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to smoke out a rat..  (xuba, sanae,  c ranked mis) - Page 3 Empty Re: to smoke out a rat.. (xuba, sanae, c ranked mis)

Sat Jan 20, 2018 1:40 pm
Sanae was slowly dragging the Xuba one along and sighed. "This was much rather too close for me to feel comfortable", she would look at him a little concerned but as she could not find something to worry about she would ease up. A moment later she would put down her enemy to wrap his hands and feet neatly with Christmas wire so even if he would come back to his senses he would be wrapped up tightly. "Let's get both of them back so that they can get examined and taken care off. Weird that she would pose as me, my bloodline is quite hard to just make up. I wonder if she originated from my clan or just kind of got this fixed without even knowing we would come to get them?", she would put the man over her shoulder and then look at the exit: "Could you disassemble your trap before we go?" She would slowly look at Xuba with a tired smile in his direction. She felt a little exhausted so as soon as Xuba had cleared the entrance to the sewers once more she would head in that direction carrying her captured enemy along. All she wanted to do now was go home and rest for the day.

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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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to smoke out a rat..  (xuba, sanae,  c ranked mis) - Page 3 Empty Re: to smoke out a rat.. (xuba, sanae, c ranked mis)

Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:48 pm
Xuba ended the seven heavens as he watched the fake fall dead. Her technique over and hence a dead corpse lay before him. Her dark hair steadily  pooling blood as xuba  thought as he grimanced as the pain from the shruiken earlier.

Shoot... that was not going to be of any good.. a few days of rest should do me justice. Just a little longer and ill treat you. Hang on.

Xuba thought as sanae spoke to him and he nodded his breathing slightly labored.

"Defintley some tricky jutsu they posessed. They are dead... although it was unusual. They proved they were crafty in design, but if they  had more info on us. It wouldve been far more problematic then they already were.... still i must admit. That should be it for now."

Xuba stated as he was troubled by the  technique. Still he smiled at sanae and spoke up.

"She may have looked like you and had the capacity to use your jutsu, but she is not as unique as you sanae. Nor can replace you. Ill take care of the trap itll be a minute or two."

Xuba stated as he retreived the girl and his kunai. While disassembled the trap. Showing respect to the dead girl as he laid her against the wall and retrived  his wires  and his kunai as he carried the girl in both arms as he proceeded back to the village with sanae

"Well the man threw his shruiken and caught me, ill treat it at home"

He stated as he carried off the corpse of the girl into the wooded area to towards the village.


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to smoke out a rat..  (xuba, sanae,  c ranked mis) - Page 3 Empty Re: to smoke out a rat.. (xuba, sanae, c ranked mis)

Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:31 pm
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