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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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day at the forge  Empty day at the forge

Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:08 am
The depths of the clanging and pinging of wood and the roaring flames of the furnaces were like the belching of men that sat at a table amid a sip of bead as they passed stories of their finer works. The smithery of hoshi was like the choir of flames, grunts, the sounds of molten liquid and the hissing of steam. Like the sound of music as the dark skinned figure with curious grey eyes glanced at the works of the men hard at work. The smell of iron and the shining of steel fine works with the pride of the fine works were the mere calling of hard work. It was a reminder of the odd jobs xuba commonly worked when he was outside in the world. As not all hearts were rotten as a person of the land. The good deeds and hard work to make a smile come was an honorable duty. As now he noted that unlike other’s he now was well on the hunt for some means of protection from the foolish that wished to cause harm to him or those he wished to protect.
Amazing how in the well looks of the hard working world. The smelting and formation of metals to form the wealth known as shinobi tools and the sight of armors. Even the love of the work was like the art work of artists. It is stunning.
Xuba thought as he wandered through the area as the men and women hummed to their work. Some offering prayers over their work, or sayings as they cooled off the works in the vats of waters. Young apprentices working like the very half eaten meals that stood partially eaten on a table besides them. Some the fathers of their aspiring sons, and daughters as they work with their second love of their life. The hammer and the molten pot of molten metals only ready to give birth to a master piece that the fathers put many a day into to make another master piece into the family of tools and weapons nearby. Only confident that in their time of need. The metals would hold strong.
Hm… I should myself start making use of this as a decent pass time for myself here. Besides training. And sanae. Regardless this shall be a good start to my works. So the question is what shall I use? The blade is nice, but to close and ridged. Perhaps some gloves outta do. Well gauntlets, and the use of another object works as well. Something more personal to my style. The blade shall be better improved someday. So let me see.
From the depths of the Smokey flame filled mouth. The behemoth of a forge roared to life after merely starting up the forge a few times to kick the old fellow back into gear and right back to life.  Several feet away the tools of a, craftsman stood at the ready. A solid hammer with a dark wooden shaft and a solid blunt base. Xuba lifted the hammer as he smiled at the weight. Nice and balanced.

There was a *thud* on the metal anvil end as xuba took a test swing on the heady duty anvil. The hum of the anvil was a welcoming sound to xuba. As he twirled the hammer between his fingers to give a test of its weight. Although light to him he could tell that the head of the hammer had gone through quiet a lot in it’s usage. The Smokey lining of the various burn marks along the wooden shaft

Very nice... this will come to heavy use in the coming hours. This place truly does not fail to amaze me. State of the art and fine work. The hammer will make due though. Now hopefully the bit of work I can do. Will make the difference in this. As opposed to working on the borders. The smiths there brilliant, but these are the works for a crafts man and a craftsman’s tools will make this right. 


