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Race to the finish [Solo] Empty Race to the finish [Solo]

Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:04 am
Kama stretched, yawning as she prepared for this contest she had set up between herself and Ayana, another student at the academy. The blonde kunoichi had learned both surface walking and substitution jutsu, and had the gall to brag about it as if she was better then everyone in the school. Kama had it in mind to teach her a lesson, and thus the idea for a race was formed. It was a long course through a heavily wooded area that concluded at the training grounds. Obstacles were set up in the race path to challenge both girls and to make it a true test of skill. Kama smirked at the other girl as they prepared, crossing her arms. “Alright, I just gotta beat you in this race right Ayana? Then you’ll stop making a big deal about your stupid techniques?
Ayana sighed and flipped her short golden hair, giving the redhead a pompous smirk. “As if. I’m not going to some tomato haired freak who can’t even pass an exam.
Kama almost growled, her blood boiling at the blonde's words and the urge to make her eat dirt growing rapidly inside her very soul. She steeled herself as she looked towards the start of the race, breathing in to calm herself. Surface walking was sure to give Ayana an advantage, but the Uzumaki knew that if she could just perfect it mid-course, then that would be all she needed to win this race.

With a burst of smoke and dirt behind them, both girls charged off in a charged blitz. The first obstacle was several rope swings from branch to branch, the branches themselves only stable enough to hold their weight for a few seconds so wasting time would be a costly mistake. They both reached the first rope at the same time, with Kama swinging just a head of Ayana. The blonde, however, due to her surface walking was able to hit the branch and leap to the next rope much faster than the Uzumaki due to her ability to cling to the branch and then repel her forward. This was a decent advantage, but Kama was fast on her heels, being only milliseconds behind and catching onto the branches a little easier with each jump. Both were panting at this point from exertion as they landed on a much sturdier branch that marked the edge to second portion of the course. Several flat boards had been set up on the sides of the tree, with the idea that one would run along the tree to make it to the next branch.

They both started once again and Kama was surprised to find how much easier this was becoming. Even on the side of a tree she felt as if she was simply running along the ground, much to Ayana’s displeasure. Kama was neck and neck with the blonde as they each ran across the boards with almost practiced ease and headed to the final part of the course. The last challenge was several small poles sticking out of a pond that one had to jump on to get across. Ayana hadn’t quite gotten down the water walking yet but Kama had suddenly gained a surge of confidence. As the blonde jumped across to the first pole, Kama blazed across the water. She was a little wobbly at first, but seemed to have an innate ability at refining her chakra control. Ayana seemed horrified at this fact, trying to go faster herself and falling face first into the pond as Kama skated across the finish line. As Ayana trudged out of the water, she had a look of almost rage on her face as she stood sopping wet in her training gear. “You cheated! No one said You could run across the pond!
Kama snickered, hands on her hips as she stood victoriously. “So? No one said I couldn’t either.

For a second, Kama almost feared she had started a fight as Ayana seemed ready to punch the Uzumaki, before turning with a huff and leaving Kama in silence. The redhead shrugged and decided to leave as well, glad she had obtained surface walking as a skill, and could use it better then Ayane.

WC: 700

Stats: 3
Jutsu: Surface Walking
Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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Race to the finish [Solo] Empty Re: Race to the finish [Solo]

Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:58 am
Very nice read, approved.
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