have to change! They were much too slow to even have the slightest of chance of getting away from him, but the villainous scourge of Konohagakure were quite the determined individuals. In a single bound, he landed squarely on the one who recommended killing whoever was inside, breaking quite a few of his bones in the process with a sickening CRUNCH! sound. His more scrupulous friend decided to give up without much of a fight after that, but both were bound up in rope regardless.

"Didn't Santa tell you two stealing gets you on the naughty list? Oh, and tell your friend it's not "green bastard", I'm the "Emerald Arachnid"! I have the emblem on display for a reason!"

He didn't bother making a very impressive costume with his technique. It was an optical illusion. What was the point of going crazy with it ? A green mask to conceal his face, a domino mask to help conceal his eyes, a jean jacket and jeans for the flair, and a cool spider logo to make him look menacing! Simplicity was a man's best friend.

" it.."

And with that out of the way, Yoichi continued to make his way to the training field, wondering if he'd meet Fukuro there. He was sure the Uchiha would want to hear the good news!

In a matter of moments, the Genin was in the training fields of his village(obviously in a much normal appearance), scouring the area for his friend. Through the graces of fate, he found him, running towards him in a hurry.

"Heeey! Fukuro, look what I got man!"

The sunlight reflected brightly off of his headband, proudly displaying the leaf village's emblem off of it. An eager fist was outstretched, waiting for the Uchiha to return the gesture.

"Give me some dap, I guess we can finally be on the same squad now, huh? I wonder who our Sensei will be, right?"

WC: 803
Learning: Wind Release: Air Bullets (803/2000)
Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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The future of the leaf {NK, IO} Empty Re: The future of the leaf {NK, IO}

Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:31 am
Fukuro let out a shallow exhale as he looked to the trip of practice dummies before him. Each dummy was made of a thick wood, specially coated to be particularly resistant against fire Ninjutsu. It seemed the Hidden Leaf had grown tired of replacing the burned remains every few days. The young Uchiha gazed at the targets before him with a certain look in his eye. Fire Release techniques were his bread and butter. He was sure a jutsu this simple would be easy to master. Of course he believed the same thing to be true about the very first fire jutsu he had learned. 

First I'll get a feel for the seals.” His hands flew together, working to form the seals required for the jutsu. Tiger. Ox. Rat. Bird. Tiger. He would repeat the movement again and again until his muscles began to handle the majority of the work.  After a few minutes the maneuever felt more natural and he knew he had it down. Of course this jutsu took a few more hand seals than he wished, but it was still not the lengthiest combination he had heard of. Some jutsu require almost twenty seals to be accomplished. The thought of memorizing twenty seals nearly caused Fukuro to scoff. 

Let’s do it.” He smirked, eyeing the center dummy. His hands would flow through the seal, all the while he could feel his chakra gathering in his chest. As the heat from the fire release jutsu became apparent, Fukuro formed the final seal. “Fire Release: Exploding Flame Shot.” Fukuro brought his hand up to his lips as if he was preparing to form a fire ball, however they merely flew up out of muscle memory. As his lips parted, the flames that spilled out rushed to form a small, concise, sphere of fire and chakra. With a burst of chakra spilling out from between his lips the small sphere darted away from Fukuro, speeding towards the wooden dummy. As expected of a Fire Release technique, the result was devastating. The moment the sphere slammed into the dummies torso it exploded into a wave of flames, rolling over Fu’s target.

With a smirk, Fukuro watched as his chakra-infused flames roared to life. Even with that fire-resistant coating it was apparent the dummy was being effectively cooked. “That’s a pretty useful technique.” Fukuro watched the flames, keeping an eye on how long they stayed alive. For several minutes the flames roared over the dummies chest before finally they had eaten through all of the chakra that had been poured into the single shot. Damn he loved fire jutsu. 

