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Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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The Ninja Arts: Part II Empty The Ninja Arts: Part II

Tue Dec 11, 2018 4:46 am
It was time for Fukuro to expand his knowledge of Ninjutsu and there was really only one jutsu he could think to start with. 

“Fire Release: Fire Stream Jutsu.” He muttered,  eyeing the instructions in the training manual he held in his hand. Fire Release Jutsu were a favorite among the Uchiha. Perhaps it was the extremely difficult task of mastering the jutsu, or maybe just the fact that they seemed to show a natural affinity for Fire Style techniques. Regardless Fukuro would embrace this tradition wholeheartedly. He set his book down and gazed out at the scenery before him. Rather than take a trip to the training grounds or even his usual training spot he decided to make a trip up the mountain that overlooked the village. 

Konoha was silent. Even though the sun had just breached the horizon it felt as if it was still the dead of night. Running a hand through his hair,  Fukuro let out a shallow yawn before pushing himself to his feet. He wouldn't be learning any jutsu by sitting around staring at the village like an idiot. Although there was something to be said for the aesthetic of the Hidden Leaf village. Fukuro collected his training manual and flipped to the next page,  which demonstrated a chakra diagram for the jutsu. 

“It's pretty simple but it's going to require a lot of chakra.” He muttered,  taking notice of the chakra channels that flowed over the diagram of a shinobi practicing the jutsu. In reality this would not be the first time Fukuro used this jutsu. He had to have practiced it a number of times as an academy student, but that was under the tutelage of his father. The Uchiha clan often used the Fire Stream Jutsu as a gateway technique to learning a more advanced Fire Release technique. Turning back from the village, he eyed a nearby tree. That would do just fine. Tossing the manual to the side he felt as if this was now more of an instinctual technique than anything else. 

He raised his right hand,  bringing his two fingers up to form a half-tiger seal. There was a brief shift as he felt his chakra network come alive and his chakra surged through out his body. Focusing on his chest he would pool his chakra to a single point. “Fire Release: Fire Stream!” Fukuro declared,  allowing the chakra in his chest to combust as he expelled it from his lips. What ensued was a thin stream of flames billowing forward towards the tree in front of him. Since the tree was only two meters away it met the height of his flames and the trunk was almost fully engulfed. Fukuro maintained an even stream for a few moments, marveling at his own skill. Perhaps it was a bit immature, but he still believed Fire Release Jutsu's to be some of the most amazing he has ever seen. Finally the stream dies out into a low flame dancing from his lips and only seconds after that it was gone. 

The tree itself had a thick layer of ash and was recently charred. A few random flames danced around the trunk but they were not likely to survive without his chakra to enhance them. Fukuro showed off a smirk of confidence or maybe it was just pride. Regardless the Genin was happy with the results he was showing. He made his way over to his training manual and picked it up from the ground. “Chapter Two. The uses of Genjutsu,” He said, preparing to move on to another technique. 

{Completed with 600 words. Collecting Fire Release: Fire Stream and 3 Stat points.}
Hikari Hyuuga
Hikari Hyuuga
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The Ninja Arts: Part II Empty Re: The Ninja Arts: Part II

Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:08 am
Approved Kaneki <3
Fukuro Uchiha
Fukuro Uchiha
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The Ninja Arts: Part II Empty Re: The Ninja Arts: Part II

Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:53 pm
{A Few Days Later}

Fukuro had been spending a lot of time training. In fact it was beginning to feel like that was all he spent time doing. It was to be expected. He had only just obtained the rank of Genin and had yet to be sectioned out into a proper squad. After graduating the academy he was instructed to keep up his training and maintain his skills. Not a difficult thing to do but it was growing old.

He decided to make another trip out of the village, back to his usual training spot near a creek that ran into a small waterfall. The area always allowed a bit of privacy and was actually pretty relaxing to boot. The Genin ran a hand through his hair as he emerged from the tree line, taking note of his surroundings as he usually did. There was a thick wall of brush and trees surrounding him and the only thing breaking up the clearing was the small creek that ran under his feet.

It was actually pretty obvious that this served as a training area of sorts. Some trees had been shaved soft from hours of Taijutsu practice while some others had completely pitch black trunks from hours of practicing various Fire Release jutsu. Fukuro ran his hand over one of the tree’s trunks, wiping off a thick layer of the black soot from the last time he had been here.

I think it’s time for me to do more than burn a few trees.” Fukuro thought out loud, looking down towards the waterfall that was nearby. It gave off the slightest trickle of water in the background.

Fukuro dipped a hand into his pocket, producing a small manual that he had been given during his time in the academy. It was almost like a guide to the basics of the shinobi arts, the only difference was it actually went into detail on some jutsu many Genin had no business trying to master. “Not like it would be the first time.” Fukuro eyed a single jutsu with a confident smirk. Fire Release: Great Fireball jutsu. It was a staple in the school of Fire Release, focusing your chakra to a single point of explosive power. Where you create a massive sphere of chakra and fire to completely destroy anything in its path.

He’d practiced the technique as a boy and in most instances was capable of producing a steady stream of flames. But to actually solidify the flames into a mass of chakra and project it forward was a different matter altogether. Fire Release techniques were tricky to begin with, this even more so.

There are only two hand seals for this jutsu. Horse and Tiger...Damn this is gonna be a pain the ass.” Fukuro was talented, but the drain on his chakra that this technique caused was almost ridiculous. Because of that he could only practice the jutsu a few times each day. Fukuro made his way to the center of the clearing. “I’ll finish this in one shot.” He declared before clasping his hands together in the seal of the horse.
Fire Release.” His hand quickly switched to the seal of the tiger. Fukuro centered himself, forcing his chakra network into an uproar as he pulled from his chakra reserves. He could feel the build up, the power moving through his body and centering in one location. The chest usually held a good deal of Fire Element chakra, but now as he pulled it all to one single center he could feel his chest get hot. He exhaled, a thin line of steam spilling out from his lips as he stared at the tree before him. His eyes were locked on the burnt trunk as he reared back, bringing his finger up around his lips.

The fingertips guide the chakra out into a single stream before it wraps and expands into a sphere. “Fireball jutsu!

There was a silent pause, barely a single moment before Fukuro released a thick stream of flames from his lips. The roar that echoed out from the flames was loud and irritating, but as the flames spilled from his lips and wrapped around the tree in front of him, Fukuro knew the jutsu was a success. In a manner of speaking. The sphere was just beginning to form when it became too much for the Genin to maintain. Fukuro’s lips shut as his chakra supply effectively halted. The stress on his chakra reserves was just too much. He fell down to a knee, pushing a hand forward to brace him against the hard ground. “D-Damn it….It’s still harder than I thought.” When he looked up, his eyes narrowed at what he saw. The tree trunk was in an uproar of flames, however Fukuro knew if the fireball had truly been a success then the tree would likely not have survived.

His breathing had grown a bit labored from the exertion. “This….isn’t….gonna work.” Fukuro led into a series of rough coughs. He ran a hand over his chest searchingly. It was almost as if he had built up too much chakra in his chest and was now paying the price. Regardless of the results it was obvious today was going to be a long day.

{880/1000 Words for Fire Release: Great Fireball}
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