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The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration)

Shichiro Hashimoto
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The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration)

Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:44 am
The sun had settled and it was now time to attend the ceremony Senshi had informed him about. He had reluctantly decided to attend the Kumo celebration due to the fact Kyson was attending and that was how Nobunaga found himself casually strolling through the streets of Hoshi, following a light crowd of people heading in the same direction as him, presumably making their way to the very same ceremony as well. Sporting a simple black shirt with casual black pants for he had nothing formal to wear since he never possessed such clothing. Nobunaga was born and bread to be a fighter, it's all he's ever known and therefore has never really worn normal clothing one could say. He has never even owned a suit and tie and a celebratory even for Kumo would not be the even that made him wear one for the first time. Despite currently being a part of their forces they were still responsible for the disappearance of his leader and the destruction of his home. The only reason he went along with all of this was for Kyson.

Finally arriving, the 6ft4 Hiyu would step through the doorway and into the increasingly crowded room. Before taking a seat Nobunaga took a couple of steps to the left of the entrance and leaned back against the wall, crossing his arms along his massive frame. Wanting to get a general feeling of the mood and the people, his stern eyes slowly scanned over the room. First he spotted Kyson already at his seat at the table of honour and Kenshi who had decided not to come to this event dressed up for war. Smart. Next he spotted Kira at the bar, beautiful and elegant as always. It was the first time seeing her since their arrival to this strange land. She looked to be enjoying herself. Royalty was not around however. Nobunaga had also not seen him since their arrival. He wondered how that kid was holding up. He was one to separate himself from the group, both emotionally and physically. A bad combination considering what they went through.

Other than those two former Suna nin who were here and Senshi, Nobunaga had never seen anyone else here. Everyone looked like civilians so it was hard to tell who were the shinobi and who werent however there were a lot of children here. Some of these children were far more physically fit than the others which lead Nobunaga to believe they were shinobi, Kumo shinobi of course. How many children fought for their army. As he watched them interact like normal people, he wondered how they could serve a rotten village like Kumo. Was it ignorance or blind allegiance. It was odd though, seeing them interact like normal people, worrying about their dress and their look, needing their ties fixed. It was a drastic contrast to what Kumo represented to the rest of the world. Being a place of filth and rot, these people appeared to be good, kind, honest people despite their allegiances. It was odd, very odd.
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration)

Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:07 pm
Senshi stood arms crossed over his chest watching as people filed in by the dozens. His eyes were roving the people before him, searching out for those whom he had learned to call friends. He resisted the urge to scow as Kyson took his seat at the table, but he found it wasn't that hard as a small smile cane over his face as he saw Mad. He looked down at the baby he was holding to adjust her, when his head came up to continue looking through the crowds he could hear Max's young voice speaking to Kyson of all people. He felt his muscles flex in jealousy as Max spoke to Kyson. Pushing it down he returned to eyeing the crowd picking up on each of his friends arrival.

As he was doing this his ears picked up the sound of approaching foot steps and his eyes turned to take in the figure approaching him. Surprise courses through his being, but his face remained impassive as he saw Arashi approaching with a Kumo headband on. As Arashi spoke Senshi gave a polite nod before speaking as well. "You may serve Hoshi now, but your clan was highly regarded in our homeland. You were a young shinobi who left when we could have used people like you. I o my thought it prudent to invite you, not only so you could watch over your Queen, but also so that you could see all that we have accomplished since you left." Senshi turned his eyes away from Arashi watching as first The woman Kira he had met in a bar when he was looking for Saya was here. And appeared to be attempting to get roaring drunk. 

He shrugged, he didn't know her all that well so it wasn't his problem. Just as he was about to step over to the podium he caught site of the other man that had been with Kyson. He held back another scowl remaining as emotionless as possible. Finally he stepped to the podium speaking into the microphone so that his voice could be heard throughout the huge area. "Everyone take you seats, we have some announcements before Dinner begins." Senshi would wait until everyone was seated before he began speaking again. As he spoke he rose a glass of wine, clearly indicating for all the other party goers to do so. All of the NPC 's that were here immediately followed suit.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we begin with a toast to our fallen comrades. Those who have sacrificed their lives to save their comrades and bring honor to our country." Senshi paused taking a sip of his glass watching as the others did so as well. Once he had he held his glass out again. "Our final toast is to Kumogakure, our beloved home, may we serve her honorably. And to our new found, but highly revered, alliance with Hoshigakure." Senshi took another sip, noting that so did the other party goers. He placed his glass down on the podium before continuing speaking. "When I call your name, stand to be recognized. Lord Maku has issued rewards to be given to a select few shinobi who have distinguished themselves in the service of Kumogakure."