It was a familiar voice that pulled Fukuro from his thoughts. He had a confused expression for a lingering moment before he realized who was calling out to him. He turned to see Yoichi bounding towards him with a noticeably new piece of equipment strapped to his forehead. “Huh? Oh, hey! Yoichi, looks like you passed your exam.” Fukuro met Yoichi’s fist with his own, along with a warm expression. Fu was actually excited to hear that his friend had passed, the village would need eager shinobi like Yoichi if it was to have any future at all. “Yea, we really can. Honestly, I’m not so sure. The village has a lot of Genin to sort but not a huge number of Jounin and Chuunin. I’m sure it will all work out though.” 

So now that you’re a Genin what’s your next move?” Fukuro asked, hosting a meaningful gaze as he spoke to Yoichi. “Now is when it really starts, right? Now that you’re really a shinobi you have to get way stronger, or else I’ll leave you in the dust.” Fukuro smirked, a prideful one but not holding any malice or insult. 

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Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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The future of the leaf {NK, IO} Empty Re: The future of the leaf {NK, IO}

Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:18 am
His face landed straight into his palm as he took a few seconds to think of an answer to Fukuro's question. It was definitely an important one, which was why Yoichi didn't want to sound stupid when he answered it.

"I'm going to train my ass off, put five hundred percent into everything I do. I really meant it when I said I want to give it my all to free our village, you know? There's no easy way for me to get stronger so I'm gonna have a long road ahead of me, but..if I just stay focused, I know I can do this!"

A small grin grew on his face in response to Fukuro's playful teasing, nodding.

"Well, you don't gotta worry about that man, you're never going to have a ghost of a chance at beating me! I'm probably the strongest Genin in existence!"

He obviously didn't believe in his own boasts, but he had to hype himself up somehow. 

"Guess since I'm here I might as well practice learning some new jutsu, yeah? I use Fuuton, by the way. I'll take a wild guess and say you're a Katon user since, you know, the whole Uchiha thing?"

Was that just clanist to assume something like that? No way, right? Oh well. He was sure Fukuro wouldn't take offense, so he would quickly move on towards practicing his new technique. The range on it was a bit short, but it boasted a power and speed that was a cut above the rest of its peers, and could be quickly performed due to only requiring a single handseal to use. 

"Wind Release: Air Bullets!"

The Bird handseal was formed as Yoichi molded his chakra, releasing a series of bullets that whizzed through the air. Unfortunately, things didn't go as well as he was planning; they fizzled out before it reached the intended limits of its actual range, leaving an annoyed Yoichi.

"Dammit! Trying to master elemental jutsu without a teacher is such a pain in the ass! After I get this thing down, it's pretty much gonnna be mandatory for me to go looking for an instructor.."

Turning towards Fukuro, he began to speak.

"Do any of the Uchiha help you out with training? I guess being in a clan gives you a pretty large support system. Otherwise it kind of feels like you're just on your own, you know what I mean?"

His attempt at the jutsu was strenuous on his chakra reserves, so he decided to sit down and take a little rest to recover them. The future was looking bright for Yoichi! He was a Genin, slowly getting stronger, and was even about to be in a squad. Hopefully his sensei was a kind, reasonable person and not some sort of mad man. 

"Man, I hear the Chuunin Exams are going on right now. I wonder if we'll be strong enough to take on the next gotta admit, if we were in it right now, we'd just get creamed. The level of competition this year is on another level!"

WC: 515
TWC: 1318

Learning: Wind Release Air Bullets (1318/2000)
Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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The future of the leaf {NK, IO} Empty Re: The future of the leaf {NK, IO}

Tue Dec 18, 2018 8:24 am
Yoichi was kind of a breath of fresh air for Fukuro. Honestly the Uchiha didn't have many friends. With most of his time devoted to work or training he didn't really spend much time on it. Plus he was a complete introvert in a social setting, so going out was never his type of thing. When Yoichi spoke about freeing the village, Fu gave his friend a meaningful look before placing a hand on his chin. It was obvious he was considering what Yoichi had just said. How long would it take Konoha to be restored to its former glory? Weeks, Months, maybe years? Just the thought of a full Konoha liberation was exhilarating, but at the same time Fukuro was unsure of how such a conflict would end. Torn from his inner thoughts, Fu gave Yoichi a slight snort at his words. “We’ll see.

