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Growth: Chapter 3 Empty Growth: Chapter 3

Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:32 am
Jason had spent all morning in the village scroll shop searching for one with some interesting jutsu. He had finally found one with a technique made famous by one of his heroes, Naruto Uzumaki. After purchasing the scroll Jason left the shop and headed straight to the training ground. He was excited to start learning the new jutsu. As was his usual habit, when he reached the training fields he find a nice shady spot underneath a tree and sat down to take a look at the scroll and start his training. Once he found his spot he opened the scroll. It said " Rasengan. The jutsu developed by the fourth Hokage's want to imitate the tailed beast ball. It was then made famous by Naruto Uzumaki. This technique has risen from obscurity after the volcanic eruption and is now taught to many ninja in all nations. The Rasengan is created by concentrating chakra into a sphere in ones hand and spinning the chakra at high speeds. The ball that is created through this technique is then slammed into the target dealing massive damage. **Note no hand signs are needed for this technique.** Logistics of the Rasengan: -The rasengan itself is a sphere and has a radius of a quarter of a foot (7.62cm). -Rasengan can only be formed in the user's hand. Also only one rasengan can be formed for each use of this technique (eg Can only have one rasengan in either hand-not two in both.)"
Jason had a feeling the Rasengan was going to take quite a while to learn. It was high level chakra manipulation and manifestation. He would have to train for it in stages in order to master the technique.

Jason started by meditating about the jutsu. He was sitting cross legged underneath a tree with his eyes closed. He would go over in his head the make up of the Rasengan to try and figure out how to correctly manipulate and manifest his chakra to perform the jutsu. He would spend an hour or so doing this before moving on. Next he would focus his chakra in the palm of his right hand, trying to manifest it. "Damnit. I've been doing this for hours and haven't been able to successfully manifest my chakra at all! Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I just need to focus more. I'll try it again." Immediately Jason resumed focusing chakra in his palm. He knew from a book he read about Naruto Uzumaki that Jaraiya had started his training by giving him a balloon filled with water. The object was to make the water spin at high speeds by putting chakra into it and controlling your chakra. That was it! All he had to do was imagine a balloon in the palm of his hand and pretend he was controlling his chakra inside of it. It was so simple he mentally slapped himself for not thinking of it first. Excited, Jason again began by focusing his chakra on his palm. Next he visualized putting his chakra into a ball in his palm and began spinning it. His chakra responded immediately to his will but now it was just a swirling wobbly ball of chakra in his hand. It  was hardly Rasengan but still it was better than no Rasengan at all. He took a break from chakra manipulation and went back to meditating for a while, again closing his eyes and steadying his breathing. He needed to clear his mind and focus on the task at hand. He cleared his mind of all else and only focused on getting stronger. Mastering this A rank jutsu would definitely help with that. The first thing he needed to do was master his chakra manipulation and manifestation. Jason may have been able to manifest his chakra once, but it was a hard feat to accomplish and he wasn't sure he would be able to do it a second time so soon. 
Jason imagined the chakra in his body being focused again in the palm of his right hand. He could clearly see himself holding a mass of swirling chakra, unrefined and uncoordinated. He tried to imagine how to go about being able to physically manifest his chakra at will. The only thing he could truly think of was to continue what he did earlier. If only he could remember what it was. Deciding that meditating wasn't doing him any good, Jason opened his eyes and once again tried to physically manifest his chakra in his right palm. He focused his energy on that. He was getting better at manipulating chakra. It was easier for him this time to imagine a balloon in his hand around where he was focusing his chakra. In a matter of seconds he had once again managed to physically manifest his chakra. Maybe the meditation was helping after all. He released his chakra and took a deep breathe. He hadn't realized how tired he was already. How long had he been training? It seemed like only a few hours and yet he was tired and hungry already. He decided to take a short break and eat something before he passed out from exhaustion again. He often got carried away with his training and overdid it. He took out the sandwiches he brought with him and the bottled water. The sun was still out. If he ate quickly he should still be able to train for another hour or two before the sun went down and he couldn't see. He managed to shovel down the whole first sandwich and half of the second in roughly seven minutes. He managed to finish the second sandwich as well and then chugged a bottle of water.