Senshi paused looking out at all of the people. "To begin, Yamaguchi Maximillian and Meijan Sakana.." Senshi paused waiting for Max to stand, he felt pride course through his being as he finally spoke. "You are hereby promoted to the rank of Chuunin, and shall from this day forwards continue on in the service of Kumogakure as leaders. You have earned the right to lead your fellows, your friends, your brothers and sisters in arms. You will be responsible for ensuring that they live and should you fail to do so, then to ensure that their deaths were not wasted." As Senshi finished the Kumogakure NPC civilians and shinobi clapped and cheered brightly for the two boys. Glasses clinked as people shouted toasts to the two newly promoted chuunin. Senshi allowed this to go on for several moments before speaking.

"All right for the final rewards. Shoyu Reizo, Hyuuga Komon, and Hozuki Komori." Senshi again paused as he waited for them to stand. He could feel the excitement and joy of the crowd. Senshi relished in the fact that the people of Kumogakure were proud of each other for what they had accomplished. "You three are hereby promoted to the rank of Jounin. You have been leaders of Kumogakure for quite sometime, but now we must truly test your abilities. You are the backbone of our rest village. Her sorrow and pain are your sorrow and pain. Her pleasure and happiness are yours. Your are entrusted with her defenses, entrusted to protect her and the many people that call her home. Do not ever dream of failing her, because she is one of the most precious things in our lives for she protects each and everyone of us.  Jounin of Kumogakure protect her and the denizens that live within her with everything we have."

This time Senshi did smile at the cheers and sound of clinking glasses as the people of Kumo celebrated the promotion of its three most prominent and powerful Chuunin. The ones who had been on the frontline protecting each other and making Kumo stronger by securing not one, but two of the legendary tailed beasts. Senshi allowed the promotion celebrations to go on for several moments before he finally rose a hand, he watched as immediately all eyes turned to him they quieted down. Every true Kumo shinobi here knew who he was, and the respect they showed him by instantly quieting and paying attention to him fill Senshi with a sense of awe, and gratitude that they felt he was worthy of such respect. "With those announcements done, food shall be served, music shall be played, and I urge everyone to enjoy themselves and celebrate our victories. For tomorrow, we shall mourn and honor our fallen."

With that Senshi stepped away from the podium watching as waiters and waitresses began to flood the floor bringing food out to all the tables quickly, and refilling glasses. And open area in the center of all the tables was suddenly lit brightly and music began to play around it, so that those who wanted to dance could. Senshi gave one last smile to the crowd of people before turning and walking off. He had no intention of staying for the party, for he had other things he needed to do.


((OOC NOTE: All promotions were approved by the Raikage, Maku. He simply asked us to do this without him since he is busy IRL handling things.))
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The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration)

Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:54 pm
After Kyson had waved at the Jounin, it seemed he wasn't too happy about it. Kyson kind of felt accomplished, it was what he wanted. He seemed like the person who got pissed at everything so easily, so he wanted to test it out. But moving on, watching others starting to join the celebration. Kyson noticed a little blonde boy walk up to him and say hi. He had a very huge chakra signature, so Kyson assumed he was a Kumo shinobi. But he looked so kind... and young. Not what he was expecting but he was most likely just one of the few that seemed normal. So he had no choice but to be polite back. "How's it going kid?" Kyson would say to him. From his point of view, he honestly looked about 8 years old. But from past events, kids that looked that young could be about 17. So Kyson wouldn't be surprise if he was older.

The boy then noticed the boy he met at the restaurant. He was expecting him to show up, so that was no surprise when he saw him enter. But even he seemed polite from the time they met. Seeing more and more Kumo shinobi join. They all looked to innocent, couldn't tel who was shinobi and who wasn't. There was a bunch of strong chakra signatures, but he couldn't pin point who was who. Suddenly, another Kumo shinobi approached him. The boy spoke so respectful and spoke just like any other kid. he said he didn't know how to tie a tie. Kyson chuckled a bit, because he could relate a few years back when he couldn't. So he decided to help him out. "No need to be embarrass.." Kyson said as he untied his tie and took it off his neck. "Now watch what I do and follow along." Kyson would say as he was slowly going through the process of putting putting his tie on in a neatly fashion. Assuming he might make some mistakes on the way, but if not then he's a quick learner. 