When the conversation moved to practicing jutsu, Fu met Yoichi's question with a brief nod. “The Uchiha pride themselves in being masters of Fire Release jutsu.” Fukuro explained, no small amount of pride coming from him as he spoke to his friend. While Fukuro spoke, Yoichi moved past him. The young boy practiced Fuuton, Wind Release jutsu. That is not entirely surprising as Wind element shinobi tend to be amongst the more free-spirited. Fukuro stepped back to give his friend some space. Yoichi produced the necessary hand seal for a Wind Release jutsu and in the next moment executed it. There was the briefest shift in the air around the boy as he materialized small, dart-like projectiles made of wind. On his command they rocketed forward towards the dummies. Their speed was impressive, however just short of impacting their target they were depleted into nothing more than a stray breeze flowing over the wooden dummies shoulders. Yoichi went into a fit. Though Fu knew how frustrating learning new jutsu could be, especially jutsu of this caliber. Returning to the bronze skinned boys side, Fukuro cleared his throat while placing a hand on Yoichi's shoulder. 

I wish I could help you but Wind Release just isn't my territory. Short of chakra control and using the correct seal I wouldn't know what to tell you.” He admitted. Yoichi brought up Fukuro's family and this caused the young Uchiha to arch a brow at his words. “Well. If I need help I suppose I do have quite a few people to ask but each member of the Uchiha clan is expected to master Fire Release on their own. So most times I don't go to my family for help or advice, especially since my father died. He was the one who taught me as a kid,  so it's just a bit weird to learn from anyone else in my family.” While Youchi moved to sit down, Fukuro stepped back up to the training field, listening to his friend intently. What Yoichi said was the truth, whether Fukuro would accept it or not. The black haired shinobi eyed the training dummies that were across the training field closely. “We’ll be ready.” Fukuro’s chakra surged as he clasped his hands together in the Shadow Clone Seal. As two plumes of smoke appeared behind him the Genin charged towards the training dummies. Behind him,  each of the clones charged forward as well. Fukuro’s hand slid down to his Kunai pouch, drawing the blade as he closed the distance to the dummies. Each of his shadow clones moved into a series of hand seals, flowing through them with a practiced speed. Tiger. Ox. Rat. Bird. Tiger. Both of the clones stopped short, slamming their feet against the ground Ti come to an abrupt halt. “Fire Release: Exploding Flame Shot.” The duo called out, forming the flame shots in front of their lips. Fukuro leapt into the air,  just as he was about to reach the dummy. Behind him two crimson spheres slammed into the dummies chest, engulfing it in a mass of chakra and fire. 

The assault had been far from done as Fukuro threw his kunai towards the dummy while still in mid-air. “Here we go, Shadow Shuriken Jutsu!” Again Fukuro formed the shadow clone seal, however this time he did not summon more copies of himself, instead the kunai knife he had thrown would suddenly multiply into almost twenty of the blades. The flame covered torso was pincushioned with over half of the kunai while the rest slammed into the ground around the dummy.

When Fukuro came back down onto the ground it was obvious the combination had left him winded. Both of his shadow clones were immediately desummoned, vanishing in two columns of smoke just as they had appeared. Fukuro’s legs felt weak and his head was spinning. Chakra exertion was something he did not usually worry about, but just now he was thinking maybe he should have taken it a little slower. Exhaling, he made his way back to Yoichi with a smirk. “My new jutsu, the shadow shuriken jutsu. Once I've got it down I'll be able to make hundreds of copies.” Fukuro seemed visibly winded by the technique he had just used,  rather than stand he sat down near Yoichi and chuckled a bit. “Damn that was harder than I thought. It's not so bad but when my clones disappeared I felt the stress of their jutsu. It was a lot to deal with all at once."