Now that he was re-energized Jason wanted to manifest his chakra one more time before calling it quits for the day. He again focused his chakra into the palm of his hand and formed it into a sphere, slowly rotating in his hand. He let it stay for a few seconds so he could revel at what he had accomplished and then released it. 
Well it was time to call it a night. He would return to training tomorrow.


Jason was ready to begin the next step of his training. He hurriedly made his way to the training field, thinking of the next step to mastering Reasengan while he walked. The first step was to physically manifest his chakra as a rotating mass. He spent all day yesterday mastering this part of his training. He finally managed to get it down by the end of the day. Time for step two. Jason arrived at the training grounds and again found his usual spot underneath a tree and started meditating. According to the scroll he bought, the next step is power. He had to channel a massive amount of chakra into the already swirling mass in his palm, condensing it into a sphere while keeping the rotation. It was no easy feat, even in theory. Still, Jason was ready to test himself and try his hand at furthering his rasengan training. 
He imagined what it might look like on his first attempt. He had a tugging suspicion that his first attempt would fail. 'Gah I have to stop doubting myself or it really will fail. Concentrate Jason. Be confident.' Jason thought to himself and then returned his focus to the Rasengan. He figured he might as well try it now. Jason opened his and stood up, preparing to perform the second step in the jutsu. Holding out his right arm, palm up and grasping his wrist with his left hand, he focused on a spot in the center of his palm. That was the point at which he would focus his chakra around. He began to gather his chakra at that spot. He imagined putting his chakra in to a sphere sitting in his palm. He managed to physically manifest his chakra once again, appearing as a swirling mass of cloudy chakra. 

Jason then proceeded to put a massive amount of chakra into it and attempted to shape it in to a sphere. Immediately it started to change shape and at first appeared as if it was working. Then BOOM! There was a loud sound like an explosion and Jason was forced on to the floor on his back. Dazed, he looked around trying to figure out what happened. It seemed to Jason that he hadn't managed to control the chakra correctly and it back fired on him. 'How embarrassing' Jason thought as he wiped dirt off himself and then picked himself up from the ground. It would take a lot more concentration than that to focus the chakra correctly. He once again held out his right arm, palm up and grasped it at the wrist with his left hand. Anticipating the explosion this time, he began gathering chakra in the palm of his hand. The chakra began to form and rotate in his hand. He started adding massive chakra and condensing it into a sphere. Once again it looked like it would work and Jason got excited and lost focus, just for an instant. It was too late. The damage had been done. Jason was thrown backwards and slammed in to a tree this time.

"Learning this jutsu hurts." said Jason as he rubbed a new lump on the back of his head. 

He had to get this right. He sat down cross legged under the tree and began to meditate, trying to figure out how to avoid another explosion. He thought that maybe he just needed to concentrate on refining his chakra and retaining its shape. He couldn't let these setbacks get him down. No, he WOULDN'T let them get him down. Jason got up and stretched. He was prepared to keep trying. He would work on it all day if he had to. As long as it took to get this down. He reached out with his right arm again and faced his palm up. He was staring at the center of his palm, anxious to begin. He began to once again focus chakra at the point in the center of his hand and then quickly rotate it. His chakra followed his mental directions and physically manifested itself as a rotating mass in his hand. 'Here we go again' Jason thought as he prepared for the second step and what he knew would be another attempt blowing up in his face. He started putting massive chakra into it, condensing it and making it into a rapidly spinning sphere. It was working, at least for the moment it hadn't blown up yet. It maintained its form for a few seconds and then dissipated without blowing up. 
"That was different. At least I didn't get an explosion in my face this time." Jason said. He was exhausted from all of this training. That didn't matter. He was getting closer. He couldn't stop now. He held out his arm again and started to focus his chakra. This time he decided to do steps one and two at the same time. He focused a massive amount of chakra around the center-most point in his palm and began forming it into a dense and high velocity rotating sphere. It took shape in his hand as quickly as he thought about it. He was focused on maintaining the shape of the Rasengan. It was difficult to maintain but he was doing it. He held on to the jutsu for another few seconds and then released it, dripping in sweat from the strain on his body and breathing heavily from his exhaustion. He had been practicing this jutsu all day after all. Satisfied with his progress, Jason decided to call it quits for the night. He was hungry and tired and needed to get some rest. He may have finally been able to perform the Rasengan, but he still needed to train with it, making sure he can maintain it for long periods of time as well as use it during actual battle situations. He planned on using the next couple of days to do just that. But that was a problem for tomorrow. 