After he was done, if the boy had gotten it right. He would proceed to congratulate him. "And there you have it." Kyson said, then suddenly at that moment. Kyson had seen Kira was hear at the celebration as well. Kyson would wave her hello from a distance. Kyson would look over at the boy in front of him and whisper. "Now that you look nice and clean. You should go speak to that red head over there." Kyson would say to him. Not pointing to her, but assuming the boy would look around to see who he was talking too. And attempt to go talk to her.

Kyson had then seen Nobunaga appear at the place. He didn't have anything formal to wear, but Kyson expected no less from his bodyguard. That was just how the man was and he wasn't going to make him change anything. As he approached Kyson, Kyson would lean a bit towards him. "So you decided to show up." Kyson said to him. "But can I ask you something.. does something seem a bit off to you? Like the people here in particular." Kyson asked Nobunaga. Had things changed that much since he left Kumo? Kyson was curious and sort of wanted to see it for himself.

 Shortly the celebration started and the jounin Kyson met took the microphone and began to speak. For a person who was really uptight, he was a pretty good speaker. He would give him that. As he named those who were getting ranked up. One name in particular stood out to Kyson. "Komori Hozuki," Kyson wasn't expecting that. Looking around to see where he was. He never knew there was another Hozuki that was in Kumo. Which made him even more curious about the place. And he had just been appointed to Jounin, Kyson really wanted to speak to this guy and see who he was.
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The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration)

Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:45 am
Max would smile at Kyson, happy to have met someone new. He didn’t really have anything much to say and the man known as Kyson seemed to have business with Reizo. That was okay, as Max wanted to now head over to Senshi and the baby. Just as he began to move though, Senshi seemed to have business to attend to with Arashi.
Not wanting to bother his big brother Senshi, Max would simply walk over to the table with all of the other Kumo shinobi and take a seat. The event seemed to be picking up steam, as more and more people came to celebrate Kumogakure and all it has done in these past few months. Everyone around him seemed to be in much more formal attire, something that made him feel a bit underdressed, at least compared to his other shinobi friends. Sakana and Reizo were both in formal clothes, as was Saya. She was wearing an elegant dress and he almost didn’t recognize his teammate. She seemed to just be happy sitting down. Maybe it was hard to move in that outfit? Hopefully combat wouldn’t break out. He would feel bad for those that were in restrictive clothes.
Then Komon and Komori were seen, dressed incredibly casually. Max almost expected no less from them, but then Komon started stumbling as he walked. Was he injured? Maybe a hard blow to the head or leg? Max would have to inquire, but as soon as he started to say something, Komori would fall over startling the youth. What was going on? Max then figured it out, though it took him a bit of time to think it over. They likely had an intense sparring session right before this event. They were both exhausted and injured, and not wanting to miss the event they came straight here from the training grounds. That must have been it.
Then it began.
As soon as his name was called, Max would stand up at take a bow. He felt incredibly honored to have been granted his rank. He still had some nerves at the thought of leading others, but Senshi helped him a great deal in getting over his issues. Sakana also had received a rank up, and Max was happy to have found his new friend had also been given the rank of Chuunin. The other people seemed to roar in applause and cheer. Max wasn’t accustomed to such things, and his cheeks would grow flushed. He would look at Senshi and smile, giving a simple nod of thanks. Max would then sit back down as Senshi began the next round of promotions.
Reizo, Komon and Komori all had done a great deal for Kumo, and they were praised for it. The three of them were promoted to the rank of Jounin, and they were given an even greater round of cheers and celebration. Their efforts and victories had earned them the rank of Jounin, a great honor for any shinobi. They were truly some of Kumo’s best and brightest. Kumogakure was in good hands between them and Senshi. Max would clap and also give them applause. He was very happy for his friends, and his face was beaming.

