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Akane's Training Day (Part 1) Empty Akane's Training Day (Part 1)

Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:23 pm
Akane was in the process of waking up as the sun crept it's way through her window blinds as she laid up from her comfy, warm, and soft bed before stretching her limbs and cracking the bones in her back. She knew she had a hard day of work ahead of her, mainly for the fact that the Chuunin exams were coming up soon, and she had been on hiatus for quite a large amount of time. She knew she'd have to get back in shape and in the swing of being a kunoichi once more as she climbed out of bed onto her feet and hopped in place in order to get her legs warmed up to carry her. She opened the blinds of her window, yawning from the lingering amount of tiredness she held within her body, as she looked out and smiled to the bright day that awaited her. She went to her dryer in order to check the clothes that she had left inside as she pulled them out and saw that they didn't have much in the way of wrinkles. She nodded in satisfaction as she laid them each out onto her bed and smoothed them out before folding them for later. Right now, though, she needed a morning shower to really get herself in the spirit.

She turned the shower on, allowing it time for the water to get warmed up and ready for her to enter, as she walked over to her mirror and looked at the bags of sleepiness drooping underneath her eyes as she sighed and went to check on the water. Upon feeling the water was warm enough she took off her onesie and stepped into the shower in order to scrub herself clean and refreshed to start the day's events. She wasn't certain exactly what all she was going to do for the day but she had the plans to make certain that she accomplished a lot as she knew that the Chuunin exams were closing in fast on her and she thus needed to get down to business. She couldn't help but feel nervous as there were quite a few strong ninja who had signed up for the exams, one of which she had had a run in with in the past, as she knew it wasn't going to be the least bit easy for her to walk out of whatever they'd be doing with a promotion. She washed herself clean as she thought this, scrubbing everywhere she could, before turning the nob and thus turning the water off as she grabbed a towel and wiped herself dry.

She made certain to get every last drop of water off her body before she wrapped her towel around her as she stepped into her bedroom and looked through her dresser to find some training clothes to wear for the day. She found some shorts and a light shirt with the Uchiha symbol on the back of it as she went to remove the towel and put all her clothes on. As she did thoughts of what all she'd have to do and how to best prepare for the exams for the days to come as she shifted the shirt over her torso and she thus began to put on her shoes. Afterwards she went over to her full length mirror, making certain that there wasn't an overabundance of wrinkles in her clothes and also that her hair was not in a mess, as she combed it to shape more to her liking. After she was thus done with all her preparations to actually get out of her house she went to the front door, unlocked and opened it, and stepped outside while locking it back behind her.

She gave a short sigh, trying to get herself psyched for the big day she was about to have, as she hopped in place and walked over the streets over to the gate of the village. She looked up to the sky while watching the clouds slowly roll over the blue and the sun as she thought the weather was going to the really really hot with a side of a few breezes throughout the day. She walked out of the village gates while cracking her knuckles and looking at the trees that lined the road on the way to the training field. She decided she'd give herself a good warmup for the training day as she hopped up into the branch of a tree as she began to hop along the branches over the road while trying to kick her feet up in order to make it as though she was power jogging over the branches. She kept her breathing fast and short in order to keep her heart rate healthy while making sure that she kept her concentration. She would get stronger, she would have to, for she did not want to come out of things a loser after everything she had gone through.

She thus ran along the branches, picking her legs up sharply and quickly in order to make certain everything remains well thought out, as she panted from the warm up she was putting her body through. By the time she made it to the end of the tree branches and made it to the training field as she landed on the wide open terrain of the field and stretched out on the ground as she cracked her knuckles and made certain to shake all the kinks out of her legs and body. During stretching she began to feel as though her muscles were overly stretching themselves while she felt herself growing nervous for a day of training and felt as though she could feel herself growing a bit more flexible and ready to roll as she stood up straight and began to hop in place while feeling her mind open up a bit and her muscles popping in place. She smiled as she felt the heat of the sun bear down upon her head as she smirked and hopped in place while looking to see what she would be doing for the beginnings of her training session. She thought she'd go for some basic exercises as she looked up to the tree and she hopped up to grab a branch with her hands.