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{909/4,000 Shuriken Shadow Clone} 
Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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The future of the leaf {NK, IO} Empty Re: The future of the leaf {NK, IO}

Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:23 pm
While Yoichi would be too embarassed to admit it, he admired Fukuro on a different level from his other peers. Most people wouldn't have bothered trying to help the fresh Genin so much, but the Uchiha wasn't most people. Without his guidance, the odds of him passing the Genin exams would've plummeted. It was a bit disappointing that he couldn't assist with some Fuuton training though; still, the advice was appreciated. 

"Sorry to hear your father died. If he raised a cool guy like you, he must've been a great man."

The pain of loss was something that was unfamiliar. If something so unfortunate occurred that ended up with him losing one of his parents, or heaven forbid the both of them, Yoichi's life would spiral into a mess without a doubt. But, they were getting up their in age; the time would come where he would eventually have to cope with their deaths, whether he wanted too or not. He just prayed that he was emotionally ready for such an event, and that his friends would keep him steady.

But, the depressing thoughts drifted to the edges of his mind as he watched the Uchiha's clones perform some type of tandem attack with the original. It was a Katon technique that gave Yoichi quite a bit of surprise; the heat was vast enough that he could feel it from here. If that attack came in contact with him, it'd surely sear some of his flesh off.

"Whew, if I wasn't convinced you Uchiha were the best at Katon, I'm convinced now. That heat was no joke..kind of gives me some ideas."

They'd make a deadly duo whenever the worked in the field. From what he saw of his peers, not many of them took advantage of the fact that certain elements synergize with each other. It worked even more in their favor since they were on the same squad, meaning they'd get to work with each other a ton.

"Too bad Katon isn't one of my latent elements though. If I had those clones of yours, I could use my Fuuton to make the flames burn more and spread faster. But, guess that's something we can keep in mind after I get this jutsu down and we finally go on a mission, yeah? It's about time I get the hang of these air bullets, it's embarrassing how much they're kicking my ass!"

With his stamina finally restored, he aimed to give learning that jutsu another shot. After all, if he gave up just because he failed once, it wouldn't make him a much of a good ninja.

"Alright, every great ninja struggled in the beginning. I just have to keep trying, and pretty soon I'll be throwing hurricanes capable of destroying mountains with just a sneeze!"

He was pumped. Adrenaline was flowing through his veins, giving him the confidence and the focus he needed to pull off this jutsu successfully. Despite how hyperbolic his words may have seemed,he truly believed that if he gave it his all, he'd have the type of power only seen in legends.

Handseals were weaved at a rapid quickness as the chakra in Yoichi's body was molded to properly balance the correct composition of power, range, and speed so the jutsu wouldn't ultimately backfire on him.

"Wind Style: Air Bullets!"

A series of piercing gusts of wind whizzed through the air, going clean through the bark of a nearby tree and clearing the rest of its natural distance with ease. Doing the technique still took its toll on his chakra reserves, but Yoichi was just happy that he could do it at all. A triumphant fist was raised as a symbolism to his success!

"Woohoo! Maybe now I won't be useless on missions if we decided to take like, I don't know, a C-rank mission maybe? Wink wink."

It was clear he wanted nothing more than a chance to prove himself on the battlefield, even if simple tasks like "find the lost pet" were something he didn't mind doing. As long ass someone got helped, he was a content man, but part of being a ninja entailed fighting. Knowing how he stacked up would no doubt be a boon towards his training.

"Now what should I learn next?"

From a satchel, a big ol' dusty book was brought out that he got from the library, containing various records of jutsu that would interest him. Perusing through the pages, he stopped until he found something that caught his eye.

"Flowing my chakra into a weapon, huh? Let's see if I can actually pull this off.."

