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Fine Tuning ♫ - Page 2 Empty Re: Fine Tuning ♫

Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:03 pm
Mid thread entrant has arrived.... its about time something happened, eh allegro?

Shinoskay was strolling through the training grounds, chakra suppressed, up until the last few days he had practically lived here and it just felt right to be here again shortly before the chuunins. This place was alive with activity as usual and today he found Cho and the Senior Genin in a match with each other, "'Fuck this...' Cho's head was hanging low as gravity slowly freed her from being pressed into the splintered tree bark at her backside. 'I...have to get stronger. Minions, its time! COME FUCK THIS GUY UP FOR ME!'" With a silent chuckle and a head shake, Shinoskay couldnt help but react to this... the timing was just too perfect. He quickly formed I, coiling his fingers before pressing his knuckles together to invert his hand, then Ne by reverting them upwards, extending the index and middle finger of the left hand and wrapping those with the right hand... the index finger of the right hand resting on top of the middle finger of the left as well as the right hands thumb pressing on the side of the index fingers tip.

This, of course, would break his suppression but to time that he would immediately rotate into Hitsuji by extending the index and ring fingers of the right hand and then rotating the left to on top in place of the right... the very same moment he would be detected, slowly, 4 Shinoskays would begin to rise from the ground, another 4 would step out from the tree's of the forest Cho had been thrown against, and another 3 would appear in a puff of smoke between Allegro and Cho. All 11 would have the puppeteers tail poised like a scorpions tail ready to act as either defense or offense, all of them would be facing the uzumaki. Each Shinoskay also wore a white porcelain theater style smiley face mask to conceal there face, this could either be a joke or the real deal... she had seen the junior genin with his tail weapon so it wasnt outside of the realm of possibility. To fit the masks, he also wore white shoes and his feet would not produce any sound either as any of him appeared.

In time with 5 Shurikens and 5 Kunai extending outward from each white masked shinoskay, They all would begin to advance forwards Each one would slowly draw the kunai and shurikens outward and around to create an almost canopy of threads and ninja tools...

[Mist servant 10 ap
Body Flicker 10 ap
Silence boots 10 ap
Recovering 10 ap from bloodline
140/160 ap]

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Fine Tuning ♫ - Page 2 Empty Re: Fine Tuning ♫

Tue Jun 05, 2018 12:43 pm
Damn it all. How could she face such utter defeat at the hands of such a goofball? Cho's mind flustered about as she watched Allegro dance like a moron. Unlike her, Allegro was quite enjoying today's training match. Then again, he was not the one staggering bruised and battered after being slammed into a tree. What was going on with her? Why were her insects not responding? She dropped to her knees and pounded the hard ground with closed fists. "Why? Why now? I need your help to get stronger and conquer my enemies! Listen to your master, damn it!" Cho continued to talk to her unseen insects with frustration in her tone. To Allegro, it might seem that she had gone utterly insane, but Cho would not mind at all. In fact, she had hoped her craziness would inspire fear in his heart. Fear in knowing that the fight was far from over. 


And it was in this instant that a strange turn of events occurred. From seemingly out of nowhere, white phantom like figures with scorpion tails started appearing out of nowhere. Cho counted 6.....actually there were 11 total. What in the world was going on. They each wore masks to conceal their presence, but these men looked nothing like the Konoha Anbu she had encountered in her lifetime. It was soon after the clones appearance that it occurred to Cho that she had seen that mysterious and menacing looking tail somewhere before. That's right, with Yensung sensei. There was a boy that was training along with Allegro. The orphan. Was this his doing? Cho decided she would just look on and see what unfolds for now. Besides, she wanted to direct her attention to something else that was happening simultaneously as Shinoskay made his entrance. Large black moths that looked more like butterflies were crawling out of the pores in her skin, spreading their wings, and taking flight all around the training field. There were over a hundred of them in just a matter of seconds. They even left from the kunoichi's mouth and nose. Cho let out a blood curdling scream as this process happened, but not out of fear. This was more like a revived battle cry. Cho had every intention of using this moment to turn the tides on her opponent. 

Finally, the last moth had left her body and every last pore that had been torn wider for the insect to squeeze through, now healed and returned to its original size. The ravenous battle cry had turned into maniacal laughter. Cho already felt drunk with power. Finally, she could use her kekkei genkai. Soon, she will use this very same power to take her rightful place on the throne as Leader of the Aburame Clan. With a minute hand gesture, all the moths in the air suddenly stopped moving and snapped into attention facing Allegro. Cho's neck was craned in a way that she was facing the sky above. Her index finger was pointed to the heavens. As gave her next command, the finger would fall and point directly to Allegro through the crowd of Shinoskay clones.

"KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!"

The swarm of moths would flow like a tidal wave towards Allegro at 80 speed. If the original Shinoskay was anywhere between she and Allegro, he would fall victim to the plague of moths as well. The insects would know the difference between a genjutsu clone and the original Shinoskay, and would likely go directly through him first before moving on to Allegro. Each bite from the moths would eat away at their very chakra, leaving her opponents powerless in just moments. Despite her words, this would not be enough to actually kill them, but hey, she was emotional.

Hiruichū (150 moths used. 350 Remaining in body)
640 WC
Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Ryo : 6200

Fine Tuning ♫ - Page 2 Empty Re: Fine Tuning ♫

Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:13 pm
(More the merrier I suppose)

Allegro's heavy hand connected successfully with Cho's tight abdomen and he sent her flying off in to the distance. The Uzumaki admired his work and the dent her body made in the tree over yonder. He did a funky little dance that helped him evade the shuriken that Cho threw in total futility. Whether Allegro evaded my skill or by sheer luck that the dance moves were directly in sync with the shuriken was unknown. The Uzumaki's dancing only came to a stop once Cho screamed her commands for her minions to show themselves. What came next would surprise even Allegro.

