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Mother and Daughter Bonding 2 (Solo) Empty Mother and Daughter Bonding 2 (Solo)

Sat May 12, 2018 1:15 pm
It was a smothering day in the village of Hoshigakure. The sun was enraged int he sky preventing Kari from going to the forest or
training fields. So the girl sat in front of her fan, staring down the blades as she was barraged with cool air. In front of her on the floor
lied her sketchbook with a design for a spider creation. Eraser shavings surrounded the page with a dull pencil lying across a series
of crossed out pictures. The rest of the room was swept clean with every speck of metal polished. Not a spec of dust invaded the girl's
territory. With nothing else to do, Kari stretched before moving closer to the fan.

Then there was a knock at the door. Confused, her head poked out the door. She looked around but nobody was there. After a brief delay she closed the door. The whisper of the wind key her to turned around. In front of her was a opened window. Kari slowly moved to close it while grabbing a kunai from her gear. She poked her head outside and her oven like heat consumed her. Sweat dived from her face as she searched for the prankster who wanted to mess with her. This was given it was a prankster at all. Kari was aware that she could be getting robbed, but that would be rare since she was a ninja, a deadly tool trained in the art of combat. Though she was not experienced, she did have the advantaged against any common thug who tried to mess with her. After closing the window and saving what little air she had left, she felt strong arms pull on her stomach. Kari watched as her feet were pulled off the ground as a result of some force lifting her body. She
moved her hand but a strike to her risk forced Kari to drop the kunai. Who or what ever this was, they were trained, quiet, and deadly.
Before Kari could think of any other action, she the warm skin of the assailant pressed against her cheek, which was quickly followed by a

"Baby I missed you so much"
"Mom what are you doing," a tight hug squeezed the breath out of Kar's lungs.
"I wanted to see you baby you know your dad came home today?"
"That's... great mom," Kari managed to loosing her mother's love grip, "So why aren't you there?"
"I told you, I wanted to see you!" The mother gave Kari a forceful kiss on the cheek, "Don't you miss me?"

The mother's words sharpened into a whine. She squeeze Kari harder while sniffling. Kari squirmed and thrash as she fought her mother's unnatural strength to break free. However, with another assault of the woman's cheek, Kari movements waist up were sealed.
"I came all this way just to see my baby and you don't even miss me. I even went to the store and found you a present."

Kari groaned. The guilt trip and bribery was pointless. The woman knew Kari would not fall for it. The hold however, was a different story. Kari had no way out, even if she used ninjutsu. Her mother would counteract just as she did when she knocked the kunai out of Kari's hand. There was only one way out of this. In the brief pause Kari's mother gave while taking a breath, Kari gave in.
"I miss you too Mom."

Immediately her mother released the girl and laughed as if nothing happened. Then she found herself over Kari's mat right in front of the electric fan. The woman was smart. she knew she how to get what she wanted and she clearly thought ahead. Kari shook her head as she followed her energetic mother. The woman deserved that victory but next time Kari would be prepared. With no fan, Kari moved to her pantry to grab a couple of glasses for water. While her mother did not deserve any, Kari did not want to start up another game with her.
"Mom do you want ice?"
"Yes please you're such a dear. You are just like your father, so good at taking care of guest."

Kari did not respond. It was an honest compliment and even though it was unneeded, the girl enjoyed the praise, especially because it
was not used to further get something else. Kari walked back and handed her mother a glass of cold water filled with ice. Then
she adjusted the fan so it would blow on both of them. Kari watched as her mother picked up her notebook. Unlike her father, Kari's mother was very supportive of her drawing habits. She even hope that Kari would find happiness with them after seeing the new mistreatment the girl underwent after becoming a ninja
"So baby are these a new design for a puppet?"

Kari nodded before taking a sip from her glass. Her mother went down the spider design with her finger. A huge grin spread across her face As she picked apart each piece. Then her smile disappeared, crushed as her mother scrunched her face.
"You don't plan on carrying this into combat do you. The dimensions you have listed here seem a little tall for you to reasonably carry. "

Kari turned to her design. She had been so focused on making a big and scary puppet that she did not take in account the functionality of it. Kari leaned in to get a better look at her mothers critics.
"Remember what I said about puppets?" the woman asked without removing her eyes from the page.
"A ninja should hide their weapon until the very movement they strike."
"Bingo, so how do you hide a giant spider?"