She started doing makeshift pull ups as she wanted to make her arms stronger in order to get her strength up for taijutsu training and making certain she could bring fight up close as well as dish them out from afar. She wanted to make certain she could make anyone breathless with just a punch in the gut. She was, of course, planning to learn some ninjutsu to go along with her taijutsu but for now she needed to understand how to properly throw a punch as she continued to pull herself up and down while watching her arm muscles growing tense from the exercise and causing her to work harder as she wanted to make certain she would come out of things possibly a few pounds lighter. She took deep breaths as she continued to crank rep after rep out as she watched her shadow moving along in cadence with her as she used that as a catalyst to push herself only harder.

She continued to pull herself up and relax her way slowly down at the peak of each pull up, her calmly trying to regulate her breathing so that she can continue to fight through the pain that she began to feel in her arms, as she could feel sweat run down her forehead and dripping down to the ground. She looked at the leaves in the trees and was amazed how the shade was covering the immediate area around her though was still hot enough to make it seem as though she was bathing in hot sunlight. She panted after a few more minutes of what she was going through as she continued to pull out painful reps while thinking about what else to do after her workout as she thought she might actually try to pound her fists and feet against wood in order to get her physical capabilities developed even further. After a few more minutes she felt the breaking point of her stamina being reached as her grip over the branch loosened and she fell to the ground onto her feet. She stretched her arms out afterwards as she took in a deep breath and shakily got to standing up onto her legs as she looked at the log stumps nearby and walked to them.

Upon reaching the logs she began hopping in place while getting her stance ready and she started to swing her fists and feet at each individual log while keeping herself balanced in order to make sure she wasn't just swinging wildly. She punched the wood of a log while bobbing and weaving, as though she was a box fighter, as she made sure to get a log from each and every side of the log as much as she could. She was greeted by the satisfying sound of wood splintering to her strength, cracks forming along the bark and wood of the log, as she smiled and continued to pound and punch the wood harder in order to strengthen her arms. She panted as she felt her arms growing even more tired than they had when she was commencing pull ups as she tried to make certain that she kept her strength from draining too much too fast. She thus continued to keep her breathing stable as she switched from punching to kicking in order to rest up her arms. Her legs cracked against the wood as she felt her skin toughening up from her exercise as she could definitely feel herself getting stronger from it all.

She stopped hitting the stumps in order to give herself a little rest as she hopped back from the stumps and landed in the nearby river as she smirked and used her chakra to stand atop the river and give her chakra a work out along with her body. She took in deep breaths, trying to calm herself down so that she could get her brain to regulate for her, as she stood up and thought that it was now time for meditation in order to possibly gain herself a good deal of more chakra. After all she was planning on learning a lot of high ranking jutsu that would require a lot of chakra to use so she was going to need all the power she could accumulate within herself. She smiled as she looked up to the sky and closed her eyes as she formed her hands into the tiger seal as she began to accumulate chakra within herself as she could feel it swell out of her body and surround her like a soft sheen.

The water began to move out from her before forming into a circle around her as she could feel her chakra becoming calmer. She took in her chakra as she could feel her strength growing a little bit more as she thought of what she was going to learn first in way of a new jutsu as she decided that she'd learn a hard hitting fire style that would make her immediately noticeable when she fought someone. She could feel the chakra within her beginning to swell as she felt herself ready to roll as she formed her hands then into a clone seal as she formed a single shadow clone before her in order to get things ready to get started. She opened her eyes and looked at the clone as she nodded to her carbon copy and thought about how she was going to go through things. She thus smirked and hopped back from her clone as she got out a kunai from one of her pouches and prepared herself for what was about to come. She saw her clone do the same as they both got into stances and faced off against each other before charging after each other.

