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Lost Girl (P) - Page 2 Empty Re: Lost Girl (P)

Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:42 pm
Queen listened to Xy’s words as he took his own shot at describing the Will that burned within every Konoha villager. Surprisingly, he was pretty spot on. The girl simply shook her head in agreement. “Exactly.” she’d reply, confirming his understanding of it to be accurate. She wasn’t the best person to actually give the meaning of such a thing, but she felt his interpretation was pretty spot on. At the end of the day, everyone saw it as something a little different.

Queen captured the smile that had crept on the man’s face. She found it almost ironic how this conversation was playing out. For a brief moment, if you changed the scenery it was almost as if two acquaintances were making small talk over a drink. That however, was obviously not the case and the conversation turned back to the matter at hand.

The blonde almost wanted to roll her eyes. Even if they hadn’t revolted, this "alliance" didn’t seem like it was going to be a fair game from the start or else why would they have to bend the knee in the first place. Xyxer on that just seemed like a load of bull, but alas she kept her mouth shut and her face motionless. There was no need to mention such a thing at this point in time. She was just content in hearing that the partnership meant something more than what she initially speculated; such as how Suna ended up. Surely though, they’d still be used for some sort of dirty work… What that would be was yet to be seen.

The girl’s lilac eyes carefully studied the gray hues of the Mizukage. He spoke of achieving great things together as partners. A dream built on loyalty and trust. Then, the vital question was asked. Would she kill him if given the chance. He let him continue as the question lingered in the air. She wanted nothing more than to free her village from the grasp of another. She couldn’t stand not being in control. Call it pride, call it whatever it is you want, but it brought her large amounts of displeasure.. However, she wouldn’t risk more innocent lives for a cause that was unnecessary.   Her own maybe, but not others.

“I told you once before. My cooperation lies contingent with the safety of my people, and the direction this partnership leads…” She started off, her eyes locked on his looking for any trace of a reaction. These could very well be the last words she spoke, but she planned to stay true to her word and thoughts. “However as I stated before, I can’t promise it will be permanent. If the opportunity arises in the future, I may very well take it. ” Her words were straightforward and to the point, her voice soft yet strong. She was confident in what she spoke even though she didn’t know what it meant for her fate.

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Lost Girl (P) - Page 2 Empty Re: Lost Girl (P)

Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:27 pm
It seemed that their discussion was just about wrapping up as the duo had delved into the mind of the other for a short period of time, coming to terms with the psyche of their enemy. There seemed to be a quiet confidence that exuded from the girl which amused Xyxer given that she had not been the most impressive combatant; she'd neither killed nor incapacitated anybody of note.. yet she carried this powerful aura that was notable no matter what position she was in, even in a dreary prison. 

As he poised the question of loyalty to her she responded just as he had hoped she would, responding in kind with honesty which is something Xyxer valued and although the girl would not know it, she'd just saved herself from a maiming with her honest words. Nodding his head, Xyxer would push back from the chair at this point, the legs scraping against the concrete before he rose up from his seated position. He'd pause momentarily before speaking again, "It's been interesting, Rei. I'll be departing from your presence now, I'll have a talk with the Warden and he should release you with all of the possessions you had prior to detainment. I look forward to our next engagement." Xyxer finished ambiguously, as although he wouldn't admit it, he'd started to desire some form of a fight with this girl. To see if she was silently confident because of something she held back? For now, however, she'd remain an enigma. Xyxer would proceed to leave the room, exchanging a few words with a gaunt man in the offices of the prison before leaving the vicinity.



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Lost Girl (P) - Page 2 Empty Re: Lost Girl (P)

Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:32 pm
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Lost Girl (P) - Page 2 Empty Re: Lost Girl (P)

Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:07 pm
Queen waited for them male’s response rather patiently, accepting whatever fate that was coming her way. The man pushed his chair back, the scraping of the legs against the hard concrete beneath their feet caused a noise that was uncomfortable to her ears. She waited for the male to suddenly strike her, and destroy the variable that could be a nuisance to her in the near future; except nothing came.

The girl’s brow furrowed as the words that came out of his mouth were unexpected. released? It made little sense to the girl but before she could even think of asking why, the male disappeared behind the door. She wasn’t sure if this was some sort of trick. If the moment she stepped out the door, she’d receive a knife to the back. She was wary, but for whatever reason would trust the man’s words.

She waited about five minuted before the door opened again suddenly. A man she only assumed to be the warden motioned for her to get up as she followed him along towards the exit of the prison. She handed him a white cloth bag that contained all of her items and the clothing she wore when she was thrown in here. She gathered her belongings and headed out through the door, expecting the unexpected. Except, when she passed through the exit, the only thing that welcomed her was the evening sun making it’s way below the horizon. Even though she had been surrounded by silence within the prison, it now disturbed her. She stood there for a quick moment, before making her way home. It seemed she was given her freedom back, but she was unsure how she would use it now. She knew she had to become stronger, but she was unsure how she was going to use that strength just yet. For now, she desired answers of what happened on that day.


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Lost Girl (P) - Page 2 Empty Re: Lost Girl (P)

Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:13 pm
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