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Kyo Begins (Genin Exam) Empty Kyo Begins (Genin Exam)

Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:13 pm
Kyo walked towards his exam just now starting to realize what it would mean if he walked out of there passing. He would be a Genin, a real ninja, and a ninja that could hone his skills to extremes. This was where his path of ninja would begin. It wasn't anymore sitting through lectures and tests, but now everything for Kyo was going to get really real. He could move out and pay for his own home with the money from missions and even go out to eat all the time with the money he can make. The world was his oyster now as he walked into the exam area with a smirk.

[Requesting Proctor for Kyo's Genin Exam ]
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Kyo Begins (Genin Exam) Empty Re: Kyo Begins (Genin Exam)

Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:29 pm
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Kyo Begins (Genin Exam) Empty Re: Kyo Begins (Genin Exam)

Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:58 pm
The young boy made his way through the academy. He had been busy as of late, mostly spending time outside of the village doing basic missions. Ever since the fall his heart wasn't with the village. However now Tatsuo was back home for a short break. Seeking to restore his faith the boy found himself in the shinobi academy. The white haired youth had agreed to help out with the new academic year and their exams, perhaps hoping to find some in the group that would help restore his faith in this system.

The short Chuunin waited as another fresh face stepped into the exam hall. Tatsuo looked them over quickly. He didn't like the look of the older male. The way he carried himself, it spoke of arrogance. However their personality didn't matter to him. This was after all a Genin exam, they would be judged on their abilities alone.

"Kyo Terumi, perform the transformation and clone techniques in order ta' pass."

[Write 800 words performing the transformation technique and clone technique]
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Kyo Begins (Genin Exam) Empty Re: Kyo Begins (Genin Exam)

Sat Jun 02, 2018 3:00 pm
Kyo looked over his proctor and swore he had seen him somewhere around the village once or twice. He didn't remember much, but that didn't matter. It was time to get out of here and grab his headband. This was his moment and he wasn't going to do any worse than the best he could.

"Okay sir."
Kyo bowed in respect to his proctor and began to smile. He walked to the proper area from the rest of the group and took a deep breath. Part of him said this would be easy. Part of him said this would be his downfall. Whatever it was, he was just going to do nothing short of the best. His nostrils flared up and a smirk came over him as he lost himself in self love. He became, for a moment, so certain of himself that his ego could almost be visible around him. Releasing a breath, he began the transformation technique. He weaved the dog, boar, and ram hand signs with speed and accuracy. Kyo wanted to win so badly that losing was drowned out from his mind.

After the final hand sign, he turned into his shorter proctor with a smile. Inside he felt the strain of holding this technique, but he still had to show he had this technique down. Kyo walked around and jumped a few times. He stretched his muscles and made a grin to his proctor before releasing the jutsu secretly straining him.

The first phase of the exam was over and it appeared the other academy students were just as nervous as he once was. If they knew how easy it was to cast a jutsu once you practice it enough, Kyo was certain they would have no fear whatsoever. It was hard to say, but the whole exam felt immensely surreal to him. He had been preparing for this for many days and being here right now was just something out of a dream. Sometimes the thought did rise up that he should just give up trying to become a Genin, but those thoughts were just constraints he put upon himself. To imagine the impossible is what just about every ninja does. Imagining great fires from your lips, hurling chunks of earth, slashing right through someone, or just killing someone in one punch. To do the impossible, in Kyo's eyes, was to be a ninja.

Kyo realized around this moment that his exam was half over with the hardest part over with. The clone technique was much easier than the transformation technique to him as he looked to his proctor for some sign he was one right track with his exam. He was doing everything fairly routine to be safe, but was this what his proctor wanted to see? Kyo dismissed these thoughts as just thoughts. He knew these exams were just graded on preforming the two jutsu and the pass rate is usually pretty high. With these thoughts in mind, he began the clone technique.

Kyo speedily went through the hand signs without much thought about them anymore. Ram, snake, and tiger was all he needed to create two clones of himself on either side of him. He smiled to the academy students with a smile screaming that they can do this all just as easily as he could and his clones did as well. Kyo wanted to persuade them to become Genin too, because it would just mean Konoha would have just that much more power. It was tiring to see the village seeming to get stomped over again and again. He wanted to find peace in the village instead of a call to action for every intruder. Still now wasn't the time to think about Konoha's darkest moments, but instead it was time to finish this exam.

The academy student punched the air in front of him, careful to not hit anyone, and his clones followed. Every blink, minor movement, and everything else was mirrored by his clones in sync. It appeared now that he had demonstrated all he needed to and to the best of the his ability. Kyo took a second to think about what was left while his clones made the same thinking face he was. With nothing left, he released the jutsu and caused the clones to vanish.

Kyo looked to the proctor once more and bowed as he finished his exam with the proudest smile he could have ever had left on his face. In fact, he felt like crying for ever getting this far, but showed none of this on his face. He would continue to accept his konoha headband if offered and accept the title of Genin of Konoha. The road ahead of him wouldn't be so easy for Kyo, but he was already past the starting line.

[WC: 803]
Genin Rank Obtained.
+15 Stat Points Obtained.
Free Jutsu for Genin Obtained.
[Exit if nothing left to do]
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Kyo Begins (Genin Exam) Empty Re: Kyo Begins (Genin Exam)

Sat Jun 02, 2018 3:10 pm
Tatsuo observed the boy performing the jutsu. He gave a nod with each jutsu that was performed. At least they were capable of this. By Konoha's standards this meant they were fully ready to be an active shinobi, ready to go out into the field to a quick death. Tatsuo didn't make the rules for the exam, not yet anyway, so there was little else he could do but pass them. "Well done." He said, passing the headband over to the boy after the second jutsu had been completed. "Welcome to tha' shinobi forces of Konohagakure."

The boy left afterward, and then Tatsuo went back to proctoring for the rest.

[Topic Closed]

[Don't forget you get a free spec for the genin rank up also.]
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