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Academy training 101 Part 2 Empty Academy training 101 Part 2

Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:20 am
After a successful day of learning the Clone Jutsu, Etch was still eager to get out and learn Transformation. It would look pretty superior of himself to already have gotten down both Jutsus in one day. Thinking about it, Etch was too excited to say no to himself. He threw on some clothes, and walked out into the moonlight sand. Around this time, you wouldn't expect any ninjas to be around training. Only the hardcore ones. Etch was  hardcore, he thought to himself. Making his way towards the training grounds, he began to notice how cool the desert was at night, aside from its hot and dry counterpart during the day. It was actually quite soothing, and felt it would make a even bigger effect on his training, not being so taken by the Sun's heat. Once again where he began earlier the day, he took in the previous surroundings. Everything seemed the same, and he liked that. The same aspects that got him to his first jutsu, now to get his second and be prepared for the genin exams. Now whats up is the Transformation jutsu. This jutsu was one where you have to continously focus chakra and imagine a object, that doesn't exceed the size of a human. It was seen as difficult around the Academy, but Etch thought otherwise. After the earlier display of his talents, he knew he could get this down easy. Wasting no time, he began to charge his chakra, and began to let his imaginary run wild and fluently. Trying to figure out what to shape into, Etch decided upon a simple rock. No more, no less. Can't be aiming for the top so quickly now can we? After deciding, he bolstered his chakra, and began to see himself shrinking eye level, lower and lower, until he formed into what he thought to be a rock. Though amazed by getting it on his first try, he was quickly sent back to normal. It was amazing how he was able to do that so quickly, but let him down how quickly he let it all go. This must be what the other academy students are talking about he thought. He was told it wasn't the initial jutsu that was difficult, more so keeping it in order and for a prolonged period. At first he had no clue what that meant, but now he knew exactly what it all told. Ready to get back into the action, he let out a huge sigh and relaxed. Feeling the slight breeze throughout the village, Etch began to focus his chakra again, bolstering it ever so slightly. He decided to take a more contained approach, and be more calm about it. Once feeling the chakra deep within heighten, he began to imagine a bush this time, trying to keep his variety in it all. Once this was done, he began shrinking again. Soon he was quite low in eye level, and assumed he was the bush. Taking several moments to concentrate and keep up with the chakra flow, it seemed weird but oddly correct. Belieiving his senses, Etch went on for about a minute until realizing he probably did it correctly. Letting go of the hold, he began to surface back to his original height, while also feeling a bit weird, after accustoming to the short height just a second go. Nonetheless, Etch did it. He completed both the clone jutsu, and the transformation jutsu. Now all he must do was go and take the Genin Exam, and hopefully pass with flying colors. No, screw that hopefully nonsense. He knew he had it in him in order to pass, and he was going to do it one way or another. He walked back to his house, feeling the soft sand suck in his feet with each step. Once there, he slid into his bed, and began to doze off. That night, he daydreamed about his promotion to Genin and running missions with other Genins, as he finally rested, entering the dream world.

[WC: 674, 3 stats]
claiming: Transformation jutsu
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Academy training 101 Part 2 Empty Re: Academy training 101 Part 2

Tue Oct 06, 2015 6:47 am

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