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Making Rock Canes Training  Empty Making Rock Canes Training

Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:18 am
Upon having nothing better to do, Suzume played around with the earth using her chakra. She made some earth castles, dug holes than refilled them, and then a tunnel. Yet, what was the purpose to this? At this point, using her chakra like that was natural. It wouldn't take long for her to figure out something practical to do with this. Having the chunin exams coming up, it'd be nice to be able to whip up something easily that didn't take up so much chakra. Just in case she needed some kind of a melee weapon, and didn't have one at hand. So, she molded a cane using the element that was all around her, earth. She toyed with the length, to see what would suit her best. She settled for something that was just about her height. It could even also be used as a walking stick, not that she needed one. 

Although, the speed that Suzume made this cane was too sluggish. How would she utilize something like that when attacked if she took so long to make it? For sure by the time she had completed the technique her opponent by then would surly have done some detrimental ability that would end her. With the problem found, she practiced the speed the the cane was formed in. Releasing the chakra she previously used, the parts of earth fell back to the ground, waiting to be remolded. Stretching her fingers to relieve some strain, she gave it a go. Rapidly, she picked up the bits and pieces that would make her weapon. Shoving her energies to form the cane, the quality wasn't so great.Though, it still was a cane. Not a usable one, however. It was uneven, not even an elder could use it to walk with. Suzume was not satisfied with this. She came up with a simple design to aim for when using this technique. Nothing fancy or elegant, just something to get the job done. Literally just a pole with a handle. She stood up to get a feel for exactly how tall to make it. After doing so a number of times, she'd sit back down to work on the speed that she wanted to get with in this technique.

Suzume would soon find that it wasn't so simple as just rushing the formation of earth in the shape that was in her mind with her chakra. It did not stay together whatsoever, and was cracked. Another unusable tool. The next time she would focus on making it more compact, which of course took her longer but at least it could have been usable...maybe. Now, she regathered some earth for another attempt. This time, her process would be to start with the end of the cane and work the way up. It was easy until she got to the handle part. She created something that was badly misshapen. There was no way that she could tactically grasp it for use in a battle. She tried the opposite direction as a starting point, making the handle first. Only to have the rest of the staff pointed too inwards...a bit strange for a weapon of this type. Well, at least now she knew what didn't work.

The try that would finally be the one to succeed was when Suzume simply rolled the earth like dough, then simply curved the top portion. Yeah, this was more like a cane. She grabbed the handle and swung it around a little. Perhaps not the most devastating of equipment, but would definitely be better than nothing. She practiced it over and over until she could do it without thinking, making an earth cane quickly for a fight.

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Making Rock Canes Training  Empty Re: Making Rock Canes Training

Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:02 am
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