With just a motion, the cheering stopped and everybody looked to Senshi. He gave some final words and with that, he disappeared into the crowd. Max got up, trying to get a better view as to where Senshi was going, but his small stature was working against him despite the size of the giant Senshi. Max would have to look around for Senshi, as his thoughts would wonder as to why the Jounin would leave the event he seemed to work so hard planning.
Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration)

Tue Aug 15, 2017 4:51 pm
More and more people started to come in with every passing moment. Still no site of anyone else who was to be seated at the table except for Max.
Finally a recognizable person started to approach the table, it was Saya Kirihara. The small genin was dressed up in an elegant gown, much more formal then what he saw her in just a while before. She tried to make her way over to him in heels, wobbling with her steps. When he realized it was already to late to help her as she was pulling a chair up next to him.  The Meijin would straighten his tie as she would greet him quietly, unusual for her. He would respond to her by saying. “Good evening Saya, you look very pretty in that dress.” A small compliment to test the waters on her mood. Max would sit down next to them. "Hello Max."
Moments later Komon and Komori would stumble into  table, they seemed unstable as they grabbed handful of food.  He wondered why they seemed so odd, maybe it was that most people were in formal clothes and the twins are in casual clothes. The two would slur their words as Komon dropped finger foods onto the table an Komori would speak an incomprehensible sound. Memories of his chuunin exam came flooding in when he had to fight a drunk man. The Meijin would shake his head no at the request of the finger foods, he wasn't a fan of drunk people. 
Just as it seemed that everything had settled Senshi would stand in front of the crowd and start to speak. He would ask everyone to raise their glasses for a toast, Sakana didn’t drink alcohol so he would raise a glass of water and drink that. Same thing for the next toast concerning the alliance between the two villages. After everyone was done drinking the jounin running this party would start to mention that Lord Maku had decided on giving people some rewards.   
The first two names were called were Max and Sakana himself. He would stand up, he was as Senshi said he was promoted to chuunin. It was a long time coming but the genin… well the chuunin was happy it was finally here. His military accomplishments were spending a few days in Ame, but he knew the real reason he was promoted was because of the beast that laid within. Sakana would wonder what Max did for a promotion but he figured Senshi had recommended both the boys himself. People would clap and cheer, when it died down Kobayshi would announce that Komon, Komori and Reizo would be promoted to jounin. That was to be expected, they did fight some of the strongest things known to this world. More clapping and cheering would occur. "Congratulations Komon, Komori and Reizo."

Sakana would slink down back into his seat, waiting to socialize if anyone was going to talk to him.
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The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration)

Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:19 pm
Arashi sighed, nodding to the Kumo shinobi.  "We may disagree on the state of the village and it's leader, but part of me will always be with Kumo." he said, turning towards the empty chair at the head table.  Akihana had started to seclude herself after the events of her son.

"She's... more than my queen." he said, turning back.  "She saved me from Kumo, and took me in.  She's my mother." he admitted, shaking his head.  "We may not be blood, but she's the family I had left.  That said... I may try to visit.  I have some... business... to take care of.  See if there is anything left of my family." he stated, as Senshi started to get the formal stuff out of the way.

Arashi took his place at the head table, aware that really he was the only representative of the host village.  There was a certainly a lot of animosity between Hoshi and Kumo, despite the alliance between the two villages.  The young man couldn't exactly blame them... it was kind thrust upon them in a risky action of marriage.  As the toasts were raised, he joined in, raising a glass, and being the spectator as opposed to the host.  While there were announcements, Arashi sat and watched, interested at the promotions.  Especially Maximilian, who Arashi had completed thought of as a child, no more than Academy or recent Genin age.  He was humbled as the phrase 'don't judge a book by it's cover' passed through his mind.

Finally, though, the formalities were completed, and the dining began.  Arashi remained mostly silent, watching the others as they enjoyed themselves.  Now he really wished he could have brought Tsuji... he would have loved to spend time with her.  Instead, he watched as Senshi slipped out, and debated on it himself, turning back towards the Kumonin.  So many faces, and as much as he tried, he couldn't remember them, if he even knew them.  He couldn't remember the faces of those he grew up with.
Saya Kirihara
Saya Kirihara
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The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration)

Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:36 am
Saya blinked at Sakana. She recognized the compliment to an extent, but that was always because her mother praised her for things being done right. Others, mostly the teachers in the academy, had done that as well. But never had she been told that she looked nice. As in physically appealing. It confused her. It made her cringe to some degree, but it was also nice to hear. ”Thanks.” A stiff reply. Saya still wasn’t sure how to accurately react in such a situation, but she supposed that she should mirror his kindness. ”You look good.” She looked up slightly towards him and gave a hesitant smile.

