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Anaphiel Hidemori
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Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Stuff (Private, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Stuff (Private, NK)

Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:02 am
Fire Country is one of the largest countries in the continent, second only in size to Wind Country. It seemed that most of the country was abandoned. Likely due to population drop from the constant war that had beset them. Because of Fire Country's size and geographical location in the continent, it has a varying topography. Tall mountains, large forests, lush valleys, mighty rivers. It can all be found in Fire Country. The land that had everything it seemed. Everything except people though. Kotetsu had really only seen the fringes of it on his travels around the rest of the continent. Fire Country was the last country that the young Chuunin had to visit. Now he could say he had travelled this particular continent to completion. However he was not on an exploratory mission simply for the sake of viewing far-off  lands. The last of three scrolls he needed to try to get back to his timeline. His travelling companion, an older version of himself from a completely different timeline, was the one that owned the scrolls, and had fashioned a way to keep them secret, to a degree. Speaking of which... "Where is the scroll exactly?" Kotetsu asked his older counterpart. "I'd left it in Konoha. With someone that I trust. Assuming that they are still alive, it will be in their possession." Was the elder's response. Kotetsu nodded. 'At least it should be an easy retrieval...' The sixteen year-old shinobi thought to himself with relief. 'I'm ready to get home and see my friends and family again...' "Sounds good." Kotetsu said to the older shinobi. "At least this one is less likely to have disappeared on us." He says with a chuckle. The comment elicited a smirk from his travelling companion.

It would take them quite some time to end up reaching the area that the current rulers of Fire Country claim as their domain  at this time. They eventually came across two guards at one of the roads leading towards Konohagakure. They wore green and brown uniforms, to blend in with the forests and grassland that mainly dominated the western portions of Fire Country. They were still some distance out from the village, several days at least, which surprised Kotetsu. He had expected to encounter them much closer to the village itself. 'They must have a larger area of influence than I thought...' He thought as they were challenged. It was brief though, as one of the sentries recognised the older Kotetsu, which made sense since he had been to Konoha at least a couple times. "Kotetsu!" The one border guard exclaimed. "It's good to see you again. We've been doing badly without your help, and we could definitely use it again." The older shinobi clapped the man on his shoulder. "I'll see what I can do." He promised the younger man. "My friend and I..." he gestured to Kotetsu "...are on my way to retrieve something from Konoha, so there may be something we can do to help against Iron Country's forces." With that, the two shinobi made their way past the border guards and continued on their way to Konoha.

Konohagakure was by far the largest of the hidden villages. Surrounded by a massive forest near the middle of Fire Country, it was a sight to behold. They still had a day's journey ahead of them, but the fact that they were potentially getting closer to the end of his journey, Kotetsu couldn't help but feel his spirits rise. That wasn't to say that the next little while was going to be easy. After retrieving the scroll from Konoha, the other Kotetsu had mentioned that they would need to visit Iron Country, the source of the turmoil in this timeline, for the last artifact they would need in order to have the best chance of getting the young Chuunin back to where he belonged. They made good time through the forests leading up to Konoha, mainly because they were not challenged by any further Fire Country troops. Most likely because they were primarily dealing with halting Iron Country's skirmishes and troops from claiming pieces of their border. It was only a matter of time before the pair would encounter more soldiers, since it only made sense that the majority of their troops would be stationed either in Konoha, or on patrols in the general vicinity to deter attacks. It was a fairly large group of soldiers, around thirty, that noticed the pair of Yuki shinobi as they made their way to the main road leading to Konoha. The soldiers carried spears for the most part, some carried bows. When they were spotted, their spears lowered and bows were drawn in their direction. Not that it would have done anything. Kotetsu could have killed them all in a heartbeat. But they were not the enemy, and they had more pressing matters than to fight mundane soldiers. Luckily for them, the officer in charge of the soldiers that stopped them also knew the older Kotetsu. "You're a sight for sore eyes." He said laughingly. "We've been called to the front lines, Iron Country is preparing another attack and our forces need reinforcements. Hopefully you'll be joining us. We could use your help."  The older shinobi nodded to the officer. "I need to talk with the Fire Daimyo and we'll see for there. My friend and I have some rather pressing matters to deal with, but if we can spare some time we will do what we can." The officer bowed respectfully. "Then I wish you good luck and hope a swift conclusion to your matters." And with that, the soldiers marched West, towards Iron Country's border. Without any further delays, the older shinobi lead Kotetsu to the main gates of Konoha where they were immediately allowed entry.