Jason stretched and left the training fields for the night, looking forward to some delicious ramen and a good nights rest.


Jason was deep in thought as he made his way to the training grounds. He had finally been able to create the Rasengan but he still needed to work on maintaining it and actually using it. He figured he would focus on performing the jutsu today and practice using it on physical objects by hitting trees with it. It was a good way to focus the power of the jutsu and gather ideas for practical battle use. He arrived at the training fields fairly quickly, excited about the training he had in mind. Usually when Jason got to the training fields he started off by meditating to focus his concentration. Today he decided to skip that, instead heading in to a wooded area to train. He had a pretty straight forward plan. First, he would spend a few hours performing the rasengan and maintaining it for extended periods of time. After he had done that, he would switch to using the rasengan on the trees around him. He had hoped this would give him enough experience with the jutsu to begin training for actual battle situations. Once he found an adequately wooded area for what he had in mind, he stopped and began getting ready to start his training. 

Clearing his mind, Jason held out his right hand and summoned a dense mass of high velocity rotating chakra. His Rasengan. He concentrated on just keeping the jutsu going, trying to make it last as long as possible. It was already lasting longer than his first attempts at it yesterday. It lasted a full three minutes before dissipating. It was a good start but he wanted to be able to keep it up at least for thirty minutes. In reality he didn't think there would be any reason for him to keep it out that long in an actual battle without using it but he wanted to be ready for anything nonetheless. He again held out his right hand and summoned the rasengan. It was strenuous just maintaining the jutsu like this without using it on anything. His concentration was stretched thin with everything entailed in the jutsu. He had to focus on keeping up the rotation and power of the rasengan, maintaining its shape. This time the rasengan lasted three and a half minutes before dissipating. Not much of a gain from the first time but it was still progress. Very slow and steady progress, but progress. He kept this up, performing the jutsu over and over and over consecutively until he could hold it without any strain at all for over thirty minutes. This was so that he could use the jutsu quickly and in combinations with other jutsu or battle tactics without putting too much strain on himself. Now it didn't take as long to create the rasengan and he didn't have to put as much concentration in to it. He was finally ready to start testing it on physical objects. He walked over to the nearest tree and prepared himself to do just that. This would be the first time he really used the rasengan on anything. 

Jason took his stance. In one swift motion created a rasengan and blasted it in to the tree in front of him. After the impact the technique faded and there was a cloud of dust from hitting the tree. When the dust settled Jason saw a large circular mark with a spiral centered around where the rasengan hit. It was impressive but not the desired impact. It should have blasted that tree to bits and left a broken splintered trunk in its place. Obviously it wasn't enough power. He moved on to the next tree to try it again. He stood facing the tree about one meter away. performing the rasengan he charged at the tree, slamming the rasengan into it. There was a loud cracking sound and a cloud of dust. Again when the dust cleared there was a large circular mark with a spiral forming around the center of the impact point. Only this time it looked as if there were a crack making its way all around the tree originating from the impact point. Definitely better than the first try. Satisfied that he was making progress, Jason moved on to the next tree. He stood one meter away from it and again prepared himself to use the rasengan. He formed the dense high velocity ball of chakra in his right hand and, charging at the tree in front of him, slammed it in to the tree. Again there was a loud cracking sound and a cloud of dust. It was different this time. He felt the power behind that attack. It had to have done more damage to this tree than the others. There was no way it didn't. When the dust settled he saw how right he was. It wasn't a very tall tree but still the damage was immense. The whole top of the tree starting from where he hit it with the rasengan had been blown off. It looked as if it was literally snapped in half and then the top half was broken in to a million pieces. It was definitely a devastating attack. Now he just need to maintain that effect on a few more trees and he should be ok. 

In awe of the damage he had just caused, Jason made his way to his next target, a decent sized tree maybe twelve meters to his left. He formed the rasengan as he made his way to the tree, beginning to run at it. Once he was close enough he again hit it with the technique. It shattered the tree like it had the last one. He was maintaining his momentum, gaining confidence. He knew the next tree would end up the same way. He smiled, amused at how far he had come since first starting to learn the jutsu. He looked around for one more tree to practice on before he changed up his training. There was one right behind him that caught his eye. He used rasengan on it and shattered this one as well. 

