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Jason Senju
Jason Senju
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Growth: Chapter 2 Empty Growth: Chapter 2

Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:27 am
Leaving the ninja shop with the new Jutsu Encyclopedia he just bought, Jason walked to the training field. It had been a while since he learned any new jutsu and he was going to need some good ones to accomplish his missions, let alone help him on his path to becoming Hokage. It was still early morning when he arrived at his destination. He found a nice, shady spot under a tree and sat down, his back against the trunk with his left leg straight out in front of him while his right was pulled toward his chest with his knee to the sky. The young Senju was intending on using the Jutsu Encyclopedia to learn new water style jutsu as well as being able to identify techniques his enemies might use against him. Opening the book, Jason saw that the jutsu went in order according to the elements: Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water. He sat there most of the morning reading up on all of the jutsu in the book. It was filled with tons of useful information, but there was one jutsu he couldn't help noticing wasn't in the book, one that he really wanted to learn above the others: he Shadow Clone Jutsu. He had always been partial to the technique. He knew it would be a great asset in various situations. Out of habit, he immediately started thinking of strategies and different situations he could use his clones in. That was it. Jason was going to learn the shadow clone jutsu instead of studying like he originally intended. He remembered being shown a scroll once when he was rummaging through his father's things in search of a certain book that demonstrated how to perform the shadow clone technique. It was a lot of work to master it, but in Jason's opinion the payoff was worth the effort. He closed the book and decided to find a secluded area of the training field to conduct his training.

 Walking to a section he knew no one else was in, he visualized himself performing the shadow clone jutsu, mentally preparing himself for the intense effort to come. Soon enough he was lost in his thoughts as he walked. Coming back to his senses he realized he was at the clearing he was searching for. It was time to begin the training to use Shadow Clones. Jason started focusing on the basics of the shadow clone jutsu. First he had to gather his chakra, then perform the clone sign and finally manifest the shadow clone. Now it was time to physically try to make clones. He started gathering his chakra and then made the clone seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" shouted Jason. There was a puff of smoke but otherwise it didn't look like much happened. Jason started looking around and about one meter away was the worst possible clone imaginable. It was more like a life sized paper mache replica of himself. It was laying stomach down on the ground with its ass in the air.

 "That definitely didn't go as I pictured it" said Jason and he released the jutsu. "This is going to be a lot more work than I thought. I'm going to have to step my game up." Again Jason gathered his chakra and performed the seal. Another puff of smoke erupted next to him. This time the clone was there when the smoke vanished. However the clone was the same quality as the first one. Not even worth calling a clone to be honest. Jason again released the jutsu. He was determined to get this jutsu down no matter what. Jason refused to give up. It was way too early for that. He had only tried making clones twice. No. Jason will master the Shadow Clone jutsu. 'Again!' Jason thought to himself. Once again Jason prepared to make a shadow clone. *Clone Seal* POOF! Another puff of smoke appeared nest to Jason. Within the smoke was a meager shadow clone. It was definitely an improvement on the earlier ones however this one still was too unusable. It looked like a decaying version of Jason instead of a clone. Something that would never come in use. Again he released the jutsu. He couldn't believe how difficult this jutsu was to learn. He started imagining himself performing the jutsu step by step. From gathering his chakra to the physical manifestation of clones. Suddenly, Jason realized how he should go about making the clones. He began to gather his chakra once again and made the clone seal. POOF! There was a large puff of smoke, Which was entirely normal for the jutsu. When the smoke cleared, standing in its place was finally a perfect shadow clone. The Jasons smiled at each other. They were ecstatic he was finally able to create a shadow clone. Now he wanted to test the limits of his new jutsu. He decided to have a sparring match with his clone.

 "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Jason?" Jason asked his clone.

"Absolutely, Jason," answered the clone.

  *WHOOSH!* A kunai flew past clone Jason's face, leaving a scratch bleeding along his right cheek.

Clone Jason was caught off guard. He smirked in amusement, readying a kunai of his own. The clone began running sideways, strafing parallel to the original.

Jason himself began running at his own clone. He mirrored his opponent's movements, taking the same path of his clone. He was trying to time his attack based on what his clone self would do. 'The plan is to counter attack when the kunai is thrown. He just needs to-'

The clone saw an opportunity to strike; he threw a kunai at Jason with an explosive tag hastily tied to the handle of the weapon. He stopped in his tracks and jumped toward Jason, pulling out another kunai and explosive tag from his pouch. Quickly, the clone wrapped the kunai in the explosive tag while dashing toward the original. 