Xuba thought as he steadied himself up to a small work station twirling the hammer at hand as he lit the fuse of the furnace, and applied the coal and watching as the furnace heated up as he cracked his neck twice and rolled his shoulders popping the joints and grabbed some iron ingots and steel based ingots as he proceeded to melt down the metallic works and the heat and the steam.
With the time in doing this xuba took the time to glance around at the area as he was waiting by the bench as the metal heated up. Taking some time as he poked the embers and tended to the flames. He shivered as he stepped back into the fresh air as it was not normally easy to handle a job where one must work with what they most fear. The air despite the heat felt much cooler then the forge alone.
The hissing and crackling of the metal as it formed the warm molten blood red look of the base earth simmered to life as started to apply the heat. Like a red drink the concoction of heat and molten earth began to cast a glow as it broke apart and hence cried. xubas grey eyes looked over the blueprints of the links that which he would forge on his own. Small but many links would be close to an inch in length and width. the meaning however began as xuba began to hum his chakra soaring with the grace of the wind as he took tongs and began to take a small sliver of molten metal. Bending it as he with careful defined stroke proceeded to bend the molten metal with careful accurate strokes cooling and melting it with the ideal heat as used to make and refine the single link carefully. As with care xuba took his time with the links. 
Humming to himself quietly his voice rose slowly as a whisper of the wind as he worked in the piece of work.  The embers drowning out the barely audible work over his work as he held his eyes steady to the burning metal. He simply hummed the reminder of that which he may fear to help him work by the fear of working near such a hot thing. Hands covered by thick hide gloves for protection as he worked on the hot molten metal. From the large clots of metal they would be remade  into something of his liking and respect.
♫ When I was but a child. I only held a single smile. The only day in which. There was the joy in my heart.  Flow, Woe, Hear thy soul! Search, Grow, Hear my roar! The heavens only forsaken! The man shimmering in his shame! 
Flowing through, The eternal stars!  My gaze search for what was truly lost! The world, is naught but a trial!  Battered! Bruised! But still fighting on! Even if my will succumbs! I will not fallllllll!
The wind!
 Is my greatest friend! 
It has always been by my side! 
My heart scorched like these red embers and coal!
Lest my world fall apart despite all my effort. For I shall not cry anymore!
When I was but a child. Young and jolly all Smiles. Holding an unwavering grey gaze. Now, I,  Think to myself!  No, Other, Fate could be worse! As the feeling the woe! That burns and scorches my soul! 
Melting! Falling! Is there hope or redemption??
My heart burns in the fury of myself!
The guilt of the heart! How it moves me closer to tears!
As I work my chains that are worthy of a lord!♫
The hammer fell on each note as he repeated the song on each swing and worked it over the hours of the day. The long hot work being frequently occupied by a break or a quick sip of water to quench his thirst. Although his resolve was steady, xuba knew that even deep down the flames still frightened him. Inside he was but the child he sung of under his breath. Searing in remorse and even the flames of it was the very scalding of his skin. 

The lingering note as he swung and the hammer hummed a definite "ding" on each link created. xuba kept up the process of hammering the hot molten ingots into place. The mere work of the hammer was an instrument designed to be that extension that xuba never dared to utilize to the metal by bare hand. to of course prevent the very wrath of fire that now lay in a more solidified segment of now slowly dimming orange lights in a steaming bit of water.

Cooling and refined xuba worked the metal as it formed many links on links to form a long 4 meter chain link. Ideal to xuba for his perfect means of handling many situations and as such as he was commonly finding more uses in simple and effective ways to adapt the tricky situations. As xuba knew it was better to have a weapon trusty with the ability to not only fight a fairly certain of his safety. But confident in his defenses.