Kari did not respond, turning away question. She should have known better. She became too focused on the little details. Kari took
another sip of her water before admitting defeat.
"You're right Mom. I did not make plans for bringing the puppet into battle."

Kari's mom laugh. Another radiating smile brighten the room only this light was cool. Upon glimpsing her mother's face, Kari could see the cold arrogance. It was not often the woman was right but when she was, she relished it. Kari would not say anything hoping the woman would get bored sooner than later.
"Mama is always right. You should come back home and maybe we can discuss more puppet ideas. I can even show you some of my older designs."

Kari took another sip of her water. As much as the girl wanted to go home, she knew she still had a lot of work to do in the village. She had to prove herself to so many people like Terumi-Sempai.
"Maybe, but for now I do need to continue my training. I met a boy by age was already a Chunin. I don't want to get left behind."

The woman's eyes lit up like spotlights as soon as she heard the word boy. It was a knew expression, one her mother never shown before. Kari hesitated as her mothers beaming eyes burned into her face like the sun. Meanwhile a cold child ran down her back. The girl knew she made a mistake but could not pinpoint what she did wrong. She slowly leaned back only for her bother to grab her like a snapping turtle. The the prey in the woman's iron grip she squealed.
"My baby has a boyfriend!"

There it was. Kari made a mental note not to mention the subject around the woman while resisting the urge to faint front the heat.
"Mom its too hot."
"Oh sorry, but I thought you would never find one. Me a Papa took bets."
"You and Papa have too much free time..."
"Maybe, but keep it a secret. Until you are like 50."
"Really mom?"
"Just kidding, more like 25"
"Mom, just let go... or else I will die and never get married."
"Then I win the bet!"
"All right fine!"
Kari took a deep breath and downed the rest of her water, "You play around too much, don't you have work"
The woman turned away and started whistling while looking out the window.

"So that's it. Your playing hooky"
"Adults do don't play hooky. We don't go to school."

Kari let out another sigh. For some reason, she did not feel better knowing the true reason for her mother's visit. So Kari started to think about something else. The first thing that came to mind was that test Terumi gave her with the paper.

"Mom what is your main element?"
"Totally Earth!"
"Totally doubt that"
"Why do you totally doubt your mother"
"Cause Mother totally likes to play games."
"Mother does totally like games."
"You're totally missing the point"
Kari's eyes darted to the woman, "I read a book saying kids get normally have the same element affinity as their parents."
"I know, your father's dirty genes gave you that dirty element water. I will punish him when I get home," she took a sip from her water while grinning maliciously.
"I don't think it's from dad. Tell the truth mom!"
"You always see through me..."