"It seems I finished my planned training for today rather quickly. I was going to wait until tomorrow to practice using rasengan in actual battle scenarios but now I think I'll do that today as well. It is the last thing I need to do before I'm comfortable enough to use it in battle after all. I'll just take a quick lunch break before I start." Jason said, with a euphoric smile on his face. He hadn't planned on today's training going anywhere as well as it had. He searched for a nearby tree that he hadn't already destroyed to sit underneath while he ate his lunch. There was one just across from where he had started. He made his way over to it and sat down, cross legged in the shade with his back against the trunk. He pulled out a bento box lunch from his pack and a bottle of water and attacked his lunch with vigor. He hadn't realized how hungry he was. No matter, his progress today was making him confident and excited. He finished his lunch and downed the water within fifteen minutes before getting up from the ground to continue training. Now it was time for him to try using the rasengan against an opponent. 

Clone seal "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Jason made a shadow clone to spar against. His plan was to continuously create openings to use the jutsu on the clone in battle to get some experience with it for missions and the like. They looked at each other for a moment and then simultaneously pulled out kunai. Jason and his clone charged at each other, clashing with kunai against kunai. They stayed like that for a second and then the clone pulled out a second kunai and threw it at Jason's head. He was able to dodge it but in the process lost control of the clash and the clone overpowered him, stabbing at his chest. 'Now' Jason thought and a puff of smoke erupted where Jason had just been.
He had substituted with an explosive tag and appeared behind the clone, a dense high velocity ball of chakra in his hand. He lunged forward slamming the rasengan into the clones back just as the tag exploded. 'Nice, a two part attack. This could come in handy later on. I'll remember this.' he thought to himself as the clone was disintegrated from being hit with the rasengan on his back and the explosion in front of him. It was gone, the jutsu being dispelled. It was a good match but he wasn't ready to call it quits just yet. Clone Seal "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Jason made two clones this time, intending to make things a bit more interesting. They dashed in three different directions, hiding and planning their attack on each other. Jason was high in a tree, trying to come up with a plan while observing his surroundings for the slightest noise or sound. Any hint of enemy movement. he pulled out a kunai and some wire and tied five meters worth to the end of it before putting it away. Next he pulled two kunai and two explosive tags out and wrapped a tag around each kunai. Just as he finished putting those away, three shuriken came whizzing past his head and lodged into the tree behind him. On instinct Jason rolled off the tree branch, throwing two shuriken in the direction of the attack in mid air. A clone jumped from the bushes and jumped towards Jason, a rasengan in his hand. 'Not good.' thought Jason and he dug out the kunai with the wire attached to it, throwing the kunai into a nearby tree and pulling himself out of reach. The attack just barely grazed his back as he dodged. "Agh!" he said. 
Once he was safe on the ground Jason turned around to see the clone that had attacked him being dealt a fatal blow by the second clone. It seemed the second clone had been watching the clash and waiting for an opening to attack with his own rasengan. It hit its mark, slamming right into the first clone's chest and dispelling it. "One down, one to go. Though not exactly how I planned it." he said laughing to himself. He quickly pulled out the two kunai with explosive tags wrapped around them and threw one on either side of the clone. In the midst of the explosion Jason created his own rasengan, waiting to see which direction the clone would go to dodge. There. In a flash of movement the clone had jumped straight up, covering his face with his arms so as to receive minimal damage from the blast. Jason jumped straight at the clone, slamming the rasengan into his chest just as he did to the first clone. The force of the impact sent the clone flying into a nearby tree and dispelling it in a puff of smoke. Jason was exhausted now. All the training and the jutsu him and his clones had used had expended all of his energy. Dripping in sweat and breathing heavily, he decided that was good enough for the day and convinced himself he couldn't plan for every situation. He was just glad he had finally did it. He had mastered using the Rasengan. The first A rank jutsu he had learned. He slowly made his way over to the nearest tree and leaned his back against it, pulling out his last bottle of water. He finished the bottle and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. He took one last look around and then made his way out of the training grounds and back to his house to get some much needed rest.
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