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Imane Senju
Imane Senju
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Errand Girl Empty Errand Girl

Mon Mar 15, 2021 12:38 am
Errand Boy Mission

“Is this the place?” Imane pondered about a nice home two floors high. An older aged man would come out of the home with a small child in hand, other children came to run out the home as the lady shuffled down a small set of wooden stairs in approach. He was short with only a few inches lost to Imane and her wore some thin glasses. “Hi there! I’m Imane. I saw your posting requesting items be picked up. I now see the busy state you’re in.” 


“Oh, hello youngin’. I’m glad to have someone help if only a little.” Securing the child in one hand, he would present her a paper from his pocket. “This, here, is the list of food items I’ll be needing for the dinner tonight. I’ll also need four logs of wood. For the wood, you can use the wheelbarrow I’ve got on the side of the home to carry them. Next to the food shop you can buy the logs I need for just a handful of Ryo. If you can get everything within one hour, that’d be wonderful.” His tone was friendly when speaking and this had her at ease. Nodding in understanding, Imane grabbed the list and opened it to view the contents. “You need two blocks of goat cheese, two full chicken, a dozen eggs, and a super bundle of beansprouts?” The combination was foreign and certainly a little odd. “Is this everything that you’re needing?” 


“Yep, that’ll be it!” The old man responded. “Oh and say it’s for ol’ geezer Willie. They won’t bug you with any payment.” Now kids that came from the front door initially now made their way back in favor of making a couple loops around the two interacting. “Now that’s enough children. Go on and play inside.” He’d address them to have them obey immediately to the order. Imane took the moment to leave the man’s abode with wheelbarrow in hand, as suggested, and she travelled over to the market in a more open section of it with fewer shops. There she’d seen the food market referenced and entered it. 


“Hello!” A greeted said to Imane just outside the front doors. 


“Hi!” An answer was given back as Imane parked the wheelbarrow in front of the store and headed in and grabbed a hand basket from near the entrance, going onward to an isle holding the vegetables and some dairy products. A few minutes to look around at everything and she would come to grab two separate packages full of beansprouts along with a dozen of eggs. Moving over to meats she got lost in the lack of labeling and organization. “What a time spender this place would be without a plan in mind.” She complained to herself before her eyes set on two whole chicken in a tight packaging meant for preservation. ‘Oh, wait! The cheese.” She had almost forgotten one of the ingredients. Going back to the dairy isle were several villagers standing around waiting for a turn at grabbing product. It took a little while before they cleared to allow Imane a chance. She took it and quickly walked over to put two blocks of goat cheese into her hand basket. With everything gathered, she made her way to a checkout clerk who tallied the items and bagged it all. “That’ll be 11000 Ryo.” The clerk told Imane. 


“Uh, Willie sent me here.” She told them with some awkwardness coining from her words. 


“Old man? Oh, bless his heart. Go ahead and take the food.” The clerk finished before bowing their head to relieve Imane’s stay. She bowed in mutual respect before heading to the wheelbarrow and tying the food bags to the wheelbarrow handle before heading into the shop across from the store where Imane would come in and out, holding four logs that tested her strength. “Huff! Sheesh, heavyyy.” She would grunt while speaking all the way to the wheelbarrow and set them down into it. She let out one breath of relief before wheeling over back to the old man’s home. He had been waiting at the front as Imane pulled in and parked his storage runner beside the front steps before the entrance. The old man smiled and waved her off. “Thank you, young lady. This was perfect help and you did everything I could ask of you.” He would say. Imane smiled with joy as she was happy to assist. He handed her a bag of coin for payment before she let herself off the property. 

WC: 760
Claim Tearing Earth Turning Palm - C Rank with 750WC due to 25% max-stat discount.
Claim 5AP + 1000 Ryo per Mission Rules
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Familiar : Archie the Bear
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Village : Hoshigakure
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Errand Girl Empty Re: Errand Girl

Mon Mar 15, 2021 3:42 am
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