From seemingly nowhere, scores of men dressed in white and long metal tails appeared from nowhere at all. They all wore strange masks to conceal their faces. To any person with common sense, this would be a poor attempt to conceal the fact that it was none other than Shinoskay pulling the strings. However, it seemed that Allegro was not as tact as the average person. He exclaimed in awe, thinking that Cho somehow had the power to summon scorpion like minions. His eyes dazzled, thinking her ability was so cool. He also paid attention from the butterflies that were emerging from her skin. This was his first time witnessing Cho's rendition of the Aburame bloodline. The girl seemed to control it very well once she could finally get them to obey her. It was in the very moment that Cho made every butterfly freeze in midair that Allegro thought to himself 'Oh shit.' His dancing stopped and he made a large back flip that cleared at least 5 meters by the time the tsunami of butterflies came rushing in.

Allegro observed while the butterflies swarmed towards him. It appeared that Cho was non discriminative between friend and foe, since the butterflies seemed to tear right through the clone projections. It was then that Allegro realized that he was acquainted with this jutsu. He smiled at the understanding that no threat would come to him from those clones, so he could ignore them for now. He would use the butterflies to identify if there was an original amongst the many clones while he continued to evade the insects. Following his first backflip at maximum speed, Allegro began to dash in a arc towards Cho. While all the while avoiding the condensed swarm of butterflies,  the Uzumaki would weave perfectly through the many clones, or the ones that were left from Cho's destruction, while simultaneously weaving a small set of hand seals. He eventually came to a skidding stop when he was 10 meters between Cho and where he was originally standing. He inhaled a deep breathe before emitting a sonic shockwave that would rupture the eardrums of anyone who stood in his vicinity. Their very bodies would shake from the sound, rendering their bodies useless without the right amount of durability. The butterflies, if they continued to pursue him would be torn wing from wing, giving further testament to how devastating the sound waves really were. The gifted musician was used to holding notes on his instruments for hours during a performance or festival. If nothing was done to stop the sound waves, all who were caught within it will find themselves deaf for the rest of their careers as shinobi.

3627 TWC

Fine Tuning ♫ - Page 2 Empty Re: Fine Tuning ♫

Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:06 am
"KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!"

'Wait what? What the shit? Did she get pushed too far already or something?' this instantaneous thought would pass through his mind at the very moment her command would ring out, he was already dedicated to his charade however and so when she spoke this... and as Koaru entered into his backflip (while I could vague it as slowly, this isn't a super serious fight so I will be kind and say it is  its max 77 speed)... Shinoskay would immediately bolt forward at maximum speed while forming the seals for clone jutsu so that on top of the many apparitions being destroyed and multiplied, there would now be another 2 white masked shinoskay's. While all the rest of the Illusions moved at a speed of 10, Shinoskay and his two clones, both in line to his left, would be moving at 80 speed. The junior male genin would shift himself over to the right so that a clone was now where he was while the three continue their dash to chase behind Koaru's backflip.

While it would be nice to claim that the moths destroy the clones and thus cause more to form, unfortunately they cannot see the mist servant clones and those clones are designed to be intangible to allow things like weapons to pass through.... so instead of destroying clones... Cho's actual minions will harmlessly pass through all they come into contact with while When the Uzumaki lands and becomes in a state to see Shinoskay and his two clones approaching... feet still silenced... he will find that he is now face to face with three opponents... closely followed by a swarm of moths.

All three white masked threats would quickly draw down there tails to bare on the abnormally tall genin... but this would be a feint, he had no real intention of attacking his fellow leaf ninja with the 60 sharpness/health weapon, instead he wanted to shock his foe into focusing on the immediate threat of the tail to stop him from moving back towards the controller of the swarm.

Knowing, however, that Koaru has a sound wave jutsu at his disposal... and that there is a swarm behind him, Shinoskay had absolutely no intentions of actually staying between the two and so he would follow up his feint with two quick 95 speed jabs to the uzumaki's left leg, using this contact to also place a marked seal, while dashing in an arch around him, taking care to mentally coordinate the clones so that none of them accidentally enter the large genins space, before making another 3 quick jabs to Kaoru's leg, still at the same speed. This entire time he remained ready to dash away in event that the sound jutsu was used so that he could out pace it and flee from its harmful effects, he knew it needed sound, so he would watch for any tell of producing significant sound to preemptively began evasive movements away from it.

[clone jutsu 10 ap
chain fist 10 ap
Silencing boots 10 ap
mark 5 ap
recover 10 ap from bl

Fine Tuning ♫ - Page 2 Empty Re: Fine Tuning ♫

Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:11 am
Allegro did nothing as Shinoskay repeated the assault, another 2 quick jabs to before shifting around further to get behind the uzumaki and then another 3, 10 in total. Lowering the senior genin's health state by the same amount due to the rapid bruising strikes before he would then immediately turn and dash off to leave moths, and the two genin, to continue the fight. The many apparitions would remain as a constant distraction and harassment throughout the encounter, however.

[exit, total wc 1007
claiming 5 stats
claiming 1007/1500 (discounted down from 4500 due to previous ranks learned) wc towards Self Puppetry

[chain fist 10 ap
Silencing boots 10 ap
recover 10 ap from bl
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Fine Tuning ♫ - Page 2 Empty Re: Fine Tuning ♫

Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:27 am
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