Jason dodged the kunai thrown at him with one swift movement of his head. 'Shit.' He hadn't anticipated the explosive tag in his path. It was too late to dodge. He only had one option to avoid being blown to smithereens but he had to act now.

BOOM! The explosion was loud and bright enough to distract Clone Jason. He didn't think his own attack would work against him. As the dust was clearing he threw the kunai with the explosive tag wrapped around it at the point he anticipated Jason to escape to. What!? it was a substitution log! Where did he-

Jason managed to pull off his substitution at the last second. He was on the opposite side of Clone Jason now; the clone's back was turned, not realizing Jason had substituted. Shit he was turning this way...Dog-Boar-Ram, Transform!

Clone Jason was interrupted by a large wolf charging right at him through a puff of smoke from the opposite side of the explosion. Clone Jason threw up his left arm to block, but he felt the wolfs sharp teeth sink into his flesh, the pain that accompanied the bite was excruciating. Reaching behind him, he pulled out another kunai and was ready to counter attack.

Jason lunged at Clone Jason, now in the form of a large wolf. He meant to bite straight into the clone's neck and tear his throat out, but Clone Jason had turned and realized what was happening just to put his arms up. Jason's teeth sank into his left arm. He tore off a chunk of the clone. Skin, muscle, tendons and all. Jason jumped back after the clash and released the transformation. He appeared out of the smoke, blood all over his neck and lower jaw from biting Clone Jason. He spit some blood out of his mouth and wiped his face with the back of his hand.

The wolf tore a chunk of flesh from Clone Jason's arm and leaped back. Clone Jason leaped back as well, panting and holding his arm. The wolf disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving Jason standing in its place. He spit some blood from his mouth and wiped his face with the back of his hand. Clone Jason pulled out some bandages and started wrapping his wound. He kept his eyes on Jason the whole time, Waiting for him to make his move.

Jason waited for his clone to tend to his injured arm before doing anything. Even though it was an intense battle, it was still only training after all. Once the clone's arm was wrapped up Jason said "Sorry about that. I guess I got a little carried away. But in my defense, you did try to blow me up. Twice actually. So lets call it even. Are you ready to continue?"

"Sure. But lets try some good old fashioned hand to hand combat for a little while. You know, less chance of me killing you and all." responded Clone Jason with a sly wink.

It seemed the clone could be just as much of an arrogant smart ass as the original. Jason darted at Clone Jason, aiming a punch to the gut. He tripped over a root sticking out from the ground and stumbled right past the clone, ramming face first into a nearby tree.
'That fucking hurt!' was the last thought Jason had before seeing his clone disappear and knocking out.

Jason was so focused on learning the Shadow clone jutsu that he even dreamed about learning it.
 "What are you doing kid?" asked Naruto. He must have been out of his mind. Naruto died over three hundred years ago.
"Aren't you supposed to be dead? How the hell am I having a conversation with you right now? This can't be real."

"You're dreaming idiot. How else would you be talking to a dead man? You know, you're not that smart for a Senju. Although Hashirama acted a little dimwitted sometimes too and he was known as the god of shinobi in my time."

"Wait, you knew my ancestor Hashirama Senju? I thought he was dead long before your time. What was he like? Is he as amazing as people say?"

"Stop with all the questions already! We don't have time for this. I thought you wanted to learn about the shadow clone jutsu. I'm here now, might as well see what you got."
Clone Seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Jason performed the jutsu to show Naruto he could do it. "I figured out how to make clones successfully by remembering what I was taught about you first learning how to do it. You're one of my heroes Naruto."

SMACK. Naruto hit Jason on the head leaving a stunned and angry look on Jason's face. "Why the hell did you do that!?"

"Because I haven't been able to mess with anyone in the last three hundred and fifty years and I thought it would be funny. Shouldn't you be waking up to train about now? Here, let me help you. RASENGAN!"