hm… this will  become useful in time. As a sword despite sharpness and cutting. One may say that everyone has one thing in which they must trust their life in. where a blade may be ideal. I for one do not always agree with the notion. Some warriors trust what may be more simple things. Like these chains. They may prove to be of greater usage then the blade I have to me of course.
Xuba thought as he then took the greater of the bit of metal ingots and proceeded to after splitting the molten bits and shaping a model of two small thick clumps. Xuba waited as the metal was placed back into the inferno of heat to be liquefied into a red molten bits of metal. With a tough and dense bit xuba was confident that these would be a fine weight to add to the end nice for a swinging blunt weapon.
The forge hissed and groaned as the day went on. The sizzling molten ingots remained as a reminder that work was far from done. The heat of the forge was like a warm campfire. Forgiving, and yet relentless in its work. The forge lasted through countless works. Black and dark the forge that slept amid days. Now awake and lively. As the second task of its work was to commence. Peeking his head down with a slider he pulled out the molten metal as with a glance of determination now he took hammer and water so to keep it cool yet he kept it repeatedly heating the metal tilli t was at perfect heat to beat into shape and refine. Sparks came and went as the weights were cooled and heated through slow careful work. Slowly but surely the weights came into ideal shape as he hammered away as they finalized in shape. The hammer blows continued to mid-day as the dark metal now rested in the dark tray the final cooling of the weaponry at hand as now on the end links each the water bubbled a final bit as it finally cooled now dark and rough. His hands went over the chain links like a new weapon eyes studying his work and smiled as he accepted it.
 As xubas hands were now onto refining and scraping the dark soot and revealing the shining of silver beneath each link. Sitting at a work bench with a buffer on one side and various tools for refining and defining his work. The shine of a silvery white reflected off his eyes as xuba scraped off the fine steel links and the glow from the links made an eerie glow as he smiled softly at his work of art and effort. Making sure no defection of any sort would occur on his watch as he would polish and define the now cooled links as he with delicate hands went over his work on the weights on either end of the chain. Each one while heavy were smooth and quiet tough as he could not even dent then while pressing into the weight. Only meaning that he did a successful job with forging the weapon.
When he was finished with the refining of the chains and the weights xuba got up and stretched from the work as he relaxed cleaning up the area nice clean as he cleaned out the furnace as well and resupplied the wood with that done also clearing the cooling basin and cleaning the tools. For what was not yours you treat with incredible respect. Sweeping and cleaning the area so it looked nice and well-kept xuba took his time doing this as once finished.
Once completed xuba proceeded to finally admire his hard work for the day at the forge. With a sweep of his hand he grasped the chains as the jingled nice and sturdy at the feel of them. With a slight twist of his wrist one end of the weighted chains although heavy ended.  Hit the ground with a thump were the residual chain would curl in a coil, and remain stationary as he admired his work. Xuba tested the weight in his one hand as he easily lifted it as he tested the durability of the chains with a solid tug of the chains with the weights. A quick snap of his wrist the chain snapped up and flumped on the ground and xuba noted that it was now easy to Finding nothing wrong with the weight, xuba proceeded to test how well they handle a simple swing by slowly swinging the chain as it would extend fully about two meters at the halfway point slowly as he studied the way it worked extended and smiled at the results. Solid and durable. Upon working then by swinging it in various patterns and motions as he noted the smoothness in which the chains flexed and moved to each motion he would perform. 

Very satisfactory for a work of this level. Although blunt these will be easy to wield and utilize in combat. At extension these will not shatter so easily on use. As opposed to the typical thin steel wire. As these are both durable, and yet they flow like the wind. Brining a grace to my touch, yet also barring the fangs of the wind as well. Impressive as well as entertaining amid combat. They can hit hard as well wich is relief as a weapon based on me and my style com combat will be defitnley helpful. Hard hitting and to the point. 
After testing the chains and feeling satisfied with the results.  Xuba then returned to the forge once more and with a twirl of the chains they in an eerie white afterglow wrapped themselves around his shoulder harmlessly as he proceeded to return the crafting tools to their rightful place feeling an sense of joy at being successful at making the chains as he always wished for something of the sort to become of great use in combative situations as the ideas and thoughts began to rush through his head of the various uses a chain would make use for in an combative situation.
Mmmmmm disbarment, keeping a foe at bay, sweeping the legs, locking a hand to something, various tugging and forced movement situations. Swinging on ledges, the usages are various. And very flexible in the execution. There should be a time of usage of this in many given situations. But I won’t forsake the katana either.
Xuba thought as he completed the smiting for the day, now with some decently durable chains and a eye set for a few more things, like wishing that he had a neat armor set to match his new fun toy. The thought of being a chain guy in a bunch of chain links would’ve been cool, however his thoughts were merely ma fantasy. Although a dream as xuba knew for fact could easily become a reality as it was merely a focus and concentration of perception.
Walking through the streets many admired the work of the chains that xba merely forged in a day. The idea of a weapon smith was appealing A show of face came to xuba as he was requested a few favors with making metal appliances. Yet little did they know these chains were to be used for… action packed usage. however, he gladly accepted such generous offers with a nodd of the head and a "thank you very much"

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day at the forge  Empty Re: day at the forge

Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:34 pm
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