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To go home, not with a bang, but with flash Empty To go home, not with a bang, but with flash

Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:07 pm
"No.........what you do is you get the ball, and bring it........back to me." The sound of Maku's sing song voice could be heard throughout the brothel as he moved up and down the halls. All around him was constant motion and commotion, to which he appeared to be completely oblivious. Instead, as he talked he ran up and down the hall with a yellow ball with the symbol of Kumogakure on it. A very bored, and perturbed looking fox sat on its haunches watching him. "WHY WOULD I DO THAT" a voice within his head said.

"Because it is's what best friends do when one friend has two legs and one has four, come on, you are like a billion years old you have got to understand the concept...." Plopping on the floor in exasperation he let the ball fall and bounce away rolling between the walking legs of many workers.

Over the last couple weeks many of the establishments that he had run had began to mysteriously close down, and the women and men that worked them vanished. They were dregs of polite society and because of this their absence would go without much notice, except as a positive. The money that they had acquired was quickly laundered into a variety of goods that made their way through export lines, with the more human portion would more slowly vanish. This was the last establishment to close, and it was the point of his departure.

Laying on the floor and watching the scantily clad men and women step around or over him, the next couple hours passed in a flurry of hustle and bustle. Soon though, quite would overtake the building. Everything had been stripped, sheets, furniture, everything. "Well, I guess that is all she wrote........funny how almost anything can come and go and appear to have never been. I wonder if we will be the same eventually?" He would say sitting up and looking at the small kitsune with 9 tails. "You more than me perhaps......."

"Remains to be seen, but could be." There was a void in the world now. As if a powerful pressure had vacated. He felt his time in Hoshigakure had reached the totality of its time needed, and he couldn't explain why. There were two individuals that existed that could keep him here, and at this time neither could be reached though for totally different reasons.

Denkitiki his brother, was lost in his experimentation. He represented a life fueled by science and pursuit. He pressed the boundaries of spacial manipulation, not to mention biological. However, his pursuits bordered on fantasy at this point. Science for science, but it lacked purpose in Maku's Mind.

Akihana, a love one who was romantically inclined would say, which he was not. She represented something to human. Seeking the eternal redemption of humanity that did not exist. Afraid to push her strengths, her powers to where they could go. Her limitations lived within her humanity. Where Den had lost his limitations with his, Aki was shackled by it.

That was two of the three founders, and where was Maku. He wasn't sure anymore, but he wanted to end up like neither of them, and because of this their connections needed severed. There had been three founders, each with their vices and own aims. Now, they lay separated, as far apart as the stars in the sky.

Reaching out he laid his hand and patted the fox, and in a golden flash they were gone. The pressure of the 9 tails and his own immense chakra vanished from Hoshigakure, leaving a silence in the sensory fields that had not been felt in some time.

Exit to Kumogakure
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To go home, not with a bang, but with flash Empty Re: To go home, not with a bang, but with flash

Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:11 pm
*slapps an approved on it*
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