Jason started awake. "What a weird dream. I wonder how long I've been out. It couldn't have been long, the sun is still overhead. Well I guess I should get up and eat something before I get back to training." Jason slowly got up from under the tree where he knocked himself out. He had a major headache still. He dug through his bag and pulled out the two sandwiches he had brought for lunch. He hadn't realized how hungry he was until now. His mouth was watering at just the thought of the food in front of him. He started eating right away, eager to get back to his training. No matter what he would master this technique. It would be the first high level jutsu he would add to his repertoire. The first of many. As soon as Jason finished his lunch he disposed of the trash and then began mentally reviewing everything he had learned bout using the shadow clone jutsu. Your chakra is dispersed to make exact copies of yourself. At my level I can only make up to two clones at once. Clones can use any jutsu I already know. Anything the clone learns I will learn as soon as that clone is released. The only drawback to this is any fatigue my clones feel will also be felt by me when the clone disperses. Still, all of that makes the shadow clone jutsu very useful. Jason hadn't tried making two clones at once yet. Actually he had only managed to successfully make one clone once. Shortly after that he managed to knock himself out. Not really the highlight of his day but an important part nonetheless. Alright I guess that means the next step would be to try and create two clones at once. Focus my chakra and make the seal. Clone Seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

POOF! There was a puff of smoke and when it cleared there was a shadow clone. Jason had failed at making two clones at once. It was as he expected. He barely managed to make one clone earlier let alone two. He's going to have to practice some more to get making more than one clone down. At least he was just about at full strength now thanks to the food and unplanned nap he took so he could continue training for several more hours. Jason released the jutsu, readying himself to try it again in a few moments. He didn't want to immediately try again because he wanted to make sure he didn't consume all of his chakra too quickly or else he wouldn't be able to complete his training. Instead Jason decided to sit down and meditate, trying to imagine himself performing the jutsu and the correct amount of chakra to put into making two clones. He could almost feel himself manipulating the chakra and making the clones as if he were performing the shadow clone technique at that very moment. Jason was good at feeling situations out and making right decisions on instinct. It was his best tool to solving problems. He sat there meditating for another hour or so before opening his eyes again. He thought he knew what he had to do but he wanted to practice channeling his chakra first before physically attempting the technique. He gathered his chakra to the level he thought appropriated for making two clones then let it dissipate back into his body. Again, he gathered his chakra to the appropriate level and then let it dissipate back into his body. He wanted to do this at least a couple dozen more times before putting it to practice. It was about another thirty minutes before he was ready to try summoning two clones at once. He gathered his chakra quickly this time as he already knew exactly how to do it thanks to his meditation and chakra manipulating practice. Making the Clone Seal and finishing the jutsu, there was a puff of smoke and from within came not one but two perfectly made shadow clones. It seemed his training paid off after all. He had finally done it.

Jason was so close to finally mastering the shadow clone jutsu. He had finally been able to create two clones at one time instead of just the one clone. He had made tremendous progress from this morning when he couldn't even make one clone. Now he was standing there face to face with two of his clones. The fruits of his labor were staring him in the face. Jason thought about having another sparring match with his clones. Only this time it would be two on one and really test his skills. No wait, he had a better idea. Anything a shadow clone learns, the user also learns after releasing the jutsu. That was one of the many good things about shadow clones and an important fact to remember when learning to use them. Instead of having both clones fight, which would have been a bit too much for Jason to handle at his current level anyway, he would have one clone spar with him while the second clone observed the match. This way he would be able to see any flaws or weaknesses that could use improving on as well as tactics and strategy that seem to work. It was a good tool to learning. Jason couldn't believe he had almost forgotten that shadow clones could be used that way. He could be really dense sometimes but he always came through when it counted.

"Ok. Listen up guys, this is what we are going to do. You know how clones can be used to gain information right? Well we are going to use this opportunity we have in order to gain information on our fighting technique. You *pointing to the clone on the left* and I are going to spar for a little while. Now while me and him are sparring, I want you *pointing to the remaining clone* to watch closely and observe everything me and him do. Focus on anything you think needs improvement and also anything you think we should do more of. Got it? Ok good. Lets Get started."

And with that Jason began sparring with his newly mastered shadow clones, using them to further himself along his path to Hokage. He still had an immensely long way to go, but this was another brilliant step toward his goal. Perhaps one day he truly would gain the power to protect his entire village and become the Hokage. He already saw them all as his family anyway and did everything and anything in his power in order to help them. One day soon he could move forward, taking the real next step along his journey, becoming a Chuunin for the Village Hidden in the Leaves. For now, he could only focus on completing more and more missions for the village. The sparring match continued between Jason and his clones, sure to bring even greater strength to the boy.

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Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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Growth: Chapter 2 Empty Re: Growth: Chapter 2

Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:24 am
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