The two clashed in the center of the river, kunai steel clashing upon kunai steel, as the two looked into each other's eyes. The shockwave of the clash was enough to make the water move out from the two as their eyes slowly began to change from their normal black irises to crimson. Black tomoe patterns circled within both of their eyes, three in total, as the two began to see everything around them in a different clarity. Akane smiled, her clone smirking and ready to go, as the two kicked away from each other before tossing kunais towards the other only to have them clash together in midair. She caught the river with her feet before quickly charging forward and catching the kunai in the air, placing it in her pouch, as she directed a punch towards the clone's face only to have the clone see what was coming and duck out of the way as it was still flying back. The clone directed a knee to Akane's stomach as Akane, too, could see that coming and stopped herself short to catch the knee and using the momentum to toss the clone away.

She hopped after the clone, her strength allowing her to propel herself quickly in order to fly next to the clone, as she directed her knee straight into the stomach as the clone directed a punch straight to Akane's face. The two were then launched away from each other as Akane focused her chakra and began to take a deep breath while forming the tiger seal and aiming at her clone. After taking her deep breath she let out her breath as a giant ball of the hottest flames she could produce fired out from her mouth and flew towards the clone. Upon seeing the fire ball aimed directly at it the clone landed on it's feet and formed a tiger seal as well while taking in a breath and letting it loose. A second ball of fire was added into the equation as it flew towards the first as the two collided in air and exploded with a bright flash as the two were blinded from the heat and light. Akane, the entire time, tried to keep her eyes on the clone with her Sharingan as she fell back down to the ground and landed a few meters away from the clone as she prepared herself for her biggest test yet. She was going to try and make the biggest fire style jutsu she could.

She jumped back from the clone in order to give herself some more space apart from it as she formed the tiger seal in order to gather even more chakra into her body as she landed and felt herself ready to let loose. She smiled as she felt her chakra was ready to go as she slowly formed the Horse seal and her chakra flexed as though it had exploded within her. She took in a mighty and really deep breath as she smirked and let out a breath and was greeted by a straight and quick line of fire coming from her lips. Her Sharingan watched the flames slowly fire out in a fine line that slowly expanded bigger and bigger and bigger before finally it reached an apex and Akane was blown away. At the apex the flames suddenly burst high and wide, taking up the Uchiha's entire field of vision, as she watched the flames dance to her command. She couldn't believe there was such a technique and that she had the strength to be able to form such a powerful looking flame.
Even the clone gave off surprise and shock as she watched the massive wall close in on her. Feeling that action needed to be taken the clone then formed the Tiger seal herself before forming Horse and taking in a breath. The clone then blew out a wall of flames herself, not as powerful and devastating as the original's was, as the two had a battle of both fire styles and the clone was obviously losing. Akane blew harder as the flame grew even bigger as the clone was very worried as it stopped blowing and hopped high into the air in order to avoid the incoming flame. She luckily was able to hop over it as the wall passed her and she formed the Tiger seal to take advantage of Akane's guard being open thanks to the jutsu and it fired a fire ball straight at Akane. Akane saw this as she stopped the jutsu and began to run under the ball's arch as she hopped after the clone with a kunai ready and the two clashed once again in midair. The two looked at each other through their crimson eyes as they jumped away from each other onto the top of the nearby cliff.

Akane landed on the cliff top and looked at her clone as she rubbed her arms and tried to regain her feeling in her arms and legs as she was beginning to feel numb from all the training that she had been putting her body through. Akane's clone looked at Akane with a look of shock as she, too, was feeling pressure from their fight. It was incredible that Akane was able to perform such a jutsu in her tired state and she had no plans of stopping her training session anytime soon. She thus got up from her stance, shakily and slowly, as the clone also got up from her stance with Akane as they both got out their kunais and prepared for more to come. Akane took in a deep breath, her Sharingan glowing and looking at her goal with more intensity and fierceness than before, as she prepared her mind and body for another onslaught of destruction from both herself and her clone. Once all preparations of what was to come were made the clone and her hopped towards one another as they directed their legs towards each other and their shins connected while they formed the Tiger seal each.