It was then that a familiar blonde came to sit at the table. ”Max!” She greeted him, more enthusiastically. The poor girl never had much chance to hang out with her teammate ever since they had arrived in the village. There was regret, of course, but Saya hoped that she would make it up soon. Before she could say more, however, the arrival of Komon and presumably his twin brother, Komori, captured her attention. They came with a not so subtle stagger in their steps..

Despite their unstable actions and skewed words, Saya could only chuckle behind her hand and accepted the offerings of the finger foods, which were now spread all over their table. She picked up one and nibbled on it. Kind of tasty, but kind of bland at the same time. A waiter passing by had taken a glance and visibly deflated at the scene. ”Komon. Komori.” She nodded her head to them, but kept it at that.

Looking around once more, their surroundings had certainly changed in population. Saya spotted the pretty redhead, Kira Uzumaki, by the bar and dressed in a very flattering dress. The Suna ninja certainly looked gorgeous, and the genin wondered if she would ever be able to pull off something like that in the future. Next was Reizo, who was talking to the good looking guy - “Kyton.” With the chunin’s back towards them Saya couldn’t really see what he was gesturing to.

None too soon did time pass and the introductory ceremony was conducted. Senshi stood up and took his place at the podium, words filling the crowd. Promotions were given and the young girl couldn’t help but stand to clap for her friends and acquaintances. She didn’t shout or jeer or scream in jubilation, but her entire facial expression made it obvious that she was truly happy for them. Not at all stained by her usual childish jealousy that seemed to sprout out whenever it wanted.

Saya immediately straightened her posture at the ending speech. It made her feel empowered. Honored to be a Kumo ninja. Though she was a mere genin Saya knew that she would be giving her everything for the sake of the village. To serve and protect her. To make her proud. Something ignited within her and Saya couldn’t keep still. She wanted to go back to training, to sharpen her skills even more. But this was a party and probably the only one she would ever attend.

Waiters gathered around their table - hands occupied with serving platters - and raised a brow at the finger foods. Where were they suppose to the place the main course now? Saya blinked, noticing the dilemma, and looked at the others in the table. Perhaps Komon or someone else would be courageous enough to collect or pile up the finger foods in one area so that they could receive the more appetizing meals.

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The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration)

Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:18 am
Reizo followed Kyson's movements carefully and attempted to replicate his motions on himself. He made a loop and crossed over and then weaved it through. The tie knot came out pretty nicely, surprisingly. The tie was a bit shorter than he had wanted, with the thin end peeking ever so slightly out from below the tie, but it was a very good first attempt. Reizo thanked the slender man. He blushed and shook his head at the proposition of talking to Kira, however, and he shyly refused to go over to talk to such a voluptuous woman.

Bashful Reizo, now looking fly as a kite, walked over to the table of his comrades. He immediately noticed the assortment of finger foods sprawled out across the table. Without even thinking about where the food came from, the youth popped a couple of chicken tenders into his mouth. He was a bit confused by the twins and their boisterous behavior, but he knew enough to assume that they were drunk. He had never been drunk himself, but it seemed like a blast. The two were completely oblivious to any sort of class and dignity, surely it would be fun to be able to release all the tension of being a shinobi even for just a brief moment like that.

As each person's name was called out, Reizo would clap and cheer. When his name was called, he would stand and grin ear to ear. The newly promoted Jounin would proceed to enjoy the festivities as normal, taking sips of his unusually bitter drink occasionally, and having a good time with his friends. He felt weird, but good. It would be a night to remember, assuming he could remember it come morning.

OOC Note: Permission to anyone posting after me to godmod Reizo to do whatever antics they want his drunk ass to do, so long as it is kept PG and he doesn't hurt or kill anybody including himself.

--- Exit ---

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The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration)

Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:37 pm
Kira continued to sip on her drinks, her buzz no where to be found. It seemed like every passing day, it just became harder and harder to reach that bliss level of intoxication. As her eyes roamed the crowd, she found her ways back to Senshi who stared back at her. The red haired beauty gave him a quick wink before her eyes made its way back to Kyson and the blonde kid with the now fixed tie. The two seemed to chatter a bit before their gazes fell on her. Accepting the attention, she raised a sole finger, and motioned for the boy to come her way. The boy who seemed slightly flustered, sadly never came towards her direction. T’is was a shame. She would have had fun with one Kumo’s rising stars.

