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Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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The Ninja Arts: Part III Empty The Ninja Arts: Part III

Tue Dec 11, 2018 4:49 am
“I freaking hate Genjutsu!” Fukuro exclaimed as he threw his shinobi training manual against a nearby tree. He had spent most of the morning reviewing low tier techniques that are perfect for up and coming Genin. It had actually been a good morning… Until he progressed into the chapter about Genjutsu. Fukuro had always seen Genjutsu as nothing more than a pain in the ass parlor trick that didn't really make sense to him. Whether it was his lack of interest that made him horrible at Genjutsu or a reverse of the fact he did not know,  or care. All he knew was Genjutsu always seemed to be a topic in his studies. 

“OK… There has to be something here that isn't completely ridiculous.” Fukuro said,  picking up his book from the grassy floor. After wiping off a few stray blades of grass the young Uchiha looked back at the chapter that had agitated him. Illusion… Illusion… Vision… Illusion… They were all the same, each technique just as ridiculous as the last. It was not until he reached the end of the chapter that he found something that made sense for him to learn. Genjutsu Release. A technique that revolved around shattering Genjutsu illusions. Actually that seemed to be a jutsu that was personally designed for Fukuro. 

The instructions for the jutsu were painfully simple. All it required was a swift burst of chakra to charge through your body. Fukuro knew all too well he could accomplish that, there was only one problem. He could not use Genjutsu to test the ability because he didn't know any. 

“Well,  looks like I'm taking a trip to the Academy.” He muttered,  before stuffing the book in his pocket and looking back towards the village. Konoha's Ninja Academy provided a series of classes for Genin to utilize in their off time. Although Fukuro usually didn't bother with them he knew there was a benefit to having experienced shinobi to practice with. 

Fukuro made his way to the Academy with a less than pleased expression. Although it was a Ninjutsu technique the young shinobi still believed he was wasting his time by dealing with Genjutsu at all. Of course, if he was ever trapped in such an illusion he would probably lose his mind if he could not figure a way out. Moving through the village Fukuro took notice of the solemn mood that fell over Konohagakure. It was… Disturbing. Of course,  he understood why the people were not in the best of moods. Hell, even he was noticeably agitated after their defeat to Kirigakure. 

The shinobi academy was a bright mark in Fukuro's trip through the village. Once he arrived he immediately held a better demeanor than he had on the walk over. In fact, it was safe to say he was pretty relieved to be back in such a setting. There were a few academy students running lapse while their sense seemed to be grading their scores on a test from earlier that morning. It did not take Fukuro long to find a Chunin instructor who was able to use a simple Genjutsu, although it was an odd request to come from out of the blue. 

Under a tree outside the academy Fukuro sat with the Chunin standing silently behind him. To the rest of the world the Uchiha may as well have been asleep. However there was a noticeable frown on his face that he wore into subconsciousness. In only a few minutes his eyes shot open as there was a soft shimmer below him. His chakra had surged out violently, rousing him from the Chuunin's Genjutsu. Fukuro stood up with an accomplished smile, nodding at the Chunin before tucking a hand into his pocket. “I really hate that feeling, but thanks.” He received a brief pat on the shoulder before making his way away from the academy. That was enough for today.


{Completed with 652 words. Collecting Genjutsu Release and 3 Stat points.}
Hikari Hyuuga
Hikari Hyuuga
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The Ninja Arts: Part III Empty Re: The Ninja Arts: Part III

Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:09 am
Approved Kaneki <3
Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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The Ninja Arts: Part III Empty Re: The Ninja Arts: Part III

Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:34 pm

The forests in the land of fire were thick with large trees. Some had been standing for hundreds of years and some would stand for a hundred years more. Fukuro sat on a branch of one of those trees, keeping his eyes peeled on the trail below him. Since making the rank of Genin he was able to be selected for sentry duty. It was a boring assignment that mainly entailed spending hours in the forests, keeping an eye on the main roads that led to Konoha. Since he was only a Genin he was not even allowed to patrol the Land of Fire’s borders, instead he was kept close to the village where he would be safe. 