The woman took a sip from her water. Her expression turned drained away from her face as the glass left her lips. Kari knew that face despite being the first time she seen it on her mother. It was a face she saw everyday she looked into a mirror.
"I am okay. When i was young, I saw the world the same as you. My heart was empty and all I knew was to succeed. The only thing I understood was praise. If people praised me, then they did not outcast me. However, the person who's praise I wanted most was your grandfather. See, we moved village to village constantly. He seek something that he said belonged to us. He said it was the key to finding happiness, to fixing us. I did not understand what he meant. Not until I saw the other kids. I saw how they smiled, cried, shout. All things I could not do... well, mean. I felt empty inside and it was that emptiness that made me broken. At first I did not care. As long as I had grandfather's praise, I would be satisfied. However he would never be satisfied. As I grew older, he praised me less and less. He demanded more of me, things I could not give. All until he stopped praising me. It was then that I long to be fixed. I thought if I fill the emptiness inside of me, the father would be happy and praise me again. When we arrived at the sand village, your grandfather thought he had found a clue. Though he never shared it with me, he promised we could be fixed here. I became a ninja in order to help him. I worked my way up the rank and when I became a Chunin, he shared with me his secret. He told me I had to become a weapon, a tool for the village. If I did so, I could find the key to our happiness. I could find the Seigan. He said that it was the true mission of our family, the Renteis. Not wanting to be forsaken, I devoted myself to finding this Seigan. This was until a fated moment. A moment that brought the people around me grief. On the night I became a Jonin, someone attacked the library. Everyone in the area lied dying. Their eyes wide open and muttering stories and information. I was assigned to a group of 3 and we combated the perpetrator. After a long fight, the man unleashed his secret weapon. A genjutsu. My team fell suffering in agony and spouting off random pieces of information that they knew. I was the only one to avoid it or so I thought. I went to attack him but he revealed himself to be your grandfather. I froze. I did not know what to do. He said that he found the Seigan. It was in the library. I was torn. I did not know if I should protect the village I was sworn to protect or help my father and fix myself. That hesitation should have been the death of me. He unleashed his genjutsu it was painful. I felt like I was at the bottom of the see. The pressure of the water crushing my body squeezing out everything in my brain. Then a cool feeling rushed through my veins. A power I could not explain. The water vanished and before me your grandfather stood frozen. Tears ran down his face. A huge grin plastered on his face and his eyes were empty. It was something I could not describe still till this day. I grabbed my Kunai, not sure if i would get a second chance and tried to put your grandfather to sleep... Forever. Everyone snapped out of the genjutsu and saw me as I held your grandfather in my arms. He was bleeding, but he still was awake. He told me he was proud, happy he could find the key, and he told me with it I could find the place that would give me my happiness. Then he uttered the name Hanshagakure."
"Did you find Hanshagakure?"
The woman smiled, "After that, I requested to take special missions out the borders of the country. I was called a hero, but it did not feel satisfying. Your grandfather's death left me an empty husk. Being in the village only further increased the emptiness. Eventually I left the village. At first they labeled me as a missing nin, but allowed me to keep my freedom as long as gave up being a Ninja. I was free to travel and search for the answer. I searched for Hanshagakure forgoing my health. Then I fainted. When I awoke, I was at your father's inn. He said he saw an angel and refused to return it to heaven. I was confused, but too weak to fight back. When I gain the strength to leave your father gave me the supplies I needed to venture out. He told me to promise him I would not work myself to exhausting or else I would have wasted his investment. Your father was crazy like that but kept my promise. I would return every month and he would accept me without question. When I left, he gave me the same words. This continued until I discover a boat that said it was heading to Hanshagakure. I returned one last time to your father. I told him about my findings. He praised me, saying that we all have to follow our dreams. His was the Inn. He hoped that I would one day find a place that would bring me happiness. I could see though, he did not want me to leave. I was his investment, whatever that meant. That night I packed my things. Well that's enough."

The woman's smile broke through her empty expression. A warm glow radiated from her body as she hugged Kari. Kari was not sure how much of the story she should believe. Her mother had a way with stories, though this one seemed out of character. Somewhere in Kari's heart, she wanted to believe it. She wanted the tales to be true. To think there was a place that could allow her to understand people and fill the her heart.
"Your father will kill me if I don't returned soon. I am his investment after all."

Kari did not protest. Despite wanted the woman to finish the story, she knew her mother was in trouble. However, next time she sneaks over, Kari would make her finish the story. It would be the least she could do for crashing in. The woman jumped out the window leaving behind a book on gods of other lands. Kari sighed picking up the book only to realize something important. Her mother never told her what her true main element was!

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Mother and Daughter Bonding 2 (Solo) Empty Re: Mother and Daughter Bonding 2 (Solo)

Fri May 18, 2018 6:00 am
Total WC: 2685
2000 -> Rentei clan.
375 - >Learned Puppetry Performance: Skillful Achievement with a Human Body
315 310->Seigan (Bloodline)

(Edit I messed up my math and was off by 5 words. So i took away 5 words from my bloodline. Sorry about that. I not smart)

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Mother and Daughter Bonding 2 (Solo) Empty Re: Mother and Daughter Bonding 2 (Solo)

Fri May 18, 2018 9:37 am
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