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Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Unillegal Trafficking Empty Unillegal Trafficking

Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:55 am
Mission Details:

Standing just inside the gates of Hoshigakure, Nano sighed. Today had been a long day. He had been watching the gates for the entirety of the day and nothing important had happened. He had been given the mission to help navigate the incoming visitors. So far, not one had seemed like they had needed help or at least if they did, they made a good job of hiding it. Just when he was ready to doze off, Nano looked up one last time. Seeing a small family of a mother, father and son who where staring at a map confused, he wasn't sure whether to be happy or annoyed. On one hand this would be the most exciting thing to happen that day. On the other hand, he had been about to go into a peaceful slumber. Disregarding that thought process, Nano hopped out of his stylishly strange seat (Alliterations aren't anteaters) which was painted yellow and purple to go and assist the lost family.

When he arrived next to the group, Nano noticed that the father seemed to frown while the mother and son gave him big smiles. Before he was given a chance to speak, the small boy let his voice be known in a way that made Nano grin. "Are you a ninja?! That's so cool! Can you show me some cool tricks!" Once again happening before Nano could respond, the father said in a sort of condescending voice, "We were fine on our own thank you. How could you help anyway?" The woman which Nano assumed to be the man's wife then slapped her husband on the shoulder and yelled at him for being rude. From what he could tell, Nano had figured out that the man must have been from a religious family whereas the woman was not.

Ignoring the rudeness of the man, Nano promptly began speaking so as to not allow someone to but in once again. "Yep, I'm a ninja alright! I'd be up for showing you some tricks if your parents allow it. As for your question sir, I live around these parts so I am willing to show you kind folk around, point out the sights. A guide if you will." The wife eagerly nodded, accepting the offer before her husband could refuse. This made Nano feel quite a bit better. While most people still shunned the ninja profession as a whole, at least there were still some people which accepted their lifestyle. The woman also then said, "Of course you can show him some tricks! I'd like to see what you can do myself if that'd be okay!"

Nano then lead the group to an isolated park nearby with the husband grumbling to himself the whole while. He then explained that the park was one which he enjoyed as a child and that it was never full. He also explained the reason for him not just doing a simple jutsu where they stood when they first met, the reason being that it would frighten or anger most of the civilians in that area. Nano then seemed to remember something he had read in a book the day before. It was a space/time jutsu which he had found very useful called Storage Displacement. It was only a D ranked jutsu but it was useful nonetheless.

It would allow for him to store up to 15 items in a sort of alternate dimension. All he needed to remember where the two handseals, rat -> dog. Simple. Seeing as these people were already hoping to see a ninja technique, why not test this out now? He was sure that they would be satisfied with seeing an item disappear into thin air. He would seem like some sort of magician to them. That is, if he was able to get it right first try. Fortunately the jutsu was meant to be easy to learn and he was at such a high standard when it comes to using Chakra so this should be a piece of cake. A high standard for a new genin anyway.

Pulling out one of his prized possessions, the One Winged Angel, Nano decided to show off first. In a few long steps, Nano was hovering 10 metres off the ground, staring at the awed faces of the onlooking family. He had even managed to shock the husband! Once he was bored of watching the family, Nano dropped down to their level. Noticing that all three looked as if they were about to speak all at once, Nano held up a finger to silence them. He then completed the rat and dog handseals while holding the sword and watched as the sword disappeared at an alarming rate of 95 speed. Holding up his arms to prove that it wasn't some sort of trick, Nano watched as the man fainted. Just before he landed, Nano launched himself underneath the man and stopped him from hitting his head.

Rolling her eyes at her husband, the woman then thanked Nano before asking if he could lead them to a nearby hotel. Since the family had been kind enough towards him, he was glad to help and hauled the man over his shoulder before telling the other two to follow behind him. Turning around a winding road, Nano finally asked how much they were willing to spend on accomodation and how long they would be staying in Hoshigakure. The woman replied with 200 Ryo a night and that they were staying for 4 days which opened up the doors in terms of where they could stay.

Leading them into a large but quiet lobby of a hotel which Nano had walked past many times, he dealt with the receptionist and managed to acquire for them a room on the room second from the top. Handing the keys which he had been handed from the receptionist to the kind woman, Nano bent down and held out his hand for one goodbye high five from the boy. After highfiving, Nano bid his farewells to the woman before walking out the door and heading to the mission office to collect his rewards.

Wc 1025
Claiming Storage Displacement 1000/1000 and regular mission rewards

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Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
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Unillegal Trafficking Empty Re: Unillegal Trafficking

Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:22 am
Can you drop a hyperlink to the mission app please
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Unillegal Trafficking Empty Re: Unillegal Trafficking

Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:10 pm
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