This incarnation of Konohagakure wasn't much different than the one that Kotetsu remembered from his timeline. Some of the buildings showed more wear and tear, likely from the lower population meaning that some buildings were not in use. Looking around quickly, Kotetsu turns to his travelling companion. "Where is the scroll?" He asked. The other Kotetsu responded after a few seconds. "With the Fire Daimyo. It should be in his office, which is the building that normally holds the Hokage's chambers, if Konoha had a Hokage." 'That makes sense...' Kotetsu thought as he nodded to the other Yuki. 'At least it won't be hard to find...'

It took them a total of ten minutes to make their way through the streets of Konoha to reach the offices of the Fire Daimyo. The entrance was guarded by Fire Country Soldiers in armour, likely the Daimyo's personal guard. They were forced to wait while the leader of the group of guards sent one of their number inside in order to advise the Daimyo that he had visitors. They had only waited five minutes before the guard had returned with a message that the Daimyo would see them. They were escorted up to the Fire Daimyo's office by  2 of the guards, one in the lead and one behind them. The office was on the fourth floor and was guarded by four more soldiers. The pair of shinobi were quickly admitted into the office and the door was closed behind them. The Fire Daimyo was seated as his desk,  and looked up when they had entered. "Welcome back my friend." The Fire Daimyo said to the older Kotetsu. "Have you come to help us again in our fight with Iron Country?" Kotetsu's travelling companion chuckled. "Every time I come here you ask me that question." "And every time you say you'll think about it." The Fire Daimyo replied with a laugh. "I know I can't force you to, but I would appreciate any help you could give us." The elder shinobi chuckled. "You're lucky this time. My companion here and I are going to be going into Iron Country to acquire something of mine that one of their Generals had managed to take from me. It will likely benefit you if I kill him in the process of recovering my crystal. We're here mainly to pick up the scroll I left in your care." The Fire Daimyo nodded and opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a scroll identical to the other two that were already in their possession.  The only difference with this scroll was exactly the same difference between them all. The backing on this scroll was green. The older Kotetsu walked over to the desk and collected the scroll from the Fire Daimyo, placing it in the same pouch as the others.

"Thank you." The older Kotetsu said simply to his friend. "We need to get moving. We will do what we can to disrupt the attack on your border. Once I have helped my friend here, I  will return to help you some more. Perhaps it's time I take a more proactive role in this world." The Fire Daimyo nods. "You're welcome, old friend. I look forward to seeing you again. Good luck in whatever it is you are doing." The two shinobi bows to the Fire Daimyo and left his office, quickly making their way outside. "Seems like we have some work to do..." Kotetsu said to his older contemporary.  "Indeed we do, and hopefully it will not be as bothersome as I expect it to be..."

They were waived through the main gates of Konoha, and they made their way west, following the path that the group of soldiers had taken earlier that day. In fact, they had caught up to the group of Fire Country soldiers as they were making camp for the night. "We may as well walk with them to the border, since they could likely use the help." The older shinobi said to Kotetsu. The sixteen year-old didn't have any arguments with sticking with the soldiers, and they were warmly welcomed. It took them a little longer to reach the border between Fire Country and Iron Country, but the difference in time was nothing to cause any particular harm to their mission. The border looked like a battlefield. Defenses had been built up extensively on both sides. It would take something significant to dislodge either side. It was almost as if these defenses had stood since the fighting started and were constantly being improved. 'Hopefully we don't get dragged into the battle itself...' Kotetsu thought as he surveyed everything. 'I don't mind helping out, but I don't want either of us to get killed because we got swarmed by those Iron Country goons...'  All he could hope for was that the other Kotetsu knew what he was doing. He wouldn't have to wait long to find out what the older shinobi had in mind.