The party continued, and as everyone seemed to arrive, Kira found her way to her seat as the ceremony began. They discussed those they lost, before moving on to the promotions. Pretending to be interested, The Uzumaki clapped along as the others did. She’s come to see that the Kumo people weren’t the big bads she had made them out to be, but they were still technically her enemy. She couldn’t bring herself to truly cheer for the enemy, even if she was starting to actually like some of them. There were people at home counting on her.

As the ceremony had come to an end, and the many returned to chitter chatter and enjoy the festivities, The Uzumaki rose from her seat to head back to the bar. She figured she’d indulge in a few more drinks and some drunken flirtatious advances on the bartender before heading out. As she walked through the dispersed crowds of people, she felt Salzem’s chakra coming through… his voice.

Kira... Kira... I love you. I love you more than anything in the entire world... If I could see you again I'd be the happiest guy alive... 

I'm going to battle... Something big is here... Something beyond us and we have to hold the line... I... I don't think I'm going to live to see tomorrow...

I love you…

As his voice sounded through her head thanks to the telepathy seal, a smile sneaked on her lips. The message started with an I love you. She initially thought it was Sal just expressing his love, and longing for his beautiful lover… but it was something much more. His voice continued, and was once a smile became a look of distraught. When she heard of the battle, the glass that she held in her hand slipped through her fingers. The tall glass hit the tile floor, shattering into pieces as the sound was lost through the hundreds of people chattering. Only those in her immediate area hearing, and giving the redhead a curious look before continuing their conversation.

Sal’s voice had continued, as he spoke of how he may not survive to see another day. Instantly, the girl’s heart sunk as the world around her seemed to freeze. 

Sal, Sal please don’t do anything stupid!!!! Please, just don’t try to play the hero!!!

She’d relay this message back to him as her eyes swerved to find the nearest person she considered an ally. Kyson was on the other end of the room, Saya on the other hand, was closer, maybe about 10 meters away. Not wasting time, Kira made her way to the young girl, basically pushing people out of the way before grabbing a hold of Saya’s upper arm, probably a little to forceful than intended. “Saya, I need to go. I need you to tell them that Konoha is under siege. Tell them I.. I have to go.” Without any other words, Kira formed a single hand sign, performing the Body flicker technique, leaving the celebration. She had other priorities to attend to, and she’d deal with the consequences later.

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The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Event Of The Year (Open, Kumo Celebration)

Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:09 am
Slumped over in his chair and beginning to dig into his absurd amount of food Komon watched in a fit of laughter as his brother missed his chair, before returning his attention to the table. Noting that both sakana and saya were very well dressed and engaging in delightful conversation. “Hey Saaaarah, Sakaaaana... are yall like a couple or something?” He’d ask curious as to whether his prized student had game or not, and completely confident that he he had gotten saya’s name right.

The short attention span he had in his drunken state would divert itself from the question almost immediately as senshi began his speech. The massive man demanding the attention of the room through his booming voice, an ability not many had, and that was perfect for someone of his position.

Komon felt a twinge of pain as senshi made reference to their fallen comrades, remembering the destruction he had witnessed in the battle for tornado country, and taki’s mangled body hanging on an earth spike. The memory would only last an instant before being chased away by the wine in his glass, he’d place the now barren glass on the table before tuning back in.

The promotions came next, max and sakana as the first announcements. It seemed they’d be kumogakures newest chuunin, and Komon would have it no other way. He’d make sure his applause was loud enough to attest to such as well, before diverting his attention back to senshi’s jounin announcements.

Upon hearing the three names Komon would stand and give a congratulatory hug to his brother, “They’d be proud” He’d say in his twins ear before releasing his grip. Knowing that his brother would understand he was speaking of their departed mother and father. He’d take a seat again afterwards, not confident in his ability to stay standing for an extended period of time.

The waiters would arrive at about this time and Komon would shove his food sideways towards Komori before signaling them to to place the tray in the newly cleared area. Now that the food was here and the party had started he’d spend the rest of the night eating and drinking himself into oblivion.

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