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Investigating the sewers [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Investigating the sewers [P]

Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:16 am
Love sighed, as if disappointed at the makeshift squadron she had been matched with, around the same time that one of them asked a question. Allegro did not want to disappoint her by any means, and found the resolve to do more than give a smile in order to impress her. However, in the spirit of professionalism, he kept his composure. As the chuunin went further into detail about the plan of action, the genin mentally formed his own hypothesis on what could be causing such a disturbance. If the reports from villagers could not be used to pinpoint the general location of whatever was causing the disturbance, their only option was to do as Love had suggested: to split up and sweep the layout of the sewage system and report back to Love with any findings or lack thereof. With her Byakugan, which Allegro had the privilege of witnessing during the last mission, Allegro anticipated that the mission would be over a lot quicker than they thought.

After Love’s instructions, one after the other, the genin introduced themselves starting with Shinoskay. He already knew that Shinoskay was an orphan, that he used chakra threads to manipulate his weapons, and that he used Doton, though he chose not to directly say so. Allegro learned about the chakra test he was talking about in the ninja academy during one of their lessons of chakra elemental manipulation. Next was Uchiha Kenjiro, who was looking at Allegro with annoyance in his face for a reason that was beyond Allegro’s comprehension. He too, chose to beat around the bush when it came to his chakra affinity. Was there something Allegro was missing? 

From the outside perspective, Allegro could understand how one might think Allegro was not paying attention to the mission at hand, with his music and all. His ears were covered, even while Love was speaking, which could easily be misinterpreted as rude. Allegro assumed this to be the case with the Uchiha beside him. However, his ability to hear was far from impaired. In fact, his hearing was sharper than most, even with the headphones on. Moreover, he did not expect him to know that his headphones had a special function that would allow him to replay the sound of Love’s voice, and more specifically the details of this mission later on should he need it. So, contrary to what it looks like, Allegro was actually being incredibly attentive. This was just his nature, and proof of that would come when he introduced himself exactly on cue after Kenjiro.

“Yo! Uzumaki, Allegro here. I use Fuinjutsu and Doton chakra.”

The red haired boy kept it brief and to the point. And now that introductions amongst the genin were complete, they could finally proceed with the mission, that is, unless Love was going to reveal her specialties and chakra affinity as well. Allegro joined the rest of his team down through the man hole and into the sewers after Love and Shinoskay. He dropped in feet first, but before fully submerging underground, his right hand grabbed hold of the hole in the ground. He used the momentum of his fall to backflip and land on the ceiling of the underground tunnel. He used chakra at the soles of his feet to cling to the ceiling’s surface before taking in the surrounding environment. He preferred not to have his clothes soiled in filth, after all. The stench in the air was foul, but the look on his face was unbothered. Instead, he was deciding which way to go, left or right, and which of his partners he would be tagging along with. 

-1 AP for Surface Walking
[1577 TWC]
Princess Love
Princess Love
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Investigating the sewers [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Investigating the sewers [P]

Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:19 pm
Love gave a single nod to each boy as they announced who they were and what they could do. Having two earth users was annoying but at least the specialties didn't repeat. The red haired kunoichi took a moment to think of who would be best paired together. Genjutsu and Fuuinjutsu went well together but Kugutsu tsukai could be a good distraction to help cast either, although being that their genjutsu user was an Uchiha he might not need much help. She replayed Shinoskay's unnecessarily indirect answer over in her mind, he probably felt that he needed to spice up his vocabulary since he was faced with members of two of the four noble clans. Or even in an attempt to show all three of the people in clans that his orphan status didn't mean that he was less than them, not that anyone was thinking that. At least she wasn't and the others weren't showing any nonverbal signs that they were, after all, they were the same rank being in a clan just meant there were higher expectations.

Once in the tunnel, Love's dojutsu would automatically activate and she would roll said eyes at Allegro's entrance. "Allegro with me this way, you to take the left." She would tell them. It would be quiet on one side an noisy on the other if she were to take the Uchiha with her. Although she had no way of knowing if Kenjiro was a black sheep in the clan or how competent Shinoskay was but measuring their abilities wasn't her task today. The Hyuuga wouldn't allow for any objections as they needed to learn to work with people they found unpleasant and/or completely disliked. "Each tunnel is about seven meters long with pipes along the walls. Reconnect any that have come undone and if there are any leaks fix them, there's a small case of tools somewhere along the wall. If you need to use them make sure to put them back before we meet back up." It was better to not piss off the real sewer workers by replacing their tools properly. "Oh, and you might have to use your hands to remove anything clogging the pipes." She would tell them before making her way down the designated path. She didn't have a light of her own so she expected Allegro to follow close behind her.

