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Kozachi Uchiha
Kozachi Uchiha
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Kozachi's Genin Exam Empty Kozachi's Genin Exam

Wed May 25, 2016 3:49 pm
... Kozachi was training in accordance with a few methods that she had picked up. There was something called the "golden dark body technique", but it had some weird requirements concerning dinosaurs. Seriously, what kind of ninja had dinosaur DNA? No joke, it must have been some kind of weird joke. 

Oh well, she thought as she headed over to the genin exam buildings. With this being done, of course, things would be so much easier. All she had to do was pass this exam, and easy peasy, she'd start on the path of an actual career. When she found her parents, they'd be so proud of her...

Stepping into classroom 1-C, she would wait for instructions.

[Genin exam pl0x]
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Kozachi's Genin Exam Empty Re: Kozachi's Genin Exam

Sat May 28, 2016 6:51 am
The jounin on duty was bored. Having given his life to the betterment of the younger generation, the thirty-two year old now found great solace in alcohol and ninja netflix. He'd heard that it might be a new kid coming in today and had promised to himself he'd make more of an effort. He had showered that morning and his uniform was clean if creased because no one deserved the honour of a 32 year old bachelor ironing his shirts for them.

As the girl came in, the invigilater stared at her curiosly. The kid seemed decent enough.

"Please do the two techs you need to pass genin, you can do more if you like so long as you perform them long enough to equate to an 800 word essay," he finally said, motioning for the young ninja to be to come to the center of the room and do his thing.

(800 words and you're good to go. <3)
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