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So We Meet Again (NK, Kozachi)  - Page 2 Empty Re: So We Meet Again (NK, Kozachi)

Sun Oct 28, 2018 7:16 pm
Oh boy. The adventure was just getting started. Where would the day take them? There would be only one way to find out. With a smirk, Suzume said, "I'm in." Though, she never had so little as a drop of alcohol to have ever dance on her tongue. Not to mention it was a bit intimidating being that it was a duo of drunk kooks the frightened her some time ago. Though, since she had a buddy, what harm could be done? Kozachi was already fun in a normal state, that could only mean she would be yet more fun in an intoxicated state, right? Whatever it even meant to be intoxicated, as Suzume thought once they left the ice cream store. She opened the door wide for her gal pal, performing an over dramatic bow announcing, "After you, my lady!"

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So We Meet Again (NK, Kozachi)  - Page 2 Empty Re: So We Meet Again (NK, Kozachi)

Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:28 pm
Once Kozachi made her way out the door, Suzume followed a few paces behind. The other girl knew where she was going, so it was just easier to take after her footing. Although, upon reaching the station to board the trolley she would link arms as to not get separated in the crowd. Once seated, Suzume started up some chatter to pass the time on the ride. She'd even go to pointing out that the rain lightened up, since she wasn't the best at conversation but sure did try to be. Kind of lame, but what else could she do keeping herself in her supposed homely cave so often? It was odd going out like this, certainly not something Suzume would plan herself...but it was fun so far. 

"Oh really? Well...if you say so," she responded to Kozachi's statement not to worry about the cost. She scanned the menu for something that looked interesting...which she hardly knew how to choose due to never doing things like this before. So, Suzume paid more attention to the ingredients. "Hmmm..." she'd mumble, taking some time to get familiar with it all. But, once she came across a certain limey cocktail, Suzume would tell, "Hahah, well, how about a Kamikaze?" 

The environment was good for a first club experience. Sitting at the bar, Suzume would smirk thinking, "I could do this more often". Of course, that was during a calm hour at the club. The music wasn't so crazy yet, it felt cozy in a sense. But Suzume couldn't help but feel nervous. She'd give a tiny giggle, trying to hide it to not seem weird. She would turn her attention to Kozachi, maybe staying focused on her would ease the odd feeling. 

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So We Meet Again (NK, Kozachi)  - Page 2 Empty Re: So We Meet Again (NK, Kozachi)

Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:35 pm
This would be the first time Suzume ever had any kind of drink like this. The next closest experience in flavor would probably have been a juice box while in the academy. She took a first sip, knowing that some people describe alcohol as being a particular foul tasting liquid. She did recall one time, how a much more experienced shinobi told her that once she was older and had her heart broken a few times to go to a bar and drink straight rum. What a suggestion...but Suzume preferred to just not have her hear broken in the first place. Yeah, it was much better to be sitting here in good company enjoying a fruity mix than to be drowning in sorrows with bitter tastes. That shinobi was pretty messed up, she would think, as she swallow that first sip. 

It wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. After all, it was a mix. She didn't even truly know what was in it, other than the limey flavoring. Once her taste buds no longer absorbed the sensations from her drink, she once again turned to Kozachi who had just asked her to talk about something entertaining. There wasn't much going on in her life either, other than the typical training routine she sometimes stuck to, and other times didn't. Ah, but...she did just get a new horse familiar! A huge one. Maybe that would be something to talk about? 

"Well...there's this huge black as night horse I just got. He's my new familiar of sorts..." She had only recently just bonded with the creature, but it was quiet an adventure coming across him. It could make for a story, for now, if Kozachi found it to be interesting enough to hear about. 

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