Love would also remain quiet as they walked only the sound of her boots stepping in puddles would be heard. Being that they were fully closed and reached her knees she wasn't bothered by walking in the sludge.

Investigating the sewers [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Investigating the sewers [P]

Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:24 am
Shinoskay nodded at the instructions given to the group, a small yet respectful bow of acknowledgement, before turning to look in first at Allegro, then Kenjiro, and then finally towards the direction in the tunnel he was assigned to take. 'why would she mention the pipes? aren't there people who do that? Maybe she is more aware of whats going on then she let on...' While it frustrated the boy, he felt it was also probably typical.

Although he would either let the Uchiha take the lead, or if the Uchiha didnt then he would take the lead. He would conduct what Allegro may have been able to identify as his typical entrance strategy, the orphan retrieved a rock from his weapon pouch.
First he formed the one handed Tiger seal and surged the chakra from himself into the rock, matching the natural earth chakra in it to take control of the rock and slowly form it using the Rock Section Cane jutsu. Once it had formed, he placed the cane in his mouth to hold it before then re arranging his hands, in sequence, into first the hand seal of boar, then the hand seal of Ram, then the hand seal of snake, and then finally once more into the hand seal of Tiger so that two identical clones would appear in some relatively convenient location near or around him so as to not cause crowding in the walk way but to be within the distance of him that the jutsu general allows.

Not stopping there, as he did before, he would continue with another series of hand seals. Holding tiger still, he would then form the Hand seal of Dog, followed by the Hand seal of Boar, Followed by the hand seal of Ram, finally as he was sliding his hands from Ram into Tiger once more he would transform in appearance from his already relatively androgenic and angular appearance into somewhat more feminized version of himself while while another one of his clones would change to appear like Allegro did, headphones and all, with its hands in its pocket and a try Wheat spaghetti sticking out of its mouth to be slowly chewed and whittle down.

The clone that remained to look like Shinoskays normal appearance would intentionally take up position in the rear of the now 4 person sized group. None of them would use their light at this time, however, but instead would start off relying on any ambient light from the manhole, from Kenjiro's light source, and any other means normally bleeding into the sewer tunnel or that was set up.

The now Feminized Shinoskay and his clone would take the cane out of their mouth and carry it in one hand.

[WC 458/1400]

5ap for Rock Section Cane
5ap for clone's
10 AP for transformation Jutsu
Recovering 10 AP from bloodline

143/153 AP
Kenjiro Uchiha
Kenjiro Uchiha
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Investigating the sewers [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Investigating the sewers [P]

Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:44 pm
So he was to be placed with the polite one while the chuunin took the one wearing headphones. Odd pairing, but since the Kiri takeover things have become...complicated in terms of who to trust and who to team up with. So after entering the sewer and taking the lead in front Shino, he would look around as his eyes had adjusted to the darkness easily. He would hear a series of jutsu going off behind him as he would sigh and stop, turning his head to look and see the scene.

"The key here would be to not make as much noise, the clones are unnecessary here as we are not sure if we are going to be engaging in combat. Save your energy for what lies ahead." He would say, not in a scolding manner, but to let him know that it would be best to remain cautious but with a sense of urgency.

After a few seconds, he would switch on his light to light the way ahead. The sewers were actually kept up, but the usual much running beside them looked like a stagnant pool of decay...smelled like it too.

"let's get moving, you got my back and I will make sure we don't run into any traps." Kenjiro would say as he activated his Sharingan to look for traps or anything out of the usual.


