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Bro, do you lift? Empty Bro, do you lift?

Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:17 pm
The rising sun was creeping over the horizon, getting ready to replace the moon as the residents of Hoshi got ready to commence their day. Some however were already up and about on this early, chilly morning. Humble shop keepers opening their stores and putting their wares out on display, early birds getting ready for their morning prayers, something that still baffled the Hiyu.  Speaking of which, then there was Nobunaga who also found himself in the company of all these early birds. Sitting a top of a building with his legs dangling off the edge, the Anbu simply gazed upon the few people who were up at this time along with him. The Hiyu was restless for he did not enjoy being in an unknown land for so long with nothing to do and so much uncertainty in his future. It was unsettling and made him unease, therefore being unable to get a good nights sleep for the past couple of nights. 

Waking up early and sitting on this building had become somewhat of a ritual now, watching those who traversed the streets bellow and contemplating about his life. Without any word from Maku, Nobunaga was growing a tad bit worried about his current situation. He did not want to be here anymore however he had no placed to go. His home was taken away from him and now that he was part of Kumogakure's forces he would inevitably have to go back to that cesspool of a place. With the festivities and celebrations done, the Hiyu assumed he and Kyson would be heading back with the rest of the Kumo forces. For what he could see, there was no more reason for being here.

Releasing a sigh as all these thoughts ran through his head, the silent sentry would remained seated in nothing but a blank pants and a tank top, revealing his muscular, scarred frame. Dangling his feet in the air, he would enjoy the gentle, cool breeze brush against his bare skin, taking it in as much as he could for there would be no such delight back in Kumo.
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