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I need some Damn tools Empty I need some Damn tools

Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:07 pm
Been a poor genin sucks, you have plenty of kunai, shuriken, and your jutsu, the jutsu is fine, but then thats it. A shinobi is only as good as they are prepared and tools are one way to be prepared as they are physical and typically more readily available and reusable then jutsu. Sure, Shinoskay seemed to find himself with an almost inexhaustible stamina that just didnt quit and so long as he gets a moment to breath he can pretty much keep going but relying on one thing is foolish.

So it was time to put oneself out there, to trade, barter, ste.... er.... work very very hard... In order to better be prepared for as many challanges as may lay ahead. At present he found himself with 1000 Ryo, modest at best, and wanted a Tanto, Fuma, Senbon's to expand his throw repertoire, a multi-weave mask, and he really, really, REALLY needed a puppet since he was starting to get competent with chakra threads. He knew he just wouldnt have the resources for all of that but maybe he could crack a deal with the black smith to get at least some of that.

Moving with just that intent, he now found himself at a tools shop. 'Ok, how are we going to approach this now' bracing himself for a moment, collecting his thoughts, he entered the shop and passed through its interior to the counter. On the many walls he could see other tools and items of interest 'gah, my shopping list is already too long and now they tempt me with more!' At the counter, he rang a bell, once the person running the shop came out "hello, what can I help you with"

pleasent enough, Shino replied "umm, yes, I am a new gening and I was hoping to work for something."

The Shop attendant raised an eyebrow before scratching there head in though "uh, well thats a little unorthodox," they looked around there shop before looking back to the boy "well, I suppose it could help to have some endorsement and dust dulls so I could use a hand sharpening everything. I cant give you anything for free though, I can only offer a discount."

Shinoskay nodded to this "I have some ryo so a discount is more then I can hope for." The older person led the boy to the back to a grinding stone. Shinoskay started off with the many Kunai, the bread and butter of Shinobi, these were often times made in mass, so much so it wasnt terribly uncommon for someone to get one that was dull even right after it was first made. The grindstone was a step pumped, so he would have to work on pumping it while pressing the grinder in, definitely tedious and difficult by any account for pretty much any person.

Rather then complain, deciding he already made the deal so he would at least work off half for what he could afford now and maybe look for more options till he either found this was the best or found better as he earned more. Pressing down on the step, he quickly learned it didnt rotate very well 'oh man, what did I get myself into'. Determined, he began to press down on the pump, release it enough to almost reset for another, then press again... he wanted to get the wheel set into motion with momentum and so he continued on this, not even worrying or thinking about using this time to sharpen, until it was spinning enough for him to get a steady motion in.

With that out of the way, he took a kunai from the pile next to him and, while still pushing down on the peddle, he pressed the kunai to the wheel... sparks flew and it rebounded off, 'woooh, that was surprising'. While mildly impressed, the person he brokered his deal with had apparently decided to wait at the entrance to the space to watch the young boy for a moment before conducting there own work. With a good chuckle, they felt satisfied he was going to actually do what he said he was and that he would eventually figure out how to handle it. The genin only looked for a moment in response to the chuckling before he went back to his task, still rotating from pressing on the peddle to turn the wheel and releasing the peddle... he pressed the kunai down with more force and tried to hold it there as the force of the wheel tried to throw it upward with friction.

He got a few good seconds out of it but something was off, he had been trying to lay a blade side of the kunai against the grinding wheel to cover the most surface around but decided maybe this wasnt the best approach since it was just too much friction and centrifugal force to fight with his undeveloped level of strength. This time, wheel still spinning as he maintains his step and release pattern, he turns it parallel with the wheel as opposed to perpendicular. Upon pressing it he found it was significantly easier as he angled the blade but now as it was grinding he found he was starting to cut into the wheel while the kunai quickly veered off the side. 'ok, maybe like this.'

Once more, his leg starting to burn a little from the motion, he uses the edge of the wheel so that the blade would sharpen without catching against the wheel and either damaging it or throwing it off to the side... finally, this worked... and the young boy applied the technique to the next bundle of Kunai until he had gotten through a few handfuls. It was long and tedius work, now that he had the technique down though he had a lot less trouble with the kunai end of it but the constant foot work had his mind and leg a little tired by the end of the task.

After a few hours the attendant returned "ok, I think we should call it. you did enough to earn your discount and if I let you work any longer then I may get in trouble." Another nervous laugh that was met with one of Shinoskay's own.

Shinoskay selected the Tonto, a set of Senbon's, and a Sensory needle 3 inches long.

[Exit WC 1065, Claiming Tanto, Senbon purchase, And a Sensory needles purchase all with my 1k ryo partnered with this 1k wc (a total of 2000 purchased half and half). How many needles and senbon come with their respectful purchases? the registry isn't clear.]
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