WC: 1803
TWC: 27521
Anaphiel Hidemori
Anaphiel Hidemori
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Clan Specialty : Sensory
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Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Stuff (Private, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Stuff (Private, NK)

Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:02 am
It appeared they had arrived at a good time. Well, a good time for Fire Country. The forces of Iron Country had just started an attack on the defenses on the Fire Country's side of the border. Normally an attack would be relatively easy to repulse, but there was a very large force charging the defenses. It looked like the forces of Fire Country were faring poorly, and some parts of the defenses were slowly being overrun. The platoon they had been walking with ran forward to help their comrades, shouting war cries. The older Kotetsu placed a hand on Kotetsu's shoulder and said softly "We need a pair of Iron Country uniforms. Try to find ones with some kind of officer's rank. They'll have extra gold trim." And with that, he vanished. Kotetsu was stunned, he was not only fast, but so much faster than Kotetsu thought, to the point that he couldn't even sense him moving at first. He shook his head. 'He's an ally. Don't worry about what he can do right now, worry about helping Fire Country. If they go down, we're going to be worse off...'  With that being said, Kotetsu sped down the road towards the Fire Country defensive line. He headed towards one of the flanks, where it looked like the needed the most support. It looked like a couple squads were moving to reinforce them. Kotetsu ran up to them. "Go reinforce the middle of the line!" He exclaimed at them as he moved to the flank. "I'll take care of the flank here." And without waiting for a response he sprinted at his full speed to the outer flank where he could hopefully rally the Fire Country soldiers that were still fighting. As he ran, he drew his Katana, it would be the easiest way to kill soldiers without using chakra, but their armor would cause him some problems.  Good thing Kotetsu was a shinobi, and had access to arts that most of these men had never seen. He wanted to hold that in reserve for now, as he didn't want to spend chakra he didn't need to use just yet.

The right flank was faring poorly. They were being overrun by the superior numbers. There was still a core of about forty soldiers manning the defenses, but they were fighting a force almost three times their size, and one that was better equipped than the defenders. Kotetsu had to work fast or they would be overrun in short order. He ran along the defensive line until he reached a part where the forces from Iron Country had completely overwhelmed the defenders and were working into the trenches. 'Not today...'  Kotetsu thought to himself as he launched himself into the flank of the soldiers working their way through the trench system. The Iron Country forces were unprepared for the young Chuunin cutting down four troops in quick order, leaving a couple soldiers to be dealt with by the flagging Fire Country troops. "Fire Country forces! To me!" he bellowed as he continued his onslaught. They were stunned, slow to react, surprised that they could possibly push back the invaders. Kotetsu continued his solo attack, repeatedly calling to the Fire Country soldiers to rally. They slowly realised that they had help, and rushed to help the sixteen year old swordsman. Because the fighting was so closely packed, Kotetsu had to be careful how he worked his blade, so he eventually stole a spear from an attacking soldier and used that instead. They managed to eventually push the troops completely out of the trenches and other fortifications. There were a few casualties, but the Iron Country troops were falling back to their center, since it looked like that was where they were having the most success now.

