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Sukoshi Yaban
Sukoshi Yaban
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Seasonal Onset Depression (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Seasonal Onset Depression (IO)

Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:09 am
Ketsueki was astonished, his punch landed and the true attack had completely grilled Sinai's side and drove him backward. The boy's strike and the slickness of the terrain they had decided to battle on was the true source of his downfall here in the most literal sense. Ketsueki had seen the man topple over from the force and his hydroplaning and subsequently hit his head.

'No more ninjas jumping on the bed.' Was all he could think of as he had activated the surface walking jutsu, keeping himself bipedal. He then waited for a moment, did he just accidentally kill a ninja that appeared to be his superior? Does this mean he dies or gets promoted? He walked closer to the man and looked down at him. "Are you. Okay?" He asked, in response to his concern he earned a powerful kick to his chest, launching his diminutive frame into the air. The impact plucked the wind from his lungs as he sailed through the space, landing few meters away on his back. With all this, Ketsueki had little to no time to react until he hit the ground, gasping.

He couldn't believe that this man played possum on him! He got his bearings and felt the water on the ground. 'Just enough.' He thought before he wove the tiger sign and in a wheezing voice, even quieter than usual called forth a technique. "Hidden Mist Jutsu!" With that he used what little breath he could let escape his lips become the beginnings of a dense fog as well as the water from the ground around the both of them. With this mist rising Ketsueki would soon become invisible through the haze.

(Mid thread claim WC: 1698/3000 towards Water release: Water wall. +2 to chakra and +4 to stamina +2 Speed)
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Seasonal Onset Depression (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Seasonal Onset Depression (IO)

Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:43 pm
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