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Learning Taijutsu For Birds!?!? Empty Learning Taijutsu For Birds!?!?

Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:14 pm
Ostu was walking around the village with a piece of bread feeding any birds he saw, he didn't have much to do today so he thought helping the birds would be a nice thing to do. Well until he saw how slow he reacted. When he was walking he saw a lone bird, he thought he must be very lonely. He walked up to it and gave it a bigger piece, it picked it up and ate it. It turned its head and screamed, "CAWWWWW!" I dropped the bread I was holding and at least a dozen birds came out of no where. I tried blocking them all from it but they got the better of me. After they all left one stayed and kept attacking me. I swatted it away and it flew.
   Ostu thought he could of did very better if he trained more in taijutsu, so that is what his plan was today. To learn how to block and attack properly.
   One of his teachers once asked if he needed anything for his home, Otsu replied with a training dummy that you would hit and it would spin like it was an incoming attack. He now had a great use of it. He hit one of the pegs once and out of now where a second one came, he reacted fast enough to hit, but then another one came. He was able to keep up with it, but it was pretty hard just blocking them. He thought he should go on a more offensive route next time.
   Ostu hit one of the pegs again, harder this time, and was able to react to it faster but he got hit more often. After he thought he had enough he took a step back and noticed the bruises he had. He knew his form was horrible, that had to be the problem he thought. He looked at his from, he stood bent down and had both of his fists closed, doing this helped with defense, but were trying to attack. He thought if he opened his hands instead maybe, just maybe, his attack and reaction speed so he could hit.
   To put his theory to the test Ostu hit the first peg as hard as he could, when the second peg came he reacted faster and hit it before it could reach him, he did that with the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and on wards. This felt amazing to him, attacking and responding fast enough to then attack them back before they could hit you. After to what seems like a hour to Otsu he finally stooped, he was very tired but also very jumpy at the same time. 
   He mastered how to attack and block, he assumes he mastered it, in only 3 hours or so. This will increase his further taijutsu skills as well. 
   Now all he had to do is find those birds and "fall" for that trap again and he can show them who is great! Is he really trying to prove something against some birds?


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Learning Taijutsu For Birds!?!? Empty Re: Learning Taijutsu For Birds!?!?

Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:07 am

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