They both used their feet to propel themselves off each other in order to gain some distance as Akane gathered her chakra once more before rapidly forming seals with her hands as she twisted her body in order to dig her heels into the ground as she took a breath. Her clone was ahead of her as she, too, took in a breath upon righting herself and firing out a large ball of fire from her lips. Akane smirked as she blew and instead of one ball of fire shooting out 6 miniature flames shot out into balls themselves and flew around and past the big ball on a direct course to the clone. The clone saw the balls coming with surprise as she hopped up in order to avoid as Akane hopped up herself to avoid the large fireball as she then formed the clone seal and another shadow clone formed beside her. While keeping her concentration on the phoenix fire balls to make certain they followed her clone she used the other one to take her by the hand and throw her after her clone with a mighty heave.

Akane was thrown towards her opponent in a speed so fast the clone couldn't keep up as she balled her hand into a fist and brought it forth towards her clone. The fist caught the clone straight into the jaw as Akane's strength proved to be more than enough to cause the clone to be propelled as she flew across the air into the trunk of a nearby tree as the force was so great it caused the tree to topple over. Akane landed onto her feet as gracefully as she could as she could see the clone laying there on top of the trunk clearly not feeling well over what had happened. Akane couldn't help but laugh as she looked at the state of the clone and was amazed that it was still solid and whole as she took a knee in order to give herself a bit of a rest. She couldn't believe how much power she had been able to display on that field in the span of only a single training session as she cracked her neck and knuckles in order to get all the kinks she had remaining within them out. She still had some left in the tank but the question was did her clone as well?

The clone clambered out of it's freshly made hole it had set within the tree as it got up onto it's feet and wiped it's face as even she couldn't believe what had happened. Akane prepared herself for more as she got down onto her feet and thought about what to do next as she felt her hand and arm, the ones that she had used to punch with, hurt her like hell as she winced in the pain. After accessing the situation she was able to get slowly back up to her feet as she looked at the clone following suit as she smirked and thought about what else needed to be done before she giggled and gathered her strength within her legs. She could see her clone seemingly doing the same thing as they both prepared to launch themselves after each other in order to clash against each other in more epic fashion. Akane had no clue what she was going to do next but she knew that the next action that she took was going to need to be the end move. Otherwise it would never end.

She thrust herself forward, her strength allowing her to propel her body fast and swift through the air towards her clone, as she saw the clone do the same. She formed the tiger seal together in order to focus the remainder of her chakra into her body as she then formed the Horse seal before turning her attention back to the clone and using her reflexes, thanks to the Sharingan, to dodge out of the way of her clone's punch as she then grabbed her by the shirt and tossed her into the air above her. Doing so allowed her to thus take the next action she had set herself up for as she took in a deep breath and blew the hottest and most massive flames she was able to produce up into the air. Her Annihilation technique extended up in a line and spread in such a way that made it fan out immediately as though it was a wide catching meet waiting to greet her clone. If things went according to Akane's plan the clone would wind up landing right smack in the middle of her flames.

Akane's clone smiled as she could only think of one way that could possibly get her out of this as she formed the Horse seal herself and took in a massive breath. With the adrenaline reaching the clone's mind and her remaining ounce of chakra she then blew out a long and drawn breath as a flame equal in size to Akane's formed to meet her flame head on which caught Akane by surprise though she wasn't any less pleased. She was hoping things would end with a fight in some way and this was a perfect way of complimenting such an epic fight. The two battled it heavily out with each other as Akane felt herself losing the battle but she didn't give up as she forced more of her chakra out and caused her flames to grow ever slightly bigger. The flames soon began to overtake the clone's own flames as the clone was shocked and surprised by what was happening. The flames from the clone, however, soon only grew brighter and bigger and hotter as the two battled for domination over each others flames as Akane could feel her chakra draining rapidly.