-1 for Third Tomoe Sharingan
49 AP Remaining
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Investigating the sewers [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Investigating the sewers [P]

Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:08 pm
As his red dreadlocks dangled reaching for the floor while he hung from the sealing, Allegro listened to the Hyuuga's further instruction. The were splitting into teams to cover more ground, just as logic would suggest. Though it could not be seen in the dark, Allegro was smiling like a fanboy when he learned that he would be paired with Love. Though this choice was made logically, Allegro would mistake this as a sign of Love's affection. After all, given the lack of proper lighting in the sewer, it did make the most sense to divide the who ninja with dojutsu amongst the two teams. Before they departed, Allegro tied his hair into a ponytail, and would then follow closely in Love's stead as she led the way. Visibility was low, but Allegro did his best pending the time his eyes adjusted in the dark. He kept his wits about him, and made sure to stay aware of any chakra signatures that might be in the vicinity, while at the same time keeping track of Shinoskay and Kenjiro. Any fluctuation in their chakra levels might be an indication of activity, and Allegro would be able to pass that information on to the squad leader.

Waiting for Love's Byakugan to detect any abnormalities that might be the source of the disruption, Allegro would quietly walk behind her, still upside down. For the most part, Love already knew that Allegro was obedient and capable of most tasks one would require of him. So now, it was just a matter of how she would execute her leadership and delegate the task at hand.

[OOC: I apologize for the delay and the short post. It's exam week at my Uni :no:  ]
Princess Love
Princess Love
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Investigating the sewers [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Investigating the sewers [P]

Fri Mar 30, 2018 5:19 pm
Without having to be told by anyone Love knew that Shinoskay had used his chakra to cast jutsu. Did he really have something to prove or did he just want to show off when she wasn't there but could still see? Whatever the case it wasn't important as long as he was careful of how much chakra he expended. Worse than having to go save him it would be a real pain if he overdid it and passed out. As the pair walked Love had Allegro point the flashlight in various places only to reveal plastic bags or clothes left on the street that found their way to the storm drain. After a while, it seemed like there wasn't anything to be found and the noises had just been caused by some kids who managed to get the lid on the sewer open. It was right before the two groups were set to meet up that Love heard a small cry. She could see the chakra network of the being but the chakra signature coming from it was lower than an academy student's.

"Look over there." She said to Allegro in order to get him to point the flashlight in that direction. There was a trail of old dry blood a few inches from what appeared to be another bundle of clothes. However, upon further inspection, two small glowing eyes could be seen along with a low growl. Walking over to and crouching down in front of the bundle Love was instantly bit by a baby animal as its sibling groaned in pain. Ignoring the tingling in her one hand she used the other to heal the hurt animal after figuring out what was wrong with it. "Problem solved." She said after having scooped the two and their makeshift blanket into her arms and turned around to face the Uzumaki. When she did this Love spotted an old broken pipe that had been left after it was replaced, this is likely what injured the animal after while the two had been playing with the thing. "Let's meet up with the others and see if they found any more siblings. I doubt these little guys made enough noise for us to be sent down here on their own." She told the other red head before she would begin to walk again. If they hadn't found anything then the team would simply leave and Love would submit their report and get the animals to a shelter.

WC: 414 [Potential Exit]

Investigating the sewers [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Investigating the sewers [P]

Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:58 am
Following the Uchiha and his lead, shinoskay would focus as well as he could on remaining alert and ready to react to whatever they may end up encountering. Though these efforts were somewhat stifled by that he was also trying to keep an eye on the piping for any broken sections.

Thankfully, other then one pipe that had been leaking at its socket point the pipes that he saw all seemed fine. It wasnt a bad leak, but it was enough that there was almost a steady flow coming from it, letting a rapid flow of droplets make there way past its seal. It was a pretty simple task for Shinoskay and his chakra threads to easily tighten it without even really having to stop let alone actually touch the pipes. Though, he could only tighten it enough to make the droplets go from rapid to once every minute or so, this would be discovered by that they would hear the sound of the drop after a minute or so of him letting it be.

Shinoskay would hopefully arrive, report that there was no incedent other then the one pipe, and then leave along with the rest. All and all, much easier then expected.

[wc 204/1604 Potential exit]
+10 ap from blood line
AP back to full.