Kotetsu instructed the remaining troops to cover the positions while he reinforced the center of their defenses. Instead of  heading right for the Fire Country side of the defensive line, he charged right after the retreating soldiers. All pretense was lost. They needed to win this fight and he didn't care how. The young Chuunin wanted work on his fire style jutsu, since it was the one area that needed the most work. There was one particular jutsu he wanted to use, but it was likely going to kill more people than Kotetsu wanted, and would  destroy most of the uniforms in the process. 'Probably best not to do that right now...' He thought to himself as he made a different series of hand signs and blew a large blast of wind through the packed ranks of Iron Country soldiers, sending them flying in all directions. That definitely turned some heads. Most of them stared in horror at the young man that just decimated a sizeable chunk of troops with what looked like very little effort.  The Fire Country troops took advantage of the delay to massacre the front line of Iron Country soldiers. With morale breaking, the officers tried to restore order, but the couple that Kotetsu saw died to the shuriken he threw.  The troops broke and ran in a complete rout. The border had been protected thanks to the help of the two Yuki shinobi. The Fire Country soldiers looted the corpses of the Iron Country soldiers and burned the bodies to avoid disease. Kotetsu had picked through the dead himself, purely for officer's uniforms, or what he'd hoped were officer's uniforms. He also recovered his throwing weapons, since he would likely need those again. he collected what he could and brought it over to his travelling companion.

The older shinobi looked over the uniforms with an appraising eye. "Good, looks like we did grab some good uniforms, and they're in fairly good condition too..." He said to Kotetsu. "Looks like we have a couple Lieutenant uniforms, a Captain, and a Major's uniform. We can work with this. I'll wear the Major's uniform for now, you wear that Second Lieutenant's uniform for now. The others we'll store. You can make a storage dimension, right?" Kotetsu nodded and stashed the other two uniforms in his storage displacement. They grabbed extra gear that Iron Country soldiers were wearing. 'I think I know what's going on here...' Kotetsu thought to himself, but he decided to ask anyways. "What's the plan?" he asked the older shinobi. The older Kotetsu chuckled. "We're going to impersonate a pair of Iron Country officers and find the General that has a necklace that belongs to me. Once we find him, we're going to take the necklace back, and head up to Hoshigakure to get you home." 'That works...' Kotetsu thought as he nodded in response to the plan. 'Let's hope that the plan goes as smoothly as he makes it sound...' "Should we get going?" Kotetsu asked. The older shinobi nodded.. "Yes, but we won't head out from here. We'll circle around and enter from a different point on the border." "Sounds good. I'll follow your lead." And the pair moved out, heading north, crossing into Grass Country and then south into Iron Country. In Grass Country they came across the remnants of a mounted squad of Iron Country troops. As there was only a handful, the two shinobi killed them all before they even realised what had happened and used their horses in order to travel a faster while not appearing overly conspicuous.

Upon reaching the border, the older Kotetsu took the lead, which made sense since he was the higher ranking officer. They were waved through without so much as a second glance. As soon as they were out of earshot, they  discussed their plan of action as they moved. "He's likely in the capital of Iron Country. This will be easy to get to, but it will be harder to get to the General himself without a fight. We will likely be fleeing as soon as he's dead." Kotetsu nods. It made sense, they were doing something incredibly dangerous, but it was needed in order for him to get back home. They passed more squads of  soldiers, but since the highest ranking officer they came across was another Major, they were unimpeded in their trip to Iron Country's capital. The capital itself was a massive walled city, almost as impressive as Konoha, but unlike the Hidden Leaf village all of this bastion was in use and well  maintained. Likely because of the larger population that Iron Country had compared to its neighbours. They were challenged as they reached one of the gates to enter the capital. It made sense since the capital was the heart of Iron Country, and it would be well defended and security would be tight. The older Kotetsu said they had been on a mission for General Hakuro. Since they had no way to confirm or deny the claim, the pair of shinobi were waved through the gates. Immediately upon entering the city, Kotetsu looked over to his travelling companion. "Do you know where he is right now?" he asked. The elder Yuki shook his head. "I do not, but the necklace has a similar tracking jutsu on it, so I'll be able to find it once we're close enough to it." It didn't actually take them long. They had moved towards the center of town, and he almost immediately  homed in on the signal, coming from a side building that looked to be heavily guarded. "This is it..." The older Kotetsu said to the young Chuunin. "Are you ready?" He asked. Kotetsu nodded. "Ready when you are." He replied as the pair approached the front door, which appeared to be guarded by six soldiers.

