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Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Catching the Graffiti Artist (mission) Empty Catching the Graffiti Artist (mission)

Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:24 pm
Higuto sighed as he exited the ramen shop and rubbed his belly from the good meal he had just had. He looked into his pocket as he pulled out a second paper that he had gotten down from the contract board as he looked over it's contents while walking along the streets. He read that there was a child that had some ninja academy experience that was vandalizing the walls of local buildings and vandalizing property that was in need of getting caught and getting lectured by superiors. He folded the paper back up and placed it in his pocket as he had the feeling that this was going to be a tough one to follow up on as an academy student could actually run away and prove to be very adept at hiding. He looked around as everyone was going about their day like any normal day which was a sign that showed that there wasn't any troublemakers nearby to get people riled. He walked along the streets, searching around buildings in order to find any clues, as he headed through alleyways and groups of kids and other small academy students in order to try and find a kid that may have been up to something he wasn't supposed to. He walked to one of the farther ends of the Leaf Village as he noticed finally what he was looking for.

He saw on the side of a small building graffiti, not particularly showing anything insulting or inappropriate, that showcased the drawing of a bird chasing what looked to be other birds up into a nest. He walked up to the building to give the graffiti a closer examination as he looked upon the ground to see if anything was left, any sign that the kid may come back, as everything seemed to have been picked up and whisked away by whoever was here last which told him no one was coming back anytime soon. He thus decided to keep moving as he looked around for any other signs of graffiti as he knew usually those that dabbled in graffiti would more than likely have not gotten too far from where they started. The unusual graffiti was also a hint to this, as well, as the boy possibly wanted to make a continuation of the graffiti pattern. Higuto walked and searched around the area, checking around corners and looking high and low from atop buildings and below buildings, as he smiled upon stumbling yet another clue which had confirmed his suspicions.

Another graffiti pattern of birds, this time seemingly in an arch as they travelled underneath a branching path between one building to the next, as he observed the ground here in order to see if anything was left around the place. He hopped up to the roof of the building as he walked into the bridge to see if there was anything in there that would lead him to a culprit, as he noticed a single spray can sitting on the side of the bridge as he picked it up and gave it a once over with his insects. He decided he'd try and search for a scent to see if he could find the troublemaker and catch him quickly as his insects crawled all over the can in search of something but, regrettably, to no avail. He put the can down as, while the trail was cold on finding the ninja too quickly, there was also a chance that the ninja would come back to possibly pick up the can he had left or even finish the job he had started. He thus decided he'd wait at a safe distance and hide while observing to see if anyone would come. He knew there was a possibility someone might come at night and that wasn't for a few hours.

He thus sat where he hid, watching the clouds roll by, as he would sometimes play with his insects in order to pass the time faster. He had also brought along a video game portable in order to also pass the time as, being an RPG nerd, he was playing a game of Final Destiny Lusinia NT which was one of his favorite crossover games for one of his favorite RPG franchises. He had a really great time playing as the clouds continued to roll across the sky and the sun set down across the horizon while he noticed that the battery to his portable was dying and he put it back into his pocket while deciding to get back on duty as he was technically on a job. He thus sat up and cracked his neck and knuckles while keeping his eyes on the target location while getting out some left over ramen he had saved from the ramen shop and thought he'd have a quick dinner as his stomach was starting to growl. He got out the Styrofoam cup they had packed it in and began to eat the delicious noodles out of the cup while slurping and savoring the taste and texture of the juices and veggies packed within.

He ate his noodles peacefully, listening to the sounds of his insects flying around the skies and around him in order to be his eyes and ears for him, as night soon quickly fell upon his position as he had the feeling that he was approaching the academy student's ideal time for mischief. He finished his bowl of ramen as he blinked in order to adjust his eyes to the darkness as it set upon his position and he commanded his insects to take the remains of the Styrofoam cup to the garbage can as he began to pay extra close attention toward the bridge as he thought about how to approach the kid in case he did wind up coming to where he expected them to. His insects continued to spread out and fly around while keeping their eyes upon the area while he tried to see if he could detect any chakra higher than others heading his way as he meditated in order to prepare himself for what was possibly going to become a chase. His insects then warned him as they did indeed see someone suspicious looking coming as he got up to peek at what they noticed.