Argh!” Fu exclaimed, slamming a hand against the tree trunk beside him. This was all getting so old. It had been over a week since he became a Genin but he was still doing stuff that any academy student could do. Regardless of the village’s belief, he was ready to do a lot more than sit around and pull guard duty. 

Glancing back down to the road below he realized it had been hours since the last person had passed. The sun was falling down past it’s midday point symbolizing the progression into the evening. “If nothing else I can get a little bit of exercise in.” Fukuro said, standing up to his full height. It was not like he could start launching off fireballs while he was on guard duty, but there was one technique he had been meaning to practice. “The body flicker technique, it’s a tricky skill that requires one to use his chakra to push the body to its height in speed. A fast travel burst, usually just for short movements and distances.

Let’s try this out.” Fukuro paused, arching a brow silently before it donned on him, he had forgotten the proper hand seal. “Oh….” He muttered with a noticeable tone of agitation. It was no simple task to recall which of the handful of seals had been issued to this specific jutsu. It was also dangerous to use the improper hand seal as it could waste large amounts of chakra in a short time. 

By the time Fukuro remembered which hand seal it was, the evening had settled into itself. The evening sun was a furious orange and shined down over Fukuro. “Ram. Damn it that was a pain to remember.” Forming the hand seal in front of his chest, Fu focused on his chakra networks, forcing them to feed from his chakra and push it to an extreme. His chakra expanded out and an explosion of smoke erupted from around him, just as he leapt from the branch. The smoke covered his movements as he shimmered away, almost faster than the human eye could follow. Across from the tree he stood, he landed on a similar tree with a smile on his face. “That’s almost too easy.” Fukuro stood up and glanced back down to the street below, it was still as empty as it had been for the majority of the day. He wasn’t much worried about that road anymore, now he was interested in utilizing his new technique. “This time even faster.” Again the Ram seal was held over Fukuro’s chest. This time as his chakra spread through his body he did not bother with forcing it out with an explosion and creating a cloud of smoke. He needed to focus on speed. 
He felt a surge as he leapt off the branch to the next one, even faster than he had the first time. This time he landed on the forest floor, still hosting that all too pleased smirk on his face.

Fukuro realized how a jutsu like this would be extremely useful in combat. The ability to raise your speed for a brief moment was invaluable, especially to Fu who was not the fastest shinobi to begin with. When Fukuro recovered this time he could feel the faintest sign of exertion over his body. It had a slight ache to it as if he had been exercising too strenuously.  “Well that explains why you can’t sustain this jutsu. It will wear your body out way too fast.” But he was not worn out just yet, which meant there was still training to be done.

Again he would form the hand seal over his chest, focusing on his chakra once again. This time Fukuro glanced around, searching for a further target than the few meters he had been doing. Once Fukuro finally saw a branch over him, he was certain that was the one he would move to. The surge of chakra rushed through Fukuro, and he felt as if every muscle shimmered under the weight of his chakra, in the next moment his chakra exploded out to create another cloud of smoke. This time when Fukuro leapt up, he pressed himself to the limits. This time was different. When Fukuro landed on the branch he nearly collapsed from the weak feeling that shot through his legs. “Oh hell…” Fukuro almost fell from the branch, luckily he was able to run chakra through the palm of his hand and fasten himself to the tree trunk beside him. So this jutsu did have it’s limits like most others.

Once Fukuro began to recover he lowered himself against the trunk of the tree, laying his back against it while glancing over to the nearby road. The Body Flicker had been learned and now it was something Fukuro believed he could use competently. Of course, with this technique learned now Fukuro had brought himself out of the Academy level jutsu and would have to move on to even more powerful skills. “I think it’s time for me to learn a new Fire Release.” Fukuro almost passed out from his continuous use of the jutsu. It actually seemed to drain him a lot more than he was expecting. Raising himself to a standing position Fukuro looked over to the trail below him and exhaled softly. The sun was just now starting to fall over the horizon which meant his shift on this road had ended. Maybe tomorrow he would be able to learn another technique while he pulled sentry duty. With the day at an end Fukuro would make his way through the trees, steadily making his way back to Konoha.

{Completed with 1065, collecting Body Flicker and 5 Stat points}
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The Ninja Arts: Part III Empty Re: The Ninja Arts: Part III

Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:59 pm
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