"State your business." One of the guards said, a note of challenge in his voice. "We're here to see General Hakuro." The older shinobi said with a smile. "Is he expecting you?" The guard countered with. "Not in the slightest." The older Kotetsu said brightly, completely out of character for his normal demeanor. The guards immediately went on edge, and that's when the pair acted. There was no need for weapons, their hands and feet could kill just as effectively, and the soldiers were all  dead and they were inside before anyone could even realise what had happened. Of course after the door had closed, an alarm was being raised. The two shinobi raced up the stairs to the third floor, with the young Chuunin right on the heels of his older companion. It seemed the General's office was down a side corridor on the third floor. His office was guarded, but only by a pair of guards. With a brief scuffle, the pair were incapacitated. Of course the fight and the sound of an alarm had reached the General's ears. "What in blazes is going on out there?!" he shouted angrily. Kotetsu smashed in the door and the pair walked inside. "General Hakuro..." The older Kotetsu said with a note of satisfaction in his voice. "You have something of mine, and I want it back." The General's face turned white briefly before adopting a sneer. "Over my dead body." He said, drawing his blade. The fight was quick, and it was ugly. The General, having no skills as a shinobi, stood no chance, and the fight was over with Hakuro's own  sword stabbed through his back, his right arm broken in the process. The elder Yuki ripped the necklace off of Hakuro's neck and pocketed it just like the scrolls. "We need to leave now." He said sharply to Kotetsu. And the pair took off. There was already more soldiers in the building, and the two shinobi quickly dispatched a trio of them in order to gain access to the outside.

The entire city was being mobilised. They quickly grabbed the horses they had left near the door to the building and fled towards the Northern gate. The guards were in the process of closing the gate as they approached. They were being protected by a double-line of 10 spearmen. Kotetsu made some quick one-handed hand signs and shot small fireballs at the guards on one side to  at least hold one of the doors open so that they could escape to avoid losing the horses. His fellow Yuki was dealing with the guards. He had used no hand signs, and a pair of chains appeared, each one going in opposite directions, but speared each row of spearmen entirely. With all obstacles cleared, the pair managed to escape the capital. They would likely be pursued, but they would do whatever they could to stay ahead of whatever Iron Country sent after them. Since Iron Country was relatively small, they arrived at the border between Iron Country and Earth Country relatively quickly. They blew right past the border guards and galloped on into Earth Country.

It was going to take some time to get through Earth Country, but they needed to move quickly. They rested when they could, but it was short breaks, mainly for the benefit of the horses. It was obvious that the Iron Country army wasn't going to let them go. Not that it would be Kotetsu's problem should he manage to get back to his timeline, but he was worried for his older contemporary as he wouldn't be coming with him. 'I'm sure he'll be fine...' Kotetsu thought to himself as they neared the border between Haven Country and Earth Country. It had only taken them a week, but that was because they didn't meander, they headed straight to the border in the shortest route possible.

Luckily Haven Country wasn't as large as Earth Country, and Hoshigakure was in sight before long. They continued riding the horses because they would still be useful to the older Kotetsu once they were done here. "Where did you arrive here from?" The older shinobi asked quickly. "The training ground." Kotetsu answered back. "Here, I'll show you." And he led them through the city, back to the Water Gardens and into the Training Grounds. They left the horses near the entrance of the training grounds and made their way over to the spot where the young shinobi had appeared here. He couldn't remember exactly, it had been over ten years since the seventeen year-old had been here.