Unfortunately, he was pretty broke so he didn't have an actual weapon to test this out on, but at least the field had plenty of objects lying around that could serve as a temporary substitute.

"Here goes nothing!"

WC: 808
TWC: 2126
Learned: Wind Release Air Bullets (Complete)
Learning: Wind Release Chakra Blade (126/2000)
Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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The future of the leaf {NK, IO} Empty Re: The future of the leaf {NK, IO}

Sun Dec 23, 2018 5:55 am
Fukuro couldn’t help but notice how Yoichi always seemed to be impressed with Fukuro. They were both Genin, Fu merely had a slightly broader knowledge of jutsu and chakra control. It really made him seem more talented than he really was. Still it did mean something if he could earn other shinobi’s respect, especially those who were his friends. When Yoichi’s condolences came, Fu merely gave the boy a nod of acceptance. He’d be lying if he said it didn’t hurt but there really wasn’t any reason to sulk. He’d done his crying and his mourning, now was the time for training. 

Fukuro exhaled a thin line of steam. His clones had been desummoned but the effects of their jutsu were weighing on the Genin a bit more than he was expecting. It still would take some getting used to. Stacking the weight of several jutsu and all their costs was just too much. Yoichi stepped up to the plate and utilized his new Wind Release jutsu once again. The bullet had a far better result this time as it slammed into the target Yoichi had aimed for and pierced it effectively. It was an impressive technique and even Fukuro could see how it could be the end of plenty of shinobi. “That’s pretty amazing Yoichi. I’m not sure my flak jacket would totally protect me from that.” He gestured towards the tree as he spoke. 

When Yoichi said he was going to try another technique, Fu arched a brow at him. “Don’t you need a weapon to test that type of thing out?” Fukuro bent down to reach into his kunai pouch. Producing one of the sharpened kunai blades he tossed it towards Yoichi without a second thought. “Here. This should work.” Fukuro think he had a vague idea of the technique his friend was wanting to attempt. It revolved around improving a weapon’s lethality by rushing your own chakra through the blade. That technique was just as tricky as any other since any time you were pushing your chakra to such lengths it could mean a potential drain on your chakra network. “A chakra blade is pretty useful in combat. Sometimes it can cut things or materials that a normal one won’t. If I’m recalling that correctly.” He said, before pushing himself off of the tree behind him. That had been enough rest for now. He stepped back in front of the training dummy and exhaled softly. This time he would just focus on his shadow shuriken jutsu. He closed his eyes, drawing his chakra to a single focal point. Even the grass beneath his feet would give off a small shimmer from the action. 

He’d produce another kunai from his pouch, realizing this would be something he had not tried yet. “Ok…Here we go.” He threw the kunai directly at the target dummy, watching as it flew through the air. Almost immediately his hands became clasped together in the Clone Seal. “Shadow Shuriken Jutsu!” The kunai gave off a faint flicker before another would appear beside it, and another, and another. The kunai would flicker into reality and just before impact over one hundred of the kunai must have pierced the training dummy. Covered in an array of blades, it had been pelted by the attack. Fukuro smirked at the results of his attack. Producing shuriken and kunai clones were much easier than flesh and blood shadow clones. Fu broke the seal that was clasped in front of his chest. His own chakra network would flicker as he released the jutsu and all of the kunai and shuriken embedded in the dummy faded away. What had been hundreds of pieces of metal ended up to be no more than two weapons. They were firmly embedded in the dummies chest and Fukuro started to walk over, calling out to Yoichi. “That had to be over a hundred of them. Next time I’ll do twice that amount.” He assured him before calling out. “How’s that jutsu coming?

WC: 668
TWC: 2,738
{1,577 /4,000 Shuriken Shadow Clone}

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Yoichi Hisato
Yoichi Hisato
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The future of the leaf {NK, IO} Empty Re: The future of the leaf {NK, IO}

Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:47 pm
A quick glance was shot at Fukuro as he spoke.

"Well, you know, nothing to it. I just might be a prodigy or whatever, no big deal!"