Akane battled for control of the two flames as she could seemingly see a light at the end of the tunnel as the clone's flame was slowly dwindling from the clone's lack in chakra. Akane took advantage of this as she gave one last burst and push into her own chakra pool as the result was her flame growing into a powerful burst of larger flames that soon ate the clone's own and surpassed them as the clone was shocked before she could get her arms up to cover herself from the oncoming flames. They engulfed the clone, burning her everywhere mercilessly, as the clone couldn't take any more abuse and ultimately disappeared in a poof of smoke as Akane saw this with her Sharingan and thus stopped with the jutsu. The flames slowly died down from her lips, disappearing in smolders within the air, as she was left standing there with her nose up in the air. She could feel the last of her strength slowly giving way to her fatigue as she slowly felt her legs give out from beneath her and she was soon crumpling down to the ground.

She laid on the ground, the heat of everything that had happened causing her to sweat through her training clothes, as she took in deep and concentrated breaths in order to keep herself from falling unconscious due to her lack of stamina. She panted and used her arms to try and push herself up to her knees before finding that her strength was also lacking and she crumpled back down to her stomach once again. This wasn't good. She was in need of getting home and into a real bed. Otherwise she would sleep right there and wake up who knew when possibly sick and even more fatigued then she was now. She thus summoned whatever little strength she could as she pushed her arms into the ground in order to get her body to sit up as she was shakily able to slowly get up to her feet and stand with much more effort then was required to do so. She looked up to the sky as she could see the clouds rolling over the sun, giving her a slight reprieve as the shadows that were brought from said clouds washed along her body, as she started taking steps towards the exit of the training grounds.

She considered her day of training a big success as she had been able to learn a new and very powerful jutsu from the whole ordeal as she walked through the numerous trees that had surrounded the roads back to the village gates and she even used them as crutches in order to make certain she kept on her feet. Thoughts of whether or not she was truly ready for the upcoming Chuunin exams flooded her head as she knew she still had much to learn if she was ever going to get to the level she aspired to achieve. She not only wanted to be able to launch ninjutsu like that on a whim seemingly but she also wanted to make herself strong enough to live up to the power of the Sharingan and all Uchiha as well. She knew there was a lot of jutsu to learn but she wanted to make certain she had the power to learn some powerful Genjutsu for her Sharingan someday as she had been able to develop it to be quite a useful eye in a fight. She was on the verge of greatness but she had to develop a body that could lead her there no problem and she didn't have one just yet.

She reached the gates after a long trek through the forest as she walked through the gates and tried her best to walk straight and not look as though she was drunk. Even then people still stopped in the street to look at her as she was covered in cuts and bruises thanks to her fight with her clone as made her way through the streets towards her house in order to get out of the way of everyone's stares. She knew all she needed was a little rest as she calmly began to apply her basic medical ninjutsu knowledge on her wounds in order to close them up and give her some added strength in her walk towards solitude. Upon reaching her house she took out her key and placed it within her lock as she unlocked the door and opened it quickly up to step into her house and lock the door quickly behind her. She looked at the bed as though it was a long lost item she hadn't seen in years before she calmed herself down in order to get herself ready to put her nasty clothes into the wash.

She took in a deep breath as she added some soap in the wash before closing the door to the machine and starting it up. She listened to the roar of her washer kick on as she sighed in satisfaction before finally walking over to her bed and collapsing her body upon it. She allowed her consciousness to slowly fade away as she could feel the cold draft of her room lick her skin and cause her to shiver. Thus she quickly pulled the covers over her, the sounds of the washer reaching her ears and singing to her as if a lullaby, before she closed her eyes and drifted into a deep sleep. Her mind, the entire time, was focused on continuously training her body day and night in order to reach her expected level soon so that she wouldn't have the other Genin running circles around her. Tomorrow she would start anew once again and hopefully have yet another successful day of training provided she wasn't too sore to, of course, which filled her with enough pride to call it a day.

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