They were approximately where they needed to be. "Close enough." Said the older shinobi. "It's not a precise art, but as long as it is in the circle it will be okay." With that said, he pulled the three scrolls out of his pouch. He also pulled out the necklace and tossed it to Kotetsu, who caught it almost unconsciously. "I'll explain why you need that in a minute." The older Kotetsu said as he unrolled the scrolls and laid them out to form a triangle, with the green scroll at the top of the triangle, which faced North. The Red scroll was placed on the Eastern point of the triangle, and the blue scroll was placed on the Western point of the triangle. "Alright. I need you to put the crystal in the middle, and take the crystal out of the necklace." He said to Kotetsu as he took position at a point equidistant from the green scroll to the line made by the red and blue scrolls. "No no." He said when Kotetsu went to stand in the middle of the triangle. "I mean the middle of the line. That will be the center of the circle." Kotetsu moved the stone to where he was directed. The elder cocked his head to one side and listened for a minute. He cursed and started making hand signs. So quickly that Kotetsu couldn't keep track. "They're here." He growled. "I'm going to be  busy for the next few minutes at least. I will need you to keep them off me until I get this set up. "Will do." Kotetsu said as he moved to the entrance of the training ground. There was thirty of them and they were all mounted. Spears and bows. They didn't seem to know exactly where they were, and were currently searching the Water Gardens, making their way towards the training grounds. Kotetsu moved the horses away from the entrance, out of sight so that they wouldn't get injured. it didn't take the soldiers to make their way into the training ground, where Kotetsu was waiting for them. His Katana sheared through a pair of soldiers before the rest knew what had happened. They scattered immediately. Most of the archers had their bows knocked with an arrow. They had something strapped to the tip of each one. Kotetsu didn't realise right away that they were paper bombs. 'Oh shit...' He thought to himself as he yelled out. "Paper bombs!" and sprinted towards the older shinobi just as the archers launched their payload. Kotetsu had use the Phoenix Flower jutsu to incinerate a couple soldiers as he ran towards his friend. Luck, it would seem, was on their side. He finished making the hand signs seconds before the arrows hit the ground not  even a meter away from the  shinobi. Kotetsu grabbed him just as the familiar looking tear appeared in the circle that was made by the scrolls, slightly to the left of where the crystal was. He could hear the paper bombs hiss as they activated, and Kotetsu shoved his older contemporary away from the soldiers and their explosive payload. As soon as the older Kotetsu was out of the way, the young Chuunin prepared to jump sideways into the tear as the explosion hit him and threw him into the tear. He was hit by shrapnel which cut his right cheek, and a couple places on his chin. Kotetsu's vision blacked out for a few moments, before...

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WC: 2961
TWC: 30482

(Making a separate post for claims)
Anaphiel Hidemori
Anaphiel Hidemori
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Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Stuff (Private, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Stuff (Private, NK)

Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:25 am
Also using (Holiday rewards claimed):
-750 WC
-1000 WCx2
-1500 WCx2

-Box worth 5000 WC

-Single use 5% WC discount
-Single use 10% WC discount
-Single use 15% WC discount

-Single use 25% WC discount

Total WC to Allocate (Including WC rewards): 41,232

Age + 10 years (Age = 17 years old now)
Face claiming Roy Mustang: Example

32 Stats + 120 AP (Based on TWC, not including Holiday reward WC)
6750 WC Towards Fire Nature (6750/6750, 25% Discount Coupon)(1k reward used here)
2000 WC Towards Space-Time Spec (2000/2000)(1k reward used here)
7250 WC Towards Ice Style: Earthen Consecutive Chains of Ice (7250/7250, 15% Discount Coupon)(5k box used here)
4500 WC Towards Ice Style: Exploding Ice Bullets (4500/4500, 10% Discount Coupon)(1500 WC reward used here)
5000 WC Towards Ice Style: Weapons of ice (5000/5000), C-A Ranks
7750 WC Towards Mastering Ice Style: Earthen Consecutive Chains of Ice (7750/7750, 5% Discount Coupon)(1500 WC reward used here)
3000 WC Towards Blast Wave (3000/3000)
2000 WC Towards Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu (Phoenix Fire) (2000/2000)
157 WC Towards Shadow Clone (3000/3000)
2000 WC Towards Fire Release: Great Fireball (2000/2000)
825 WC Towards Fire Release: Exploding Flame Shot (825/1100)(750 WC reward used here)

Proof of Shadow Clone progress: here
Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Ryo : 33973

Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Stuff (Private, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Stuff (Private, NK)

Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:31 am
You gone catch arthritis, approved
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