As much as he didn't want to admit it, Fukuro's encouragements brought a smile to his face. It was nice to hear from someone else you were doing a good job! But, as soon as he was about to start practicing with his stick, the Uchiha stopped what he was doing to pass him a kunai, with Yoichi managing to catch it pretty easily. Neat! He didn't even have to bother with a flimsy piece of wood that probably would've backfired anyway. But, he would have to give this back after he was done with it. Fukuro probably had a thousand of these, but it just didn't feel right to be someone's charity case, especially when he had more than enough money to buy a pack of kunai that would at least last him a year or two.

"Thanks! And you're right. It's mainly to cut through armor and make aiming at the opponent's non-vital points more painful. I really, really don't like the thought of killing people. I know it seems stupid that I got into this career with such a mindset, but..we're better than just mindless tools, y'know? We ain't savages."

Explaining his philosophies and all that junk would've took more time than he would've liked to waste, so he went back to his training. A surge of his chakra burst right into the weapon, ready to cut through anything like it was a stick of butter..until the aura of wind quickly dispersed as soon as it arrived. Again, and again, Yoichi tried to maintain the flow of chakra; but no matter what he did, it seemed like he was missing something.

"Come on, fiddling with this stupid thing shouldn't be any harder than a regular C-rank jutsu! Just what am I missing here?"

Flipping through his small encyclopedia of jutsu, Yoichi noticed that he was missing a pre-requisite skill for this particular technique; before one could learn how to embue their weapons with elemental chakra, they needed to know how to do it with regular chakra first. Usually it was a skill Jounins employed in combat, but with him wanting to use weapons in the future, it only made sense to learn this now.

"Okay, that makes a lot more sense now. Mind must've skipped this part and thought I could just master it easily. Gotta be careful not to skip any details in the future, especially with something so important.."

Taking the time to gather his breath, he cleared out any thoughts that might impede his training, controlling the flow of his chakra and magnifying it into the kunai. It was much more easy to control now that he wasn't trying to add anything elemental to it, but it was still prone to shorting out randomly. Skipping out on such a fundamental technique to try and get to the elemental attacks was a much more apparent recipe for disaster now that he was starting at the basic building blocks. 

"Gotta get the hang of this stupid technique! This whole limited moveset thing isn't really my thing!"

Slumping down momentarily, his gaze directed itself over to the Uchiha, his eyes narrowing. 

"I know you aren't the veteran Genin I hype you up to be, but.. have you ever taken a life, Fuku?"

They lived in trying times. While he personally made it his mission to try and never even come close to taking a life, with the very dregs of humanity running rampant within their very own village, how could he blame anyone for taking drastic measures? His teammate was different though. Even if they were in they were in the same age group, Yoichi wasn't afraid to admit that he admired the Uchiha. His conviction and talent were something to admire, and the thought of him murdering people would unfortunately taint his image. While all these thoughts ran rampant in his head, his exterior never cracked in its unusually stoic visage.

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Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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The future of the leaf {NK, IO} Empty Re: The future of the leaf {NK, IO}

Wed Dec 26, 2018 6:09 pm
Fukuro was pretty surprised to hear that Yoichi was not wanting to end lives. While the young Uchiha never saw himself as a killer he understood he was a soldier and that meant there would come a time when he’d have to take someone else’s life, either to preserve his own or for the safety of the village. Fu remained silent while Yoichi continued to practice his new technique. For a few minutes the young Genin took a seat next to his friend, watching him practice his new jutsu. It seemed like Yoichi’s spirit actually translated into his jutsu. Just like the wind he was powerful and free. Fukuro really respected and admired that about the younger Genin. Although he had been raised in the tight structure of the Uchiha Fu never really had much of an actual childhood. The closest thing to a childhood friend he had was Minato. Once it seemed Yoichi was taking his own break, Fu stood up and turned back to a tree behind him. 