He saw a kid in a cap and hoodie with shorts all in black as he picked up the spray can he had left behind and was preparing it to spray paint seemingly some more. Higuto took that as his cue to hop out and walk towards the ninja as he called out to him in a commanding tone. The kid responded by becoming startled before hopping off and running away as Higuto decided to pursue and give chase. He followed the little boy down to the ground as the child started to run fast along the ground, trying to escape Higuto by cutting hard corners and running into crowds of people, as Higuto kept his senses on the young boy so that he couldn't lose him. He rounded the same corners, would often try to ambush the boy by jumping down from the rooftops in front of him except when the young boy showed intellect by knowing where Higuto was going to be and what he was going to do, as Higuto continued to chase before he rounded a corner and was shocked to find the boy had disappeared.

Higuto looked around, his eyes zooming from wall to wall, as he knew there was no way the kid could've suddenly gotten so fast that he vanished completely from sight just 1 second after rounding a corner. He thus walked along the alleyway, looking to see if there was anything out of place, as he could certainly sense the boys chakra within his immediate area as he walked along the walls and tried to see if he was using his surroundings in some way to hide. He wasn't having much luck as the child was proving that they were indeed a gifted ninja with how well they blended in with their surroundings. Perhaps they were an earth style user? He chuckled as he tried to pinpoint the location of where he might be as he looked towards a wall to his right and felt the boy's chakra coming from that single point as he prepared his rasengan and pointed it at the wall as a warning for what was about to come. The boy seemed to understand as the chakra signature suddenly moved down the wall and out as the boy ran away as soon as his feet touched the ground.

Higuto gave chase again as, this time, he had a plan of ambush. He formed a shadow clone to run beside him before having it round a corner into another alleyway to the right as Higuto and his perpetrator continued to run along the streets towards some unknown location. The boy would constantly try to lose Higuto by rushing up onto the rooftops and slinking off into alleyways when Higuto lost ground as Higuto continued to show he was not easily lost as he continued to rush towards the boy. He would continue his pursuit before suddenly they rounded a corner and there was Higuto clone ready as he grabbed the boy by his arms and used his strength to keep him in place. Higuto walked over to the boy and whapped the back of his neck as the boy fell unconscious from the pressure point. Higuto's clone thus picked him up and placed him over his shoulder as Higuto and the clone walked along the streets towards the Hokage's mansion in order to turn the kid into his superiors and collect his payment.

Along the way Higuto walked past a stall selling accessories and weapons as he looked at the stall and saw a particularly cool looking thing that he once saw his sensei wear as he smirked and saw that his sensei could move much faster than he could. He wondered if it was because of something he was wearing as he, too, wanted something of that kind of value as he cracked his knuckles and continued to lead his clone to the mansion as he made a mental note to come right back so that he could purchase himself one of the accessories. He looked up to the sky as him and his clone walked, watching the clouds roll along the moon as it shined dimly onto the ground, as Higuto yawned upon feeling pretty tired and also remembered that he needed to recharge his game portable so that the next time he took a time consuming mission he'd have something to enjoy and pass the time for. He took in a long sigh as they both approached the mansion and he noticed a jounin standing at the entrance of the mansion as a guard.

Higuto told his clone to go ahead and report on the mission as well as hand over the boy that they had been looking for as the clone nodded and walked forward with the boy and shifted him into the arms of the jounin. The jounin nodded to the report and offered the clone Higuto's pay as the clone bowed and walked back to the original as he gave Higuto the small ryo pouch before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Higuto smiled due to the fact that it was yet another mission accomplished as he walked back to the village streets and decided he might go back to the stall once he got a good night's sleep and rested himself for some training. He had to prepare himself for the Chuunin exams, after all, and he needed to gather all the strength he could muster. He walked over to his house a little ways of a way away from the Hokage's mansion before unlocking his door and walking into the dimly lit room of his bedroom, kicking his shoes off, before closing the door and locking it tight behind him. He would indeed be getting a good night's rest tonight because tomorrow would be yet another day for an everyday ninja.


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Catching the Graffiti Artist (mission) Empty Re: Catching the Graffiti Artist (mission)

Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:05 pm
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