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Kipreeni's Speed training Empty Kipreeni's Speed training

Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:06 pm
On a gloomy day after acadamy lessons were over for the day. Kipreeni though to her self that she needed to kill some time who know's maybe even improv a little. With a new goal in sight, she headed for the nearest traning area. It so happens to be the very same traning area that her family uses regularly. Even if it was not a place with the most pleasent memories it would do just fine, manily due to the inherent knowlege of its layout.
Just as the wind start to pick up speed Kipreeni takes of in a sprint through the foilege and zig zaging betwen the trees. trying to keep a moderate pace as she rounds the first of four corners that serve as checkpoints along the way, But her family being as strick with practice as they are just runing the corse is not enough. There are straw scarecrows scatterd in a straight line with a river flowing gently in the middle, Thinking to her self that she most definitly wont be able to go back home if she doesn't hit all the targets. 
Taking a few seconds to get a good sprint going Kipreeni dashed towards the right riverbed as she draws a couple kuni from her pouch, trowing them as acuratly as posible, hearing the kuni hit the wood underneath all the straw giving her the boost in confidence she needed to attempt the other side of targets. Taking out a new batch of kuni and taking aim more precicly the second time (a though enterd her head just then what if she took advantege of the gusts of wind sweeping the forested area) with this idea in mind Kipreeni took aim agein this time in full sprint, trowing the kuni in a trejectory that normaly would mean ceirtain DOOM!. 
But Kipreeni's idea seemd to hold more true then she though. when she saw the kuni hit the bullseye one after another with a pleasent thump.
Fealing very pleased with her self she ran the rest of the coure unhinderd. Feeling pretty restored after having a boring day at the acadamy she returned home a little more secure about her own abilitys
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