[since all exited, I am editing in my exit claims]
Claiming +4 stats
+ mission rewards of 3k ryo
+ wc toward Hiding like a mole technique[1600/2000]

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Kenjiro Uchiha
Kenjiro Uchiha
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Investigating the sewers [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Investigating the sewers [P]

Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:25 pm
As Kenjiro lead the way Shinoskay was quiet, which drove him mad. He kept quiet as well though as his job was to basically be the lookout. He stopped Shinoskay shortly after their fixing of the pipe as he caught the sight of something large moving through the rubbish ahead. He did not speak, but instead pulled out a kunai and began to walk towards the thing that crossed his vision.  Soon he found he was face to face with a large critter that seemed confused and scared.  Kenjiro placed the kunai up and held his hands up in a calming notion.  As soon as he could tell that the creature looked calm enough to catch he pounced on it and scooped up the critter, now revealed to be an exotic looking raccoon.  A large slash on its side seemed to be fresh and Kenjiro was able to see that it was coated in sewage.  Most likely it was close to death.  Kenjiro could tell as it breathed was ragged and seemed to be painful.  He sighed as he kept it close, however, a couple of small squeaks revealed that the raccoon was protecting its young.  

"Shit...there are probably more down here, but who did this to them,"  Kenjiro said to himself as he signaled Shino to take the lead them back to the way they came.  The raccoon seemed to remain calm in Kenjiro's arms which was weird seeing as this thing could properly put him in a world of hurt.  As they caught up with the other team Kenjiro revealed his handful of fur as he remained silent while showing Ms. Love the wound on its back while Shino decided to fill them in on what they did in the sewers.  For once it was just an animal instead of an enemy.

Depending on what Love wanted to do about the whole situation regarding these raccoons, Kenjiro would put the family down on the ground, or he would continue to hold them and offer to transport them to where Love needed them to go.  Regardless, Kenjiro was let down by the prospect that the first mission he really was put on happened to be just investigating rumors and finding nothing to go with it.

"The mission as far as I can tell is a success.  I could not find any living chakra signatures besides those in our, and these little guys here.  I feel we can all go our separate ways now unless there is something else you need us for."  Kenjiro said as he looked at Love.  If there was still stuff to do he would, as he stated earlier, do the deed.  

With that being the case of departure he would bid each of them farewell, not staying any longer than he intended to.  He would, however, lean into Shinoskay and tell him in a hushed tone;
"It is is never good to expend all your energy at once, even if it is a combat mission...remember that next time."  He would finish off before walking off.

If however there was more he would stay silent and do the task, before performing the before mentioned farewell.

Potential EXIT will post a claim
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Investigating the sewers [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Investigating the sewers [P]

Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:51 pm
As he travelled behind his more attractive counterpart, Allegro could feel Shinoskay’s chakra levels begin to change in the distance. Allegro smiled in the dark. To the average ninja, one might be worried Shinoskay found trouble and was in combat. However, Allegro knew this wasn’t the case. Kenjiro was still as cool as a fan. Plus, from all the missions he and Shinoskay had completed together, he knew that this was classic for the kid. Whatever floats his boat, as they say.

Allegro would only come to a stop when Love instructed him to point the light in her direction. Alegro did as he was told  and the both inspected a light trail of blood staggering on alongside the damp sludgy trail. It could have been easily overlooked with all the other bodily fluids running amuck in the sewer. But nothing escaped those legendary Byakugan eyes of hers. Allegro remained quiet behind Love as they followed the trail to find a grotesque looking animal huddling to itself in the fetal position. What animal it was exactly was difficult to determine do to the filth that was caked into its fur. The animal was quiet rabid as well, as it sunk its teeth into Love as she motioned to scoop in up. The chuunin was unphased. Surely, she had endured worse pains in her career as a kunoichi. 

Allegro began to look around the nearby area in the sewer. Surely something must have made the animal bleed. Whatever that was could surely be related to the reported sounds that preluded this mission. By the time Love finished tending to the animal and turned around to face him, Allegro had already noticed the busted pipe and was using his strength to move it back in place so that sludge could flow properly through it without leaking into the open walking space. And with that, Love declared that there work was done here and they began to make their way back to the surface, all without a smudge on his shirt. Even if he had, he knew he was heading back to the spa after they finished reporting the mission anyway. The smell of sewer would be in his precious red dread locks for days. As they walked together with the injured animal, Allegro would speak casually to Love.

“Love senpai, before we get married someday, you should probably get tested for Rabies..."

[2247/1500 TWC]

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Investigating the sewers [P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Investigating the sewers [P]

Tue Apr 03, 2018 11:29 pm
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