The young Genin put a foot out, a small shimmer of Chakra escaping his soles as he pressed his foot to the tree’s base. Fukuro slowly walked up the base of the tree while listening to the younger shinobi speak to him. 

Fukuro hung upside down from a branch, pulling a small kunai knife out and holding it in his hand. Had Fukuro ever killed a man? No. “No.” He repeated the thought, however he knew eventually he would have to take a life. The most powerful abilities held in the Sharingan were unlocked through blood and death. At least that was how Fukuro’s father always explained it to him. “But we’ll have to eventually, right? It’s part of being a Shinobi. Eventually you’ll fight another shinobi and you’ll probably have to kill him.” It was a sad truth but not one that could really be ignored. Fukuro’s feat came unsecured from the tree branch. The shinobi began to fall and immediately bent into a roll. 
The moment Fukuro’s feet impacted the ground he spun around, throwing his kunai knife for the training dummy.

Shadow Shuriken Jutsu!” Again the clone seal would be formed over the boy’s chest. This time the Kunai only split into a few different copies. Ten in all, each one slammed into the dummies chest, with barely any space between them. The Uchiha exhaled as his eyes flickered out of the Sharingan. Fukuro had unknowingly activated his Sharingan to improve his visual prowess. He could feel it draining at him and cleared his throat, trying to pull his mind from the effects of his Kekkei Genkei.

Hey Yoichi. What do you wanna do? Like, why did you become a shinobi? I mean. I’d like to become an Anbu one day. What about you?” He asked with a curious arch of the brow. The two often spoke about liberating the village but how often did they simply share their actual career goals? Fukuro was interested in seeing what it was Yoichi wanted to do.

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Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:26 pm
His greatest fear was that one day, Fukuro's words would ring true. He would have to be forced to decide whether it was worth saving the lives of a million or the life of one without any chance at rescuing both. Even in the realm of fiction, such a decision was a hero's worst nightmare, but in the end, they -always- decided to pick the innocent over the villain. And why would they choose any different? Of course, he would prefer that such a time would never come to fruition, but if he had to make a hard choice, then that was simply reality. Not everyone could be saved, nor would they want too.

The Uchiha's prowess with the shuriken jutsu was getting more impressive. It made Yoichi realize that he -really- had no counter to that technique, and if he ever got in a fight with a Shinobi that had it, he was screwed. But, that didn't mean he couldn't just get the jutsu himself, right? Still, eventually he'd have to create an all-purpose defense to attacks like that. He couldn't shake the feeling that in the next Chuunin Exams, he was going to have to fight all sorts of ninja with that same skill.

His thoughts on how to better prepare himself for the future were interrupted by Fuku asking why he even wanted to become a Shinobi in the first place. Obviously, this wasn't the type of question you just gave any old answer too, so he paused for a few moments, clearly in thought.

"Why I decided to become a Shinobi, huh? parents always wanted me to do right by people, and I always heard tales and stories of ninja saving people. My father even told me of the time one saved him from bandits trying to rob our store. I think that was really the moment I thought..yeah, I want to be like these guys some day. Nothing beats the feeling that the things you do in your life have a positive impact, y'know? But still, even when I joined the academy, I was content with staying a Genin the rest of my life. I was never in it to become the next Hokage, or conquer a nation, or any of that stuff. Rescuing someone's cat is as good as fightin' off a group of thugs to me.."

Another pause. A frown formed on his face as he thought of Kirigakure.

"But everything changed when the Mist Village attacked. Thank the heavens my family is still alive, but I know a lot of people who've lost close family and friends because of them. Our very way of life is being threatened, and I -know- most of them are just following orders, but they can't get away with this. Someone's going to pay for these crimes, and one day I can raise my future kids in a free world. Who knows? Maybe in the next fifty or so years, people will forget this even happened."

It was wishful thinking, but Yoichi was ever the optimistic guy.

"So, why did you sign up? I don't think it was half as